Barcelona To Europa League

Barcelona To Europa League

Barcelona Fc, failing champions league group stage for the first time in two decades.

The Spanish League Champions will be facing Bayern on the last group stage game to be played in Germany.

Considering the club’s overall performance in all the tournament of the season, they surely need to improve.


And by sighting the past record clashes of the two titans, Barca, are clearly likely to be at the sharpened edge.

The German club side are topping their respective table in the champions league group stage with 15 points.

They have won all the 5 matches played so far, with 1 remaining to be played with Barca in Germany.


Barca, are follwing them with 7 points winning 2 out of 5 matches, they will be having a last chance match of surviving the stage with the group leading team.

Fc Benfica, having 5 points on the third place of the group, then lastly Dynamo Kyiv Fc, with a single point.

Their Chance of escaping the early exit in the tournament lies upon winning the forthcoming derby with Bayern.

Or to be lucky enough for Fc Benfica to lose against the table base holders in the following match.

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Fans and the clubs management raise hopes on Xavi Hernandes arrival in the midst of the challenges.

This left the teams Legend and the headcoach with a difficult task of scaling the club through the tournament.

The team Manager was able to Avoid loss in all his previous matches unless the last La Liga match.

He is the highest hope of the losing side so far, regarding the nature of todays era of football challenges.

As roads, already been cleared for some club to Europer League, Barca also exist on the danger list of the tournament stage so far.

This will record for the first time in almost 20 years for Barca, to join the Europer league losing the Great Champions League stages.

This is surely the edge of desperation with sensational demonstration for them.

Fans are hopely forcasting to have win in the last game against Bayern.

The golden question reads that, Does the Germain team careless to lose the match for Barcelona?

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