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Nomcebo Zikode Biography

The 28th of October 1985 saw the birth of Nomcebo Nothule Zikode. She is a singer and composer from South Africa. Zikode, a Hammarsdale native, worked as a background singer for many years. She and DJ Ganyani worked together on the 2018 hit song “Emazulwini.”

She co-wrote and was featured on Master KG’s chart-topping single “Jerusalema” (2019), which debuted at the top of both the Billboard Music charts and the Apple Music charts, after signing a record deal with Open Mic Production. She appeared on Master KG’s “Jerusalem” single in November 2019, and when it was released in early 2020, Burna Boy dropped a remix.

There was controversy when Nomcebo stated on July 11, 2021 that her record company, Open Mic Productions, had not paid her for her appearance on the song. But there was no proof of this.


The popular singles “Xola Moya wam” and “Bayabuza” from her debut album Xola Moya Wam were released in 2020.

She graduated from Ukusa High School and later enrolled in Havatech College where she earned a degree in information technology.

She spent more than fifteen years working primarily as a background singer after leaving home to pursue a career in music. Artists from South Africa, such as Deborah Fraser, Zahara, Lundi Tyamara, and Nhlanhla Nciza, were among those she collaborated with. She was prepared for her current stardom by her years as a backup vocalist.


Ganyani Entertainment signed her, and she contributed vocals to songs including “NTO,” “Jabulile,” and “Emazulwini,” which was nominated for Record of the Year at the SAMA Awards. She was not allowed to sing the songs without the label’s permission because she did not own them.

She obtained a record deal with Open Mic Productions and became well-known all over the world after collaborating with Master KG on his 2019 hit song “Jerusalema,” which Burna Boy later remixed and debuted at the top of the Billboard Music charts. Her big break into the spotlight came with the popular single.

Nomcebo Zikode Profile

Name Nomcebo Zikode
Born 28 October 1985 (age 35 years)
Hammarsdale, KwaZulu-Natal
Nationality South African
Birthday October 28th
Gender Female
Education Information Technology,Havatech College
Children 2
Profession Singer and songwriter

Nomcebo Zikode Age

Her birthday is October 28, 1985, and she was born in Hammarsdale, KwaZulu-Natal. The age of Nomcebo Zikode is 35. Every year on October 28th, she celebrates her birthday.

Nomcebo Zikode Education

Nomcebo graduated from Ukusa High. She afterwards enrolled at Havatech College, where she graduated with a degree in information technology.

Nomcebo Zikode Children

Nomcebo is a happy mother and wife. The vocalist for Jerusalema is a proud mother of two (2) kids, ages five (5) and fourteen (14) respectively.

Nomcebo Zikode Career

She began pursuing a singing career as soon as she moved away from home. She then spent more than fifteen (15) years primarily working as a backup singer.

Nomcebo has collaborated with a number of local musicians, such as Zahara, Lundi Tyamara, and Deborah Fraser, to name a few.

She was later signed by Ganyani Entertainment, and she contributed vocals to the songs “NTO,” “Jabulile,” and “Emazulwini.”

Since the songs weren’t hers, she had to ask the label for permission before performing them.

She rose to prominence on the global music scene in 2020 with to her vocal contributions on the Master KG’s smash tune “Jerusalem.”

She connected with music producer Master KG after she quit the record label, Ganyani Entertainment.

She released Xola Moya Wam, her debut studio album, in August of the same year (2020).

On several of the songs, Nomcebo worked with local musicians Makhadzi and Master KG, among others.

Nomcebo Zikode Net Worth

The range of Nomcebo’s net worth is $700,000 to $1 million. She makes money through selling her music and performing at events.

Nomcebo Zikode Songs

She has a contract with the record company Open Mic Production. Before being signed and securing a position in the competitive South African music industry, she performed in a few group projects as a solo performer. Below is a list of the collaborations she has worked on:

  • Dj Ganyani – Emazulwini (Mas Musiq Remake) ft. Nomcebo
  • Bongo Beats – Thando Unamanga ft. Nomcebo Zikode
  • Dj Mshega – Impilo ft. Nomcebo
  • Mobi Dixon – Kobanini Ft. Nomcebo & T-Love
  • Master KG – Jerusalem Ft. Nomcebo
  • DJ Ganyani – Emazulwini (Villager SA Afro Remix) ft. Nomcebo
  • Master ChengFu – Nguwe Ft. Nomcebo Zikode
  • Professor – Sobablili Ft. Nomcebo
  • Eyadini Lounge – Jabulile Ft. DJ Ganyani & Nomcebo
  • De Mogul SA – Nto featuring Nomcebo
  • DJ Ganyani – Emazulwini ft. Nomcebo

Which country is Nomcebo from?

Singer and composer Nomcebo Nothule Zikode is from South Africa and was born in 1985. Zikode, a Hammarsdale native, worked as a background singer for many years. She and DJ Ganyani worked together on the 2018 hit song “Emazulwini.”

Is Nomcebo Zikode still married?

Ziyanda, a daughter, and Mnotho, a son, are the two lovely children that Nomcebo Zikode and Selwyn Fraser are parents to. The pair doesn’t post many pictures of their kids on social media, seemingly taking their parental duties extremely seriously.

Who discovered Nomcebo Zikode?

Nomcebo, who was born in 1985 in Hammarsdale, KwaZulu Natal, won a talent competition held by music entrepreneur Tshepo Nzimande in 2003, leading to his initial discovery.

What language does Nomcebo Zikode speak?

Before the first lyrics came to Zikode, she had to listen to the track two or three times. She begins singing the song’s opening verses in isiZulu, South Africa’s most widely known language, while talking to the Guardian over WhatsApp.

What is Nomcebo Zikode doing now?

She established the Nomcebo Zikode Foundation to support those impacted by gender-based violence and to send underprivileged kids to school. She wants the organization to develop into music education centers for kids that will be established across various African nations.

How much does it cost to book Nomcebo Zikode?

R124 000 for the Nomcebo Zikode and Yanga Chief package. You will need to feel at ease spending R124 000 if you want to arrange an event with Nomcebo Zikode, Yanga Chief, and Oskido.


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