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Alex Shakoane Biography

In Alexandra, Johannesburg, South Africa, on August 25, 1960, Alex Shakoane was born. He began playing football at an early age while growing up in the Alexandra township. Former Mamelodi Sundowns player Alex spent more than ten years on the squad.

Shakoane began playing football at an early age and was signed by a variety of amateur teams before being seen by the Mamelodi Sundowns squad. He joined the squad in 1985, and thanks to his remarkable on-field abilities, he rapidly won over the fans.

As a midfielder, Alex Shakoane was well-known for his excellent passing and ball control. He was also a prolific goal scorer, and when playing for Mamelodi Sundowns, he was instrumental in the team’s many championships.

In the South African football community, Alex Shakoane, also referred to as “Goldfinger,” is well-liked. He was formerly a player with the Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club and is now a top official for the organization. We will talk about his personal life, family, work, and net worth in this blog post.

Alex Shakoane has experience coaching and mentoring young football players in addition to his career in sport. He has worked with a variety of teams and has assisted numerous young players in realizing their aspirations to play professional football.

Alex’s Personal Life

A lot of football fans have been curious about Alex Shakoane’s personal life. Prior to 1975, he was married to Paulina Shakoane. The union did not survive long, though, and Alex’s infidelity with his wife led to their divorce in 1978. At the moment, Alex is seeing Atteridgeville resident Johana Papo. If he has children, he hasn’t disclosed any information about them.

Alex’s Family

About his family, Alex Shakoane hasn’t said much. There are no records of his mother’s and father’s identities. He did, however, have a brother named Elias Majoro Shakoane, who, at the age of 55, passed away in a hospital from heart problems.

Alex’s Career

The early years of Alex Shakoane’s football career were spent at the Alexandra Blackpool Football Club. Later, he became a member of the Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club, where he played as a midfielder up until his early 1980s retirement. He kept working for the club even after he retired, serving as a senior official among other things. His love for the team and commitment to it have given him the moniker “Goldfinger.”

Alex’s Net Worth

The amount of Alex Shakoane’s wealth isn’t made public. He has a prosperous job as a top official for Sundowns, but he has not disclosed any additional sources of income. However, his commitment to the organization and his volunteer work in the neighborhood imply that he is financially successful.

Alex’s Age and Zodiac

The precise birthdate and age of Alex Shakoane are not known to the general public. He hasn’t disclosed his height, weight, or any other physical characteristics either. As a result, we are unable to ascertain his zodiac sign as well.

Alex Shakoane on Wikipedia

Despite being well-known, Alex Shakoane’s life is not documented on Wikipedia. But you can also obtain his personal details on other well-known websites.


Finally, it should be noted that Alex Shakoane is a legendary character in South African football. Many football fans hold a special place in their hearts for him because of his devotion to the Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club and his charitable works. We hope that this blog post has given you more background on this illustrious football player.

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