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Rosette Ncwana Biography

Supermodel Rosette is from South Africa and is represented by the Boss Models agency in Cape Town. In seasons 1 and 2 of the M-Net game program Deal or No Deal, she modeled suitcases. She has worked on television ads for brands like Chicken Lickin’, DStv, Sun City, and Jet Clothing. Several prestigious magazines, including Babe, Elle, and True Love, have featured the model on their covers. She served as the face of companies like Triumph, Ponds, and Foschini and modeled the Noni Gaza line for Legit Clothing. Young, Famous, and African, a Netflix reality series, included Rosette in its second season.

Facts of Rosette Ncwana

Name Rosette Ncwana
Age 30-35 years old
Gender Female
Nationality South African
Profession Model
Married/Single Married
Husband Lunda Ncwana
Children Andile Ncube
Instagram @rosette_ncwana

Rosette Ncwana’s age

The model was born in an unknown year, although she celebrates her birthday on March 11th. Her mother, Philadora Mogomotsi, raised her in Tembisa, Gauteng, where she was born. A brief glance at her mother’s Instagram account reveals that the two frequently travel on vacation together, demonstrating their tight mother-daughter bond. Rosette purchased her mother a new home in April 2023.


Rosette Ncwana Early Life & Education

A well-known South African celebrity named Rosette Ncwana was born on May 12, 1992, in the energetic metropolis of Johannesburg, Gauteng. Her mother, the resourceful Philodora Mogotsi, raised her, and her father’s identity is still a mystery.

Rosette Ncwana’s route to study took her through Tembisa’s streets, where she finished both her primary and high school degrees.

Rosette Ncwana’s early educational environments and the precise timeline of her academic achievements are unfortunately still shrouded in obscurity.


Rosette Ncwana Height

As a model, Rosette has made sure to maintain a good physique and follows a good healthy diet, so further information about her body measurements will be updated. Rosette is approximately 1.75 meters tall and weighs 56 kg. Her hair is black and complements her brown eyes well.

Rosette Ncwana Career

actress and model: Rosette Ncwana, a multidimensional talent who built her name as a renowned model and actress, was born on May 12, 1992, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Success in modeling: Rosette’s modeling career has brought her to illustrious campaigns and runways, where her alluring presence has distinguished her as a distinctive figure in the fashion world.

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She made her acting debut in 2008 on the television program “Deal or No Deal,” where she made a big impression.

Rosette Ncwana became a Netflix star when she joined the cast of the second season of the show “Young Famous African” on the streaming service. Due to her relationship with her ex-partner, Andile Ncube, her participation added a special dimension to the event.

Her modeling career has included association with the prestigious Boss Model Cape Town agency.

Rich Lifestyle: Rosette Ncwana’s Instagram account portrays a life of luxury, complete with opulent travel arrangements and designer clothing.

Rosette Ncwana is essentially a South African figure who has established herself in modeling and acting and whose career is flourishing in the entertainment industry.

Rosette Ncwana Family

South Africa’s Gauteng province is where Rosette was born and reared. She was conceived by Philodora Mogomotso, her mother, and an unidentified father. She has also kept her siblings’ identities a secret. Despite being a well-known fashion model and public personality, Rosette has managed to keep some details about her upbringing hidden. However, as soon as new information becomes available, it will be updated.

Rosette Ncwana Husband

Businessman Lunga Ncwana, Rosette’s ex-husband, was married to her. Before Lunga filed for divorce, they were wed for six years. They got together in 2013, got married in 2015 at the Boschendal Wine Estate in Franschhoek, Cape Town, after becoming engaged in 2014. It was claimed that Rosette refused to sign the divorce papers after Lunga filed for divorce, preventing Lunga from getting hitched to Rethabile Lethoko.

The ex-couple eventually reached an agreement, while never disclosing the grounds behind their divorce. They made the decision to put their disagreements aside and co-parent Talitha. Rosette had a romance with television and radio personality Andile Ncube before being married to Lunga. 2011 saw the beginning of their relationship, which they called off in 2013. Gabriella’s parents share parenting duties.

Rosette Ncwana Baby Daddy

Ncwana is the mother of two kids with two baby dads. With radio and TV host Andile Ncube, she gave birth to her first child. In 2011, their daughter Gabriella was born. She will soon turn twelve. Talitha, her second child, is a product of her union with businessman Lunga Ncwana. After getting hitched in 2015 and divorcing six years later, Lunga and Rosette.

Rosette Ncwana Young, Famous, And African

The newest celebrity to join the cast of the reality television program Young, Famous, and African is Ncwana. She will appear on the show alongside her baby daddy Andile Ncube and his other baby mom Sebabatso Mothibi, which will add to its intrigue. On May 19, 2023, the second season of the program debuted. Fantana, Luis Munana, and Bonang Matheba are some of the additional new cast members. Several media figures, actors, singers, and actresses are featured in the program, including Khanyi Mbau, Annie Macaulay Idibia, Andile Ncube, Swanky Jerry, and Nadia Nakai.

Rosette Ncwana’s boyfriend

Ex-wife of Lunga Ncwana appears to be seeing a new man, although we don’t know who he is. The model blurred the model’s face in an Instagram post on March 9, 2023, to wish him a happy birthday.

