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All Time BOC Madaki Songs: Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years

All-Time BOC Madaki Songs: Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years

All-Time BOC Madaki Songs: Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years: BOC Madaki, a well-known individual in Northern Nigeria’s hip-hop scene, has constantly produced music that reflects authenticity, regional pride, and lyrical depth.

His discography includes various records, each displaying his own style and topic range.

The following is a comprehensive evaluation of his best albums and major tracks from each, evaluating sound quality, cultural impact, rhythm, and overall song quality.


All-Time BOC Madaki Songs Album Preview(Best Of BOC Madaki)

1. No English (2020)

Overview: One of BOC Madaki’s most well-known albums is No English, renowned for its rich cultural allusions and bilingual style that blends Hausa and English.

The album features modern hip-hop beats focusing on social issues and cultural pride.

  • Sound Quality: 9/10
  • Cultural Impact: 9/10
  • Rhythm: 8/10
  • Overall Song Quality: 9/10
Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years: No English Album
Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years: No English Album

Top 3 Key Tracks:

1. “Kai” ft. DJ AB: The catchy beat and thought-provoking lyrics of the song make it stand out. Themes of self-awareness and social consciousness are explored by BOC Madaki and DJ AB, who offer their music with a fluid flow and captivating beat.


2. “Zafi”: Popular for its reflective words and slow music, “Zafi” explores resiliency and personal hardships. The production, which emphasizes Madaki’s skill with lyrics, is understated but effective.

3. “Legacy”: The significance of cultural legacy and individual influence is emphasized in this song. It stands out because of its catchy beats and deep lyrics that explore issues of identity and heritage.

2. The Drop Album (2022) with Odumodublvck

Overview: The Drop, an album made in partnership with Odumodublvck, is a blend of modern hip-hop and traditional African rhythms.

The album is noteworthy for its upbeat sound and wide range of themes, which touch on anything from personal development to cultural pride.

  • Sound Quality: 8/10
  • Cultural Impact: 8/10
  • Rhythm: 9/10
  • Overall Song Quality: 8.5/10
BOC Madaki And Odumodublvck The Drop Ep Album Mp3 Download
BOC Madaki And Odumodublvck The Drop Ep Album Mp3 Download

Top 3 Key Tracks:

1. “Amarya”: This joyful song has lots of appealing hooks and lively beats. It is a joyful hymn that places a strong emphasis on themes of community and joy.

2. “Igbo Don Come”: This song, which is a potent ode to Igbo culture, combines Igbo and English lyrics and has an engaging beat. It is resilient and proud of the cultural identity it upholds.

3. “Ahead Ahead” ft. XL Spiff: The encouraging words and upbeat melody of this motivational song define it. It promotes tenacity and forward motion, underpinned by dynamic output.

3. Northy By Nature (2019)

Overview: The album Northy By Nature focuses deeply on socioeconomic issues and Northern Nigerian culture.

The project is distinguished by its skill at narrating stories and by fusing classic sounds with contemporary hip-hop beats.

  • Sound Quality: 8.5/10
  • Cultural Impact: 9/10
  • Rhythm: 8/10
  • Overall Song Quality: 8.5/10
Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years: Northy By Nature
Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years: Northy By Nature

Key Tracks:

1. “Northy By Nature”: The song’s title track explores the hardships and way of life in Northern Nigeria in a compelling way. The words are colorful and heartfelt, and the beat is rough.

2. “Wasika Zuwa Sama: This song uses historical references and lyrics that are rich in cultural detail to honor a prominent Northern Nigerian politician. The production is quite ambient, and the pace is constant.

3. “Dan Gaye: Famous for its complex patterns and philosophical lyrics, “Dan Gaye” tackles themes of tenacity, self-assurance, and optimism. The beat has a meditative and captivating quality.

4. Sorry Please Thanks (2016)

Overview: A previous release on BOC Madaki’s Sorry Please Thanks discography demonstrates the artist’s growth.

The album includes a variety of tunes with varying beats that merge introspective themes with socially concerned themes.

