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Mdu Masilela Biography

South African artist Mdu Masilela, who originated the kwaito music industry, was born in Zola, Soweto, on April 25, 1970.

He helped to pioneer the kwaito music industry in the 1990s, together with artists like Mandoza, Boom Shaka, Trompies, Brown Dash, and Spikiri.

Additionally, at the 2015 South Africa Music Awards, he received a Lifetime Achievement award.


Full Name Mdu Masilela
Date of Birth 25 April 1970 (50 years old)
Gender Male
Spouse Sarah Masilela
Occupation Musician
Nationality South African
Net Worth $500,000

Mdu Masilela Age

He was born in Zola, Soweto, on April 25, 1970. He will be 50 years old in 2020.

Mdu Masilela Career

In addition to being a singer, Mduduzi has been active in the music scene since the release of his debut album. He is also a composer, bassist, and keyboardist. Mdu has also played a significant role in providing opportunities for up-and-coming musicians like Sharon Dee and MaWillies.


Mdu Masilela Wife

Sarah Masilela is his legal spouse. By paying lobola for his baby mother, Sibahle Dlamini, without his legal wife Sarah’s permission, he is accused of committing bigamy.

Sarah has threatened to file criminal proceedings against the Dlamini family members who gave Mdu his lobola.

Mdu Masilela wife and children

Mdu is wed to his childhood sweetheart, Sarah Masilela. Three children are a blessing for the couple.

However, Mdu’s marriage has been tainted by allegations of infidelity; according to recent speculations, he paid lobola for Sibahle Dlamini, the mother of his child, back in 2016. He was charged in 2012 of having extramarital romances with Bathile Mebe, an American Express cashier at OR Tambo International Airport in Tshwane, by the tabloid Sunday World. It was claimed that this romance was the reason for the couple’s 2006 birth and the near-leave of Mdu’s legal wife Sarah. Sarah chose to raise the child alongside their other three children after forgiving her husband.

Additionally, the gifted musician was charged of mistreating his wife Sarah and even threatening her with a gun. Nonetheless, his spouse publicly backed her spouse and refuted the accusations. In 2017, he was also charged with assaulting Sibahle, the mother of his child. Some supporters, who also disagreed with ANC MP Mduduzi Manana, who was also accused of assault once, appeared to be incensed by this.

Mdu Masilela cars

For less than R5000, Mduduzi purchased a powder-blue Mazda Dombolo 323, which for a few days made him the talk of the town before it developed issues. In the end, he sold it and purchased a Citi Golf. His most recent vehicle is a powerful, vintage sports automobile.

Mdu Masilela latest news

Mr. Masilela recently shared the stage with Samthing Soweto to celebrate the latter’s achievement of having one of his songs achieve platinum status. It appears that he is still working to support emerging talent in South Africa.

Based on his fascinating life story, Mdu Masilela is undoubtedly a real “diamond in the dirt.” We can all agree that he has unequaled talent, despite the fact that his love life has frequently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. We wish him the best of luck as he continues to pursue his goal of developing fresh talent in Mzans, having been in the game for decades.

Mdu Masilela Albums

  • Ipompe (1996)
  • 24 Seven (2000)
  • M’Du or Die (1998)
  • No Pas No Special (2000)
  • Always da Case (2001)
  • The Godfather (2002)
  • Shwabana Ghost Mixes (2004)
  • C-Simple (2006)
  • Ya Rocka (2006)
  • The Very Best of Mdu (2006)

Mdu Masilela Songs

  • Hey Kop
  • 50/50
  • Ipompe
  • Waya Waya
  • Masututsa
  • Wolla Wolla
  • Chissa
  • Y Wena 4 Yena
  • Is Vokol Is Niks
  • Emotions
  • 24 Seven
  • Ebeach
  • Woza
  • Mdu or die
  • Kunje Nje
  • Ijob job
  • Tsiki Tsiki
  • 05 Ma Bankbook
  • Why you for me
  • Ngomblani
  • MaBankbook
  • 11 Kunje Nje
  • Y U 4 Me

Where is MDU Masilela from?

In Gauteng, South Africa, to the south of Johannesburg, is the township of Zola, a portion of Soweto. Zola is home to many well-known public people, most of whom are musicians who were born and raised there. Zola, sometimes referred to as Mzambiya or Mashona, is a town in western Soweto.

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