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Jay Wheeler Biography

José Ángel López Martínez, better known by his stage name Jay Wheeler, is a singer-songwriter from Puerto Rico who was born on April 25, 1994. After a singing video of him went viral in 2016, Wheeler started pursuing a music career and gained initial notoriety.

After joining Dynamic Records in 2018, Platónico, his debut album, was released the following year under DJ Nelson’s executive production. DJ Nelson produced his follow-up album, Platónicos, which was released in 2020 and featured the hit song “La Curiosidad” with Myke Towers. The song peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs list.

Jay Wheeler Biography
Jay Wheeler Biography

Jay Wheeler Profile

  • Full Name: José Ángel López Martínez
  • Date of Birth: April 25, 1994
  • Age: 29 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Salinas, Puerto Rico
  • Nationality: Puerto Rican
  • Profession: Singer, Songwriter
  • Parents: N/A
  • Siblings: N/A
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Spouse: Zhamira Zambrano
  • Net Worth: $3 million

Jay Wheeler’s Net Worth

Jay Wheeler's Net Worth
Jay Wheeler’s Net Worth

Jay Wheeler’s wealth has surely been influenced by his skill and accomplishments in the music business.


Owing to his successful profession and expanding fan following, he is thought to be worth $3 million.

This figure represents his successes as an artist and the wealth of opportunities that have been bestowed upon him.

Jay Wheeler’s Early Life

Jay Wheeler's Early Life
Jay Wheeler’s Early Life

On April 25, 1994, in Salinas, Puerto Rico, Wheeler was born José Ángel López Martínez into a working-class family. Singing and learning to play the piano at his local church as a child sparked his early love of music. Wheeler quit singing during his adolescence and started playing with production instead of singing in public since he was constantly teased at school and had a dread of performing in front of others.


In response to the breakup with his fiancée when he was sixteen, Wheeler wrote a new song titled “Ahora Estoy Mejor” and recorded a version of it. Wheeler was inspired to upload it online after showing it to a friend. It quickly gained over 500,000 views and provided the impetus for Wheeler to take his musical career more seriously.

Jay Wheeler Career

Jay Wheeler Career
Jay Wheeler Career

Early years (2016–2018)

Wheeler continued to share music on Facebook and Instagram with the help of his growing fan base, gaining a devoted following and being dubbed “La Voz Favorita” (The Favorite Voice). He asked his admirers to submit a name that would go with “Jay,” and in the end, Wheeler was the finest idea; he thought “Jay Wheeler, La Voz Favorita” just sounded perfect. He would subsequently decide to go by the stage name Jay Wheeler.

Following a consistent string of releases in 2016 and 2018, Wheeler caught the attention of Dynamic Records, who signed him to his first recording contract. In 2018, a video of Wheeler breaking down in tears while performing live in front of his fans went viral. After seeing it, DJ Nelson contacted Wheeler and offered to be his mentor.

2019–present: Platónico, Platónicos and work with DJ Nelson

Wheeler was informed by DJ Nelson that he shared his precise artistic vision with him and that he would executively produce his 2019 debut studio album Platónico, which featured the hit Otra Noche Mas remix featuring Farruko.

Shortly afterward, Wheeler started working on his second album, which would become known as Platónicos. The successful song “La Curiosidad” starring Myke Towers was included in the 2020 album, which was once again produced by DJ Nelson. It reached #5 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart.

Jay Wheeler’s Personal Life

Jay Wheeler's Personal Life
Jay Wheeler’s Personal Life

In 2022, Jay Wheeler and Zhamira Zambrano exchanged vows. Wheeler’s life entered a new phase after they were married. Although few people are aware of the specifics of his past love relationships, it is obvious that Wheeler’s focus has changed to raising a family.

Jay Wheeler Social Media

Jay Wheeler Social Media
Jay Wheeler Social Media
  • Instagram handle: @jaywheelerpr
  • Twitter handle: @jaywheelerpr

yo se lo digo por ti…


Jay Wheeler Discography

  • Pacto
  • Desde Mis Ojos
  • Dime Que Si
  • La Curiosidad
  • Lugar Seguro
  • Dicelo

Who Is Jay Wheeler?

On April 25, 1994, José Ángel López Martínez, better known as Jay Wheeler, was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico.

Wheeler, the rising star of urban music, is referred to be the “favorite voice” in the genre.

When Wheeler first walked into a recording studio six years ago, he wrote his debut song, “Ahora Estoy Mejor.”

The studio became his second home and music his way of life after that.

Jay Wheeler stands out because of the romanticism he infuses into every one of his lyrics. Although he is an ardent fan of the pioneers of the urban genre, such as Daddy Yankee, Wisin and Yandel, and Bad Bunny, his distinct approach sets him apart from all other performers of the modern era.

He moved over to Puerto Rico doing live performances and concerts; however, the one at the City of Ponce at the Las Justas concert that stood out was when the enthusiastic crowd caused Jay to cry by chanting his songs, and his genuine and open response went viral. His life was irrevocably altered by that exquisite event.

Jay’s passionate response at the Las Justas stage was witnessed by thousands of people, including renowned producer and reggaeton pioneer Dj Nelson. Upon spotting an innate ability, DJ Nelson chose to support the artist through his esteemed labels, Flow Music and Dynamic Records.

Where is Jay Wheeler from?

Located on the southern coast of Puerto Rico, southeast of Coamo, east of Santa Isabel, west of Guayama, and south of Aibonito and Cayey, is the town and municipality known as Salinas. Five barrios make up Salinas, in addition to Salinas Pueblo.

What are some interesting facts about Jay Wheeler?

On April 25, 1994, in Salinas, Puerto Rico, Wheeler was born José Ángel López Martínez into a working-class family. Singing and learning to play the piano at his local church as a child sparked his early love of music.

How did Jay Wheeler and Zhamira meet?

Many years ago, the Puerto Rican musician connected with up-and-coming Venezuelan vocalist Zhamira on Instagram.

How do I contact Jay Wheeler?

To discuss your future event, either fill out a booking request form for Jay Wheeler or give our office a call at 1.800. 698.2536.


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