Rosette Ncwana Personal Life

The romantic history of Rosette Ncwana has seen its share of ups and downs. Her separation with fellow Young, Famous, and African cast member Andile Ncube took a somewhat nasty turn, with the two of them fighting in front of the world on social media.

The course of time, nevertheless, has given their tale an unexpected turn. They were once ex-lovers but are now close friends who are bound together by their shared parental responsibilities for Gabriella Ncube.

Lunga Ncwana, a shrewd businessman and former Lyons Financial Solutions Hldg board member, and Rosette Ncwana wed in 2015. Their lavish wedding in Cape Town radiated wealth.

Sadly, their marriage only lasted six years before ending in a bitter divorce. Rosette Ncwana initially resisted filing for divorce because she hoped for a reunion. They ultimately decided on co-parenting as a compromise for their daughter Talitha Ncwana.

Despite the ups and downs of her previous relationships, Rosette Ncwana is finally making progress. She just posted a seductive picture of herself sharing a passionate kiss with an enigmatic male on social media. It was intriguing how she kept his identity a closely-guarded secret.

This action implies that, despite wanting to safeguard her partner’s privacy, Rosette Ncwana is willing to share her romantic life with the public. The picture, which appeared to be a birthday party, was accompanied by the words, “To you, my love, I adore you, my baby love. HBD.”

Rosette Ncwana routinely shares pictures of her family and her travels on Instagram while advertising different companies, keeping her followers interested.

Rosette Ncwana Social Media

  • Instagram handle: Rosette Ncwana (@rosette_ncwana)
  • Twitter handle: Rosette_Mogomotsi (@Rosette_ncwana)
  • Tiktok handle: Rosette Ncwana

Rosette Ncwana Net Worth

Ncwana is thought to be worth $800,000. Her great careers as an actress and supermodel have enabled her to amass an astounding amount of riches.

Rosette Ncwana Facts

Rosette Ncwana is a well-known performer from South Africa who frequently appears in TV commercials and programs.

Although Rosette is claimed to have been raised in South Africa, her birthday celebrations are currently being conducted in the shade.

Even though she is well-known for her work in the entertainment industry, her Wikipedia page is incomplete.

Moving on to her married life, she has been wed to Lunda Ncwana for an unspecified period of time.

She currently enjoys the honor of having a sweet young child named Andile Ncube from her marriage.

In any event, we haven’t come across any records pertaining to the mother, father, and other family members’ current realities.

She is one of the most charming models to work in South Africa and has a fair height, but we are unsure of her exact height.

More than 102k users currently follow her verified Instagram account.

In the end, if you recognize her face, it is unlikely that this has never happened before because she has embraced almost all of the South African brands that are available.

Who is Rosette Ncwana married to?

The model has been in one divorced marriage but is not currently married. Rosette Ncwana was married to South African businessman Lunga Ncwana from 2015 until their divorce in 2019. A common friend introduced the pair in 2013, and they became engaged in May 2014.

The wedding of Lunga and Rosette Ncwana took place at the Boschendal Wine Estate in Franschhoek, Cape Town, in March 2015. Michael Hulley, Theunis Crous, Tokyo Sexwale, Maggie Sotyu, Lee-Ann Liebenberg, and other prominent people attended the elegant event.

After a few years, the couple’s marriage came to an end. Rosette reportedly refused to file divorce papers after their separation in 2019, which prevented Lunga from getting married to his fiancée Rethabile Lethoko. They separated in 2019. In 2022, the model affirmed that she was unmarried.

Are Andile Ncube and Rosette back together?

Andile sent Rosette a lovely birthday greeting on Instagram on March 11, 2023. Part of the post read;

How many children does Rosette Ncwana have?

Two of the supermodel’s daughters. She and TV celebrity Andile Ncube had a first child together, Gabriella Ncube. On December 1st, 2011, Gabbie was born. Just a few months after getting married to her ex-husband Lunga Ncwana, Rosette gave birth to her second child, Talitha Ncwana, on December 1st, 2015. On their birthdays, the girls frequently get together to celebrate.

Despite not having a lot of luck in love, Rosette Ncwana has built a great modeling career and is currently one of the top models in South Africa. She is a loving mother to her two daughters as well.

What is Rosette Ncwana famous for?

Rosette is well-known for showing up in numerous TV commercials. She also served as a suitcase model for seasons 1 and 2 of the Deal or No Deal game show on M-Net, and she most recently debuted on the Young, Famous & African reality series on Netflix.

Is Rosette and Andile back together?

It seems that Andile Ncube, a Young Famous and African (YFA) star, could not manage to reignite his romance with either of his two baby mothers, Rosette Ncwana and Sebabatso Mothibi. Zimoja stated on Monday, May 29, that Ncwana is ecstatically in love with her “new” boyfriend.

How many kids does Rosette have with Andile?

Gabrielle is the name of Andile and Rosette’s daughter. Briefly claims that despite having a contentious breakup, the couple has set aside their differences to become co-parents. Later, in 2013, Rosette wed businessman Lunga Ncwana. In contrast, Andile changed her life and wed Ayanda Thabethe.

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