  • Sound Quality: 8/10
  • Cultural Impact: 8/10
  • Rhythm: 8/10
  • Overall Song Quality: 8/10
Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years: Sorry, Please, Thanks Album
Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years: Sorry, Please, Thanks Album

Top 3 Key Tracks:

1. “Sorry, Please, Thanks”: This song explores themes of regret and forgiveness with emotional lyrics and a gloomy melody. The unpolished production emphasizes Madaki’s emotive delivery.

2. “Himma”: The more cheerful song “Himma” tackles societal challenges with an optimistic tone by fusing appealing rhythms with socially concerned lyrics.

3. “Knock Knock”: This song’s closing track is a thankful meditation on life’s journey; it has a soothing sound and thoughtful lyrics that highlight development and thankfulness.

5. Darasin Rayuwa (2017)

Overview: Another noteworthy album in BOC Madaki’s collection is Darasin Rayuwa, which showcases the rapper’s commitment to using music to confront societal concerns and his strong connection to his heritage.

This album delivers a strong message packaged in catchy rhythms by fusing lively sounds with introspective thoughts.

  • Sound Quality: 9/10
  • Cultural Impact: 9/10
  • Rhythm: 8.5/10
  • Overall Song Quality: 9/10
Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years: Darasin Rayuwa Album
Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years: Darasin Rayuwa Album

Top 3 Key Tracks:

1. “Super Story”: Themes of belonging and home are central to this song. It evokes feelings of nostalgia and a feeling of kinship with one’s origins by fusing heartfelt lyrics with infectious beats.

The song’s deeper cultural meaning is enhanced by the usage of traditional musical elements.

2. “Fifty Fifty”: This song is an incredibly moving ode, whether to a special someone or the human spirit in general. A strong and affecting song is produced by the catchy beat and poignant lyrics.

3. “Darasin Rayuwa”: This song is a remark on how complicated life can be. BOC Madaki discusses the difficulties and problems that people in society confront thoughtfully. Because of the simple production, the lyrical content can shine.

6. Allah Ya Tsare (2017)

Overview: BOC Madaki, a musician well-known for his contributions to the Northern Nigerian music scene, has a noteworthy song called “Allah Ya Tsare.”

Among BOC Madaki’s career, this song stands out for its powerful production, cultural connection, and thought-provoking lyrics.

  • Sound Quality: 9/10
    Cultural Impact: 9/10
    Rhythm: 8.5/10
    Overall Song Quality: 9/10
Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years: Allah Ya Tsare
Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years: Allah Ya Tsare

Top 3 Key Tracks:

7. Ra’ayi (2017)

Overview: BOC Madaki’s song “Ra’ayi” demonstrates both his growth as an artist and his dedication to using music to address social issues.

This album, which was released as a part of his vast repertoire, is a collection of social commentary, cultural narratives, and personal reflections that are all given with his distinctive sound and skillful lyrics.

  • Sound Quality: 9/10
    Cultural Impact: 9/10
    Rhythm: 8.5/10
    Overall Song Quality: 9/10
Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years: Ra'ayi Album
Best Of BOC Madaki In 10 Years: Ra’ayi Album

Top 3 Key Tracks:

1. “Ra’ayi”: This song probes deeply into both societal problems and contemplation on a personal level. Smooth and introspective, the music lets BOC Madaki’s deep lyrics come to life. It stands out for its lyrical depth and production quality as it tackles topics of societal transformation and personal growth.

2. “Pretence”: The significance of perception and experience is emphasized in this song. Truth and understanding are explored in the lyrics, which make for an interesting listen thanks to the lively speed and memorable melodies. The track’s vast cultural diversity is enhanced by the fusion of traditional and modern elements.

3. “Fans”: A combination of catchy instrumentation and energetic beats creates an evocative background for BOC Madaki’s reflective lyrics in this creation. This song demonstrates how well he can express nuanced emotions through music.

