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BOC Madaki & Odumodublvck – Amarya

BOC Madaki & Odumodublvck – Amarya Mp3 Download

  • Artiste Name: BOC Madaki & Odumodublvck
  • Song Name: Am-arya
  • Released Date:
  • Format: MP3 High Quality

From BOC and Odumodu’s collaborative album The Drop, published on February 18, 2023, “Am-arya” is a noteworthy track.

This song highlights the skills of both performers and is a perfect example of the distinctive fusion of modern hip-hop and musical traditions from Northern Nigeria.

The song is a skillfully blended blend of modern hip-hop beats and traditional Hausa musical elements.


A lively, rhythmic beat that combines ambient noises, lyrical violins, and traditional drums to represent the rich cultural legacy of Northern Nigeria characterizes the instrumental.

This combination produces a deeply captivating and refreshing soundtrack, making it the ideal setting for the lyrical material.

BOC Madaki & Odumodublvck Amarya Song
BOC Madaki & Odumodublvck Amarya Song

Am-arya,” which means “bride” in Hausa, delves into love, festivity, and cultural legacy topics. The song’s lyrics beautifully capture the beauty and excitement of a typical Northern Nigerian wedding.


While Odumodublvck’s contributions give the song a vibrant and modern edge, BOC’s words are delivered with deep honesty, weaving tales of passion and tradition.

Because BOC uses Hausa in his lyrics, the song has a deeper cultural resonance for those who are familiar with the language.

The song is an anthem for weddings and celebrations because of its extremely catchy chorus, which features repeated hooks that honor the bride and the happy occasion. Also, the song was nominated among the best BOC Madaki’s Songs in 2022.

Odumodu and BOC both give excellent performances on “Amarya.” BOC has a confident, fluid flow, and his delivery is filled with the warmth and energy of a storyteller regaling an audience with tales of love and heritage.

This is contrasted with Odumodu’s more upbeat and contemporary rap style, which makes for a striking contrast that heightens the song’s appeal.

The two musicians have a great connection, as evidenced by the way they exchange lines and harmonize in the chorus. The Drop album’s “Amarya” is a standout track due to their ability to work together to bring out the best in one another.

Not only does the song have a remarkable melody, but it also has cultural importance. A wider audience can appreciate BOC and Odumodu’s celebration of their history by incorporating the Hausa language and cultural elements into the song.

A deeper understanding of Northern Nigerian culture is fostered by this method, which not only introduces and preserves cultural practices to new listeners.

The exquisitely composed song by BOC and Odumodu skillfully traverses the divide between tradition and contemporary.

It’s a remarkable song that honors love and cultural heritage thanks to its colorful production, meaningful words, and powerful performances.

Am-arya” is a standout track on The Drop album, demonstrating the musicians’ ability to craft music that is both surprisingly modern and profoundly steeped in tradition.

This song is a must-listen from the album since it would appeal to listeners of both traditional and contemporary Nigerian music.

  • Rating: 4.5/5

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