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All About Timeless Davido Coin ($Davido), Davido Coin Price, Launched Date, How And Where To Buy: Nigerian Iconic Star Celebrity Launch Cryptocurrency & Nearly Fails In 2024

All About Timeless Davido Coin ($Davido), Davido Coin Price, Launched Date, How And Where To Buy: Nigerian Iconic Star Celebrity Launch Cryptocurrency & Nearly Fails In 2024

The Timeless Davido coin ($DAVIDO) token is the latest addition to the new wave of celebrity-themed meme coins that are making headlines in the crypto business.

On Wednesday, Nigeria’s Afrobeat artist David Adeleke (Davido) announced the introduction of a cryptocurrency token or meme coin inspired by himself.

The introduction of the $Davido token using his X handle, and the official Solana handle acknowledged Twitter (X).


Hours after the token’s introduction, this caused a frenzy in the Nigerian X ecosystem and a spike in its market valuation.

The musician has previously dabbled in Bitcoin before. He launched $echoke on the Binance Smart Chain in November 2021.

Intending to give users access to freebies, NFTs, festivals, premium goods, and other advantages related to media, entertainment, and hospitality. Sadly, the initiative didn’t last long and quickly became forgotten.


($Davido) All About Timeless Davido Coin, Davido Coin Price, Launched Date, How And Where To Buy
($Davido) All About Timeless Davido Coin, Davido Coin Price, Launched Date, How And Where To Buy

($Davido) All About Davido Meme Coin, Davido Coin Price, Launched Date, How And Where To Buy

Here are crucial details regarding the $DAVIDO token to be aware of, even though the initial excitement around it has subsided just one day after the introduction.

What is Timeless Davido Crypto Coin ($DAVIDO)

The Timeless Davido Crypto Coin ($DAVIDO) is a cryptocurrency connected with the well-known Nigerian musician Davido.

This coin is likely part of a larger push to use blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the entertainment sector, offering fans and investors a unique opportunity to interact with the artist and his brand.

1. Principal Elements and Goals Of Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO)

1. Fan Engagement:

$DAVIDO seeks to strengthen the bond between Davido and his fans by providing exclusive material, one-of-a-kind digital experiences, and maybe even tickets to events or products.

2. Investment Opportunity:

Through the currency, supporters and investors can back Davido’s endeavors and possibly profit monetarily from the coin’s expansion and success.

3. Blockchain Integration:

Through the utilization of blockchain technology, $DAVIDO guarantees decentralized ownership and transaction management, transparency, and security.

4. Entertainment Ecosystem:

The coin may be included in a broader ecosystem including digital assets associated with Davido’s brand, concert tickets, music streaming, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

2. Potential Advantages

1. Exclusive Access:

$DAVIDO holders could be granted early access to music releases, exclusive merchandise, and the opportunity to attend exclusive events.

2. Building Community:

The currency fosters a sense of community among fans by offering a platform for dialogue and the exchange of similar experiences.

3. Financial Gains:

As $DAVIDO’s value increases, early adopters and loyal supporters can see financial returns on their investments.

When did Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO) Launch

Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO) Launched on the Solana blockchain on Wednesday 29th May 2024, the $Davido token was produced with the help of the well-known Pump Fun platform, which enables cryptocurrency users to generate tokens in a matter of minutes.

According to the cryptocurrency research engine Lookonchain, Davido was given 7.5 SOL, or $1,275, as startup funding, which he utilized to create the $Davido token.

The Solana blockchain is renowned for its low costs and ability to perform more than 65,000 transactions in a single second. Right now, one sol is worth N238,769

Timeless Davido Coin & Solana Contract

Davido was greeted on Wednesday night by Solana’s official Twitter account, which wrote, “Solana just ships.” “Welcome, Davido,” as the cryptocurrency quickly gained $10 million in market value in just four hours after its inception.

The Grammy Award nominee’s repeated tweets promoting the coin gave the journey a hopeful appearance. The thrill, though, was fleeting.

The value of $Davido had fallen by 90% by Thursday morning, and as of this report, the coin’s liquidity was $291,000, according to the DEX screener.

Timeless Davido Coin 11 hours Profit

In only 11 hours, he made approximately $473,000 in profit by selling 121.88 million $Davido tokens. He still has $207,000 in unrealized profit.

Davido used his starting capital of 7.5 SOL to create the $Davido token. He then spent 7 SOL to purchase 203 million $Davido tokens or around 20.3% of the entire supply.

($Davido) All About Timeless Davido Coin, Davido Coin Price, Launched Date, How And Where To Buy
($Davido) All About Timeless Davido Coin, Davido Coin Price, Launched Date, How And Where To Buy

Future Of Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO)

Coin owners of $DAVIDO are currently trying to determine whether or not they were the victims of a rug pull a scenario in which project developers give up and steal all of the money invested.

Even though many of the people who bought the currency knew it was a short-term endeavor, they still expected its value to increase and earn them money. But other conditions would have needed to be met to achieve that result.

Requests for comments have not yet been answered by Davido’s management.

“Davido shouldn’t be connected to this kind of unfavorable publicity. Any money he made from it is not worth it” Said a cryptocurrency specialist told TechCabal.

However, when its value crashed just a day after its release, his meme coin drew a lot of criticism from Nigerians.

The coin, which gained popularity on the platform witnessed a sharp decrease in value of almost 93%; as of Thursday morning, it was trading at $0.000010.

Disappointed investors and enthusiasts have been venting their unhappiness on social media about the coin’s sharp decline in value.

