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BOC Madaki – Sorry Please Thanks

BOC Madaki – Sorry Please Thanks Mp3 Download

  • Artiste Name: BOC Madaki
  • Song Name: Sorry Please Thanks
  • Released Date: 05 August, 2016
  • Format: MP3 High Quality

The extraordinary Hausa rapper from Northern Nigeria, known by his stage name BOC Madaki, had his unique debut in Labaranyau and just burst onto the music scene with the delightful hit song “Sorry Please Thanks.

The Rapper is a well-known figure in the world, particularly for Hausa music. A well-known star with numerous credible samples and numerous accolades, he is exceptionally talented in both vocal and lyrical domains.

This mysterious artist creates a vivid picture of life in the northern towns by weaving a tale of grim streets and strong spirits.


BOC Madaki - Sorry Please Thanks Mp3 Download
BOC Madaki – Sorry Please Thanks Mp3 Download

The rapper’s cadence is razor-sharp from the first few bars, cutting through tracks like a Northern wind.

The lyrics, which depict the hardships and victories of a community that is frequently disregarded, are a tapestry of unfiltered feelings and hard-won realities.

With a cadence that alternates between self-reflection and shameless bluster, each verse is a monument to tenacity.


The masterpiece is a production masterwork of eerie beats and melancholic tunes. The rapper’s remarks are powerfully resonated against a somber backdrop created by the sparse instrumentation.

The mix achieves the ideal harmony by letting the lyrics shine while gently adding nuanced audio textures to heighten their effect.

The topics of the song center on identity, perseverance, and the search for authenticity in a culture that frequently penalizes deviation from the norm.

It’s a profound study of the intricacy of contemporary metropolis living seen through the unique and broadly accessible prism of a Northern perspective.

All things considered, the mighty track solidifies the rapper’s position as a powerful voice in the Northern rap scene by fusing soul-stirring music with lyrical skill.

It’s proof of how music can shed light on the human condition, enthralling listeners and making them want to hear more from this budding talent.

Listen & Download Mp3 Below;


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