All-Time BOC Madaki Songs
All-Time BOC Madaki Songs

All BOC Madaki Songs Track List (Best Of BOC Madaki) Mp3 Download

  1. BOC Madaki Ft Dr. Kozzo – On A Monday
  2. BOC Madaki Rashi
  3. B.O.C Madaki – Wasika Zuwa Sama
  4. B.O.C Madaki – Dan Gaye Ft. Ice Prince
  5. B.O.C Madaki – Sani Bello
  6. B.O.C Madaki – Bread And Butter
  7. B.O.C Madaki – Matsin Lamba
  8. B.O.C Madaki – Nera Ft. Stesh, Concept Man
  9. B.O.C Madaki – Up A North
  10. B.O.C Madaki – The DM
  11. B.O.C Madaki – Akwai Issues Ft. Dia
  12. B.O.C Madaki – Exchange
  13. B.O.C Madaki – Da Ke Ft. Concept Man
  14. B.O.C Madaki – On The Map
  15. B.O.C Madaki – Odogwu Ft. Lio Steve
  16. BOC Madaki And Odumodublvck – Igbo Don Come
  17. BOC Madaki And Odumodublvck – Oyoyo
  18. BOC Madaki And Odumodublvck – Ahead Ahead
  19. BOC Madaki And Odumodublack – Look At My Face
  20. BOC Madaki And Odumodublvck – First And Last
  21. BOC Madaki And Odumodublvck – Raini
  22. BOC Madaki And Odumodublvck Ft Hotyce Fatboy – 911
  23. BOC Madaki & Odumodublvck – Shaggae Ya
  24. BOC Madaki And Odumodublvck – O Jah Ft Hotyce & Bahijja
  25. BOC Madaki & Odumodublvck – Amarya
  26. B.O.C Madaki – Harara Ft. Morell
  27. B.O.C Madaki – Maestro
  28. B.O.C Madaki – Good Morning
  29. BOC Madaki – No English Skit
  30. BOC Madaki – Legacy
  31. BOC Madaki Ft Khris Flamez – VIP
  32. BOC Madaki – Young M.O.S.E.S
  33. BOC Madaki Ft Stesh And Black Blinx – Ta Zo
  34. BOC Madaki – Hip Hop
  35. BOC Madaki Ft Lemuel Knight – Yardstick
  36. BOC Madaki – King Kunta
  37. BOC Madaki Ft C Man – Chill Bros
  38. BOC Madaki – Zafi
  39. BOC Madaki Ft DJ AB – Kai
  40. BOC Madaki – Nimbus Cloud
  41. BOC Madaki Ft Idreal – Gari Da Nika
  42. BOC Madaki – No English
  43. BOC Madaki – Bindiga
  44. BOC Madaki – Born Sinner
  45. BOC Madaki – Sorry Please Thanks
  46. BOC Madaki Ft C Man – Lit
  47. BOC Madaki – Black Diary II (100 Bars)
  48. BOC Madaki Ft Lemuelknight – Rare Samples
  49. BOC Madaki Ft Steve Sings – Let Love Lead
  50. BOC Madaki – Ride Or Die
  51. BOC Madaki – N50
  52. BOC Madaki Ft Cino – Jijjiga
  53. BOC Madaki Ft C Man – Benchmark
  54. BOC Madaki – Fans
  55. BOC Madaki – Taking Shots
  56. BOC Madaki – Hakin Mu
  57. BOC Madaki – Pretence
  58. BOC Madaki Ft Stesh – Sabada
  59. BOC Madaki Ft Black House – Home Coming
  60. BOC Madaki Ft Abyssinia – Sir Abubakar
  61. BOC Madaki – Mama (Skit)
  62. BOC Madaki – Himma
  63. BOC Madaki Ft C Man – Big Brother
  64. BOC Madaki Ft Lee Rhymes – Penates
  65. BOC Madaki Ft Kenny Wonder – Do That
  66. BOC Madaki Ft Pheroshuz – Really Real
  67. BOC Madaki – Dari Bisa Dari
  68. BOC Madaki – Madarar Lebe
  69. BOC Madaki – Knock Knock
  70. BOC Madaki – Allah Ya Tsare
  71. BOC Madaki Ft Khali Abdu – Yaya Dai
  72. BOC Madaki Wa Ya Sani
  73. BOC Madaki – Material
  74. BOC Madaki Ft Idreal – Katako
  75. BOC Madaki Ft C Man – Idan Da Rai
  76. BOC Madaki – Rites Of Passage
  77. BOC Madaki & C Man – Darasin Rayuwa
  78. BOC Madaki & C Man – Super Story
  79. BOC Madaki & C Man Ft Stesh – Fifty Fifty
  80. BOC Madaki & C Man – Ballin
  81. BOC Madaki – Northy By Nature
  82. BOC Madaki – Labarbaru
  83. BOC Madaki – Ke Ce
  84. BOC Madaki – No Regret
  85. BOC Madaki – Ina Jin Norms
  86. BOC Madaki Ft C Man – Madara
  87. BOC Madaki Ft Black Blinx & C Man – One Of A Kind
  88. BOC Madaki – Dan Gaye
  89. BOC Madaki Ft Stesh C Man AY Fashion A2 Hakane – Raba Raini
  90. BOC Madaki – Farida Remix[Prod. By Don Jazzy]
  91. B.O.C Madaki – Dan Iska
  92. BOC Madaki – Ka Huta
  93. BOC Madaki ft. C Man – Madara
  94. BOC Madaki – Kaya A Kasa