($Davido) All About Timeless Davido Coin, Davido Coin Price, Launched Date, How And Where To Buy
($Davido) All About Timeless Davido Coin, Davido Coin Price, Launched Date, How And Where To Buy


Timeless Davido Coin Price ($DAVIDO) In USD

The value of Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO) is currently $0.001707, down 30.5% from yesterday and 13.7% from an hour ago.

DAVIDO’s value is now 0.0% less than it was seven days ago. $8,805,301 worth of Timeless Davido was exchanged on the last day.

1. Timeless Davido (DAVIDO) price history over the last 7 days in USD

With a market value of $0.001707, Timeless Davido (DAVIDO) has barely moved in the past seven days.

Throughout the week, Friday saw the highest DAVIDO daily exchange rate of $0.00170740, while Friday saw the biggest 24-hour price movement of -$0.00075052 (30.5%).

Date Days 1 DAVIDO IN USD 24hr Changes Change %
May 31st, 2024 Friday $0.00170740 -$0.00075052 30.5%
May 30th, 2024 Thursday N/A N/A 0.0%
May 29th, 2024 Wednesday N/A N/A 0.0%
May 28th, 2024 Tuesday N/A N/A 0.0%
May 27th, 2024 Monday N/A N/A 0.0%
May 26th, 2024 Sunday N/A N/A 0.0%
May 25th, 2024 Saturday N/A N/A 0.0%

2. Where can you buy a Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO)?

Decentralized exchanges allow for the trading of DAVIDO coins.

With a trading volume of $6,783,137 over the past 24 hours, the most traded pair on Raydium is DAVIDO/SOL, making it the most popular exchange to buy and trade Timeless Davido.

Orca and Raydium (CLMM) are two other well-liked choices.

3. What is the daily trading volume of Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO)?

Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO) has seen a trading volume of $8,201,929 over the past 24 hours, indicating a recent decline in market activity and a decrease of -86.90% from the previous day.

4. What is the all-time high for Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO)?

Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO) has been purchased for the highest price of $0.003297, which was recorded on May 30, 2024 (1 day). In contrast, the current price is 48.40% less than the peak price ever recorded.

5. What is the all-time low for Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO)?

On May 30, 2024, over roughly 17 hours, $0.0007649 was the lowest price ever paid for a Timeless Davido Coin  (&DAVIDO). In contrast, the price at which it is currently trading is 122.42% more than its all-time low.

6. What is the fully diluted valuation of Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO)?

Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO) has a fully diluted valuation (FDV) of $1,649,807. This is a statistical depiction of the maximum market capitalization, presuming that the entire 1 billion $DAVIDO token supply is now in circulation.

The realization of FDV may take several years, contingent on the design of the $DAVIDO token emission schedule.

7. How does the price performance of Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO) compare against its peers?

Timeless Davido Coin (&DAVIDO) has increased in price by 0.00% over the last seven days, outperforming the -0.40% global cryptocurrency market but trailing comparable Solana Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, which have increased by 16.20%.

8. How much is one Timeless Davido Coin worth in USD?

One Timeless Davido Coin ($DAVIDO) currently costs roughly $0.001707 in US dollars (USD).

9. How many Timeless Davido Coins ($DAVIDO) can I get for $1?

Currently, you can buy about 585.68 $DAVIDO Timeless Davido Coins for just $1.

10. How can I convert the price of $DAVIDO to USD?

Enter the appropriate amount on the $DAVIDO to the USD converter to determine the price of $DAVIDO in USD. You can check the $DAVIDO to USD chart for a comprehensive overview of $DAVIDO’s historical price movements in USD.

11. What is the highest $DAVIDO/USD pricing in history?

The price of one $DAVIDO peaked at $0.003297 in USD on May 30, 2024, which is one day ago. Whether the value of 1 $DAVIDO/USD will rise over the present all-time high is yet to be determined.

12. What is the Timeless Davido Coin pricing trend in USD?

Concerning the US Dollar (USD), Timeless Davido’s Coin ($DAVIDO) price has decreased by -30.50% throughout the past day. Timeless Davido Coin has underperformed compared to the whole crypto market, which has increased by 0.30%.


The most recent token in the cryptocurrency market with a celebrity theme is the $Davido meme coin.

The long-term course of the $Davido token is yet unknown, as is the possibility that it will be able to appreciate and benefit its holders in the long run.

With a market valuation of over $66 billion, meme coins are starting to play a significant role in cryptocurrency.

The top 15+ promising meme coins of 2024, presently seeing a rise in worth and a favorable trend in the cryptocurrency market, were previously revealed.


How much is Davido coin?

0.1 DAVIDO 0.00018421 USD
1 DAVIDO 0.00184213 USD
2 DAVIDO 0.00368426 USD
5 DAVIDO 0.00921064 USD

How much is Davido 30BG?

Every costly piece of jewelry has a pendant with the bold initials 30BG set in diamonds. The singer’s close friend and well-known Nigerian blogger Tunde Ednut disclosed that the diamond chains will be worth N20 million.

How much is Davido worth in dollars?

Real Name David Adedeji Adeleke
Net Worth in USD $400 Million
Net Worth in Naira ₦9.2 Billion
Annual Income $55 Million
Inheritance $160 Million

Who is richer between Davido and Wizkid in 2024?

After examining the riches, businesses, and real estate holdings of the two singers, which one is wealthier Davido or WizKid? According to WizKid and Davido’s net worth estimates, Davido is, in fact, $6 million richer than Wizkid.

How much does Davido charge per gig?

Every Show: $600,000: Davido, a Nigerian music magnate, disclosed that his fees for a performance total $600,000.

The Afrobeats musician revealed this during a conversation with Zahir Jooma, who co-owns Icebox, a well-known jewelry boutique.

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