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Oli London Biography

Oli London, an English Internet personality, was born on January 14, 1990. The aim of London’s numerous ethnic plastic surgery surgeries was to resemble Jimin from the South Korean boy band BTS.

London, an English native, developed an interest in South Korean culture after relocating there in 2013 to work as an English teacher.

He declared in 2022 that he would stop having operations, that he had converted to Christianity, and that he intended to be baptized in the Catholic Church. London, who at a time identified as a transgender woman, says he now regrets having his surgery and is a transphobic campaigner.

Full Name Oli London
Profession Instagram Star
Age In (2020) 31 years
Country Name United States
Nationality England

Oli London Early life

Born on January 14, 1990, is London. His mother is a stay-at-home mom, while his father is an interior designer.

After spending a year teaching English in Seoul in 2013, London started to become interested in South Korea. London’s Korean companion taught him numerous Korean expressions, but due to his terrible memory, London claims that he promptly lost practically everything. Additionally, he started learning about the local culture and picking up knowledge of numerous South Korean musical acts. He developed a special interest in BTS and started to idolize member Jimin.

The same year, London started undergoing procedures meant to mimic Jimin’s facial features.[6] London looked at Jimin and said, “Clearly, he’s changed over the years. But he simply has the cutest baby face, the most stunning eyes, the cutest smile, and everything about him is so adorable.

Oli London Career


The only appearances London makes on television are as guests, and they are all mostly about his operations. After appearing in a 2018 edition of the Barcroft TV documentary series Hooked On The Look, which compared his multiple surgeries to Jimin’s, he began gaining media attention.


London launched his K-pop career in 2019 with the release of the track “Perfection,” a bilingual English-Korean song about the joy he experienced following his surgeries; it was panned by music reviewers for having too much autotune.

A Christmas song titled “Christmas in Korea” was published by London in 2020. He faced criticism for this song, as well as his other song, for cultural reasons.


London made his acting debut in the short fictionalized documentary Gangnam Beauty in 2021. London appeared in two roles: one as himself and the other as a sculptor who was required to create fourteen different masks to protect their hamlet from the wrath of the gods. It was exhibited at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

Oli London Personal life

London has supported the Black Lives Matter movement and fought for the rights of LGBT people and women.

“An obsessive and impulsive personality,” is how London characterizes himself. Every week, he works on his Korean with a private tutor. He was romantically involved with French porn star Angelique Morgan. London has talked about his strained connections with his family and friends as well as how society views him negatively because of his race. This ultimately meant that he struggled to find a meaningful connection and led to his withdrawing.

Religion and spiritual beliefs

London used to be agnostic. In the past, he was alleged to have prayed to the singer and worshiped a cardboard cutout of Jimin. He declared that he respects believers.[16] He has criticized Islamic teachings about women’s attire. London declared his conversion to Christianity and intended to be baptized in the Catholic Church in November 2022.

Transracial identity

London, while being of White British ancestry, originally claimed to be South Korean. His self-identification drew attention from all over the world and sparked discussion on the legality of being transracial as opposed to transgender. Sandra Song of Paper magazine charged him with fetishizing South Korean culture and described what he had done as “incredibly offensive, especially since it effectively trivializes our identities because they’re suddenly ‘trendy.'” For being transracial, London got death threats online, but he defended his identification as personal and insisted that his only goal was to understand the culture. Others came out in favor of him. According to American activist Rachel Dolezal, whose racial identity also sparked controversy, someone’s personal identity, even London’s, should not be the main focus of other people.

Gender and sexuality

London announced that he utilized they/them pronouns as well as neopronouns influenced by Korea and Jimin when he came out as non-binary during Pride Month in 2021.

He revealed himself as a genderqueer trans woman in the middle of 2022 and made plans to have additional procedures to resemble Blackpink member Rosé.

He announced his detransition to E! News in October 2022, stating that he wanted to “go back to [his] original self—a biological man,” and changed his Instagram account to reflect this. Gender Madness, a novel by London, will be released in August 2023.

Plastic surgeries

Announcing plans for penis reduction procedures in March 2022, London stated that “in Korea, [the average] penis is about 3.5 inches […] Oh, you can’t be Korean, people remark. I just want to be 100 percent Korean and you’re not,” she said. I would even reduce my penis to make myself more like the average Korean. He received criticism for this statement since it supported stereotypes of East Asian men.

He had 32 operations by the time of his detransition in October 2022, including six nose jobs, an eye operation, a facelift, a brow lift, a temple lift, a dental procedure, and skin-whitening injections.He announced his intention to forego additional procedures, which he claimed he had “undergone in his obsessive quest chasing perfection.”

Oli London Net Worth

Oli London’s estimated net worth is $1.2 million, which he has amassed from his successful careers as a TV personality, musician, and model.

Oli London Social Media

What is Oli London’s original gender?

He announced his detransition to E! News in October 2022, stating that he wanted to “go back to [his] original self—a biological man,” and changed his Instagram account to reflect this.

Who is Oli London’s husband?

After “divorcing” a cardboard cutout of Jimin six months earlier, London, who identifies as non-binary, married Danny Richardson, 19, in a plastic surgery-themed wedding in London, United Kingdom, last month.

Was Oli London married to Jimin?

London claims they “divorced” the singer six months after they “married” Jimin in Las Vegas two years prior. London is Richardson’s new last name. created in collaboration with SWNS

Who does Oli London have a crush on?

Although they still adore the actual Jimin, Vlad Hoshin, a 20-year-old social media celebrity, has become Oli London’s new obsession. On Instagram, Vlad Hoshin has 1.9 million followers, while on TikTok, he has 9.9 million.

Did Oli London apologize to BTS?

In a video, Oli London expressed regret for having numerous operations to resemble the K-Pop idol Jimin of BTS, citing self-esteem and identity concerns. YouTuber Oli London apologizes to the Asian community and Park Jimin of the K-Pop group BTS for “trying to become another person.”

Where does Oli London get money from?

How, then, has London managed to pay for $300,000 worth of plastic surgery? “I do extremely well on social media, especially on TikTok,” he says. “That way, I get a lot of brand sponsorships.”

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