All-Time BOC Madaki Songs
All-Time BOC Madaki Songs

BOC Madaki Songs Feature

  1. Ayuba Weezy Ft BOC Madaki – Bamu Jin Kira
  2. Mixter Phee Ft BOC Madaki – Muje Zuwa
  3. Spendcity Ft BOC Madaki – Hustle
  4. Nanle Ft BOC Madaki And J Rex – A Sabo
  5. DJ AB Ft BOC Madaki – Matsala
  6. PapZzy Maye Ft BOC Madaki – Dujal
  7. Hashim Zama Neh Ft BOC Madaki – Yan Hannuna
  8. Elbo Ft BOC Madaki – Bambanchi
  9. Slamkhid Ft BOC Madaki – Gaiya Ne
  10. Deezell Ft Dj Ab, Kheengz, BOC Madaki, Morell & ClassiQ – Ba Ruwan Mu
  11. Deezell – Namiji Ft Ice Prince, Dj Ab, BOC Madaki, Magnito, Hamisu Breaker, Maidawa, Kheengz & Many More
  12. INZ Ft BOC Madaki – Full Blast
  13. Ozee Ft BOC Madaki – Matan Bala
  14. Kheengz, Deezell, B.O.C Madaki, DJ AB – Real Shi
  15. Kheengz x Deezell x B.O.C Madaki x DJ AB – T4HM Cypher
  16. Deezell – Baruwanmu Ft. B.O.C Madaki, DJ AB, Morell, Kheengz, ClassiQ
  17. Bash Neh Pha – Bullet Ft. B.O.C Madaki
  18. INZ Ft. BOC Madaki – Full Blast
  19. Pharoah The 47 Ft. Lyrical Dr Smith & B.O.C Madaki – Shine Your Eye
  20. Kheengz Ft. Kahli Abdu, B.O.C Madaki – Yara (Remix)
  21. Concept Man – Sauke Girma Ft. B.O.C Madaki
All-Time BOC Madaki Songs
All-Time BOC Madaki Songs

BOC Madaki Old Songs Videos

BOC Madaki Songs Live Performance Video

BOC Madaki New Songs Video Launch


The discography of BOC Madaki demonstrates his versatility and commitment to cultural authenticity. His recordings are usually unique and engaging, combining contemporary hip-hop with traditional Nigerian rhythms.

BOC Madaki stands unique in the Nigerian music market because each album covers a wide range of topics, including ethnic pride and personal development. His painting honors Northern Nigerian identity and culture while also reflecting his journey.

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