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Theophilus Sunday Biography

Minister Theophilus Sunday, born on May 9, 1987, is a well-known Nigerian gospel minister and performer.

He is a unique Gospel minister with a peculiar anointing that comes through his chants and songs.

He is from and was born in Dekina, Kogi State, Nigeria.

Minister Theophilus Sunday, also known as One Spirit, is called with a mandate to unite man with God in marriage since man is the church and Christ is the spouse man.

His ministry employs worship as a tool to lead the church into profound communion with the Holy Spirit.

Minister Theophilus Sunday, a Psalmist, is well-known for his gospel chant melodies, which sound identical to those of Evangelist Lawrence Oyor.

His melodies are spirit-filled, stirring every listener’s yearning for God.

Theophilus Sunday Biography
         Theophilus Sunday Biography

Theophilus Sunday Profile

First name: Theophilus.

Last name: Sunday.

Stage name: Minister Theophilus Sunday.

Country: Nigeria.

Born: 1987

Primary language: English.

Net Worth: $60,000

Theophilus Sunday Early Life and Education
      Theophilus Sunday Early Life and Education

Theophilus Sunday Early Life and Education

Minister Theophilus grew up raised in Kogi State and, after finishing primary school, attended the Ochaja Boys Secondary School in Ochaja, Kogi State, for his Senior School Certificate Examinations.

He then went to Kogi State University (KSU), Anyigba, where he earned a degree in Theatre Arts.

Minister Theophilus Sunday joined the National Youth Service Programme (NYSC) on November 5, 2012, after graduating from university during the 2011/2012 academic semester.

On October 10, 2013, he finished his service year under the NYSC scheme.

Theophilus Sunday Career
                       Theophilus Sunday Career

Theophilus Sunday Career

Minister Theophilus Sunday, like many other gospel music pastors, is well-known across Christendom for the influence his songs have had on people’s lives.

He has performed at several gospel festivals and churches in Nigeria, promoting the gospel through his songs.

He has also been invited to various higher education institutes across the country.

Minister Theophilus Sunday also organizes and hosts the True Worshippers Concert, which is an expression of the World Worship Conference.

It is a concert born out of a commandment to make men like God through the ministry of worship and to make men spirit, as was man’s original makeup.

The True Worshippers Concert is a call to spirit-hood, with its inaugural edition taking place in Lokoja, Kogi state, from May 19th to 21st, 2022.

Theophilus Sunday Ministry

Minister Theophilus Sunday is currently the Music Director (MD) at Peculiar Church of Glory in Anyigba, which is led by Pst. John and Pst. Mrs. Juliet Onekele.

The pair has been considered as the Minister’s spiritual parents.

Minister Theophilus Sunday passionately believes that “it takes a man who has been REVIVED to REVIVE another”.

He continues to minister in various churches and forums, particularly among the youth.

The most recent of these events was the “Wonder of Worship” hosted by the Youths of the Living Faith Church in Lokongoma, Lokoja, Kogi State.

Theophilus Sunday Family
             Theophilus Sunday Family

Theophilus Sunday Family

Minister Theophilus Sunday, like many gospel preachers, is spiritually covered, with the respected Apostle Arome Osayi serving as spiritual father.

Minister Theophilus Sunday is happily married to his sweetheart, Ashley White, a Jamaican real estate professional and former beauty queen.

Theophilus Sunday Wife
             Theophilus Sunday Wife

Theophilus Sunday Wife

The musician, known for his fiery preaching and as a prayer advocate, astonished his fans and following when he revealed Ashlee White as his future wife on social media.

“As it pleases the Lord!” he captioned the social media picture including their pre-wedding photos.

Minister Theophilus Sunday releases songs and music

  • Who is like you Lord
  • Take over
  • Eagles Flight
  • My Life is yours
  • I Speak Spirit
  • Set us on fire
  • There is a place
  • True Soldier – 1 Spirit Anthem
  • Spirit keeps me hungry
  • Take it away
  • Spirit Fire me up
  • No Glory in this World
  • Aye o Aye o (Adullam)
  • Worship Tradition
  • My Superman
  • Let my Soul never recover
  • Yahweh
  • Olishoke
  • Belong to you
  • My Desire
  • Until you form
  • Chadua Ke o

Theophilus Sunday Net Worth

Theophilus’ net worth has not been publicly declared or approximated. Most gospel ministers and performers, like most others, do not flaunt their money or luxury.

However, Theophilus’ unofficial net worth is around $60,000.

Theophilus Sunday Social Media

Minister Theophilus Sunday is active on social media. You can reach him on his official Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Instagram 2 and X accounts.

You can also watch new musical releases and get updates on his own YouTube channel here.


Traditionally Sealed!! #Marriage #Sailingtosunday #theophilussunday

♬ Goodness Of God [Live] – CeCe Winans


Who Is Theophilus Sunday?

clergyman Theophilus Sunday is a popular Nigerian gospel clergyman recognized for his spiritual chants.

He was born in Kogi State, Nigeria, and got his musical inspiration from secular artists.

A heavenly meeting changed the course of his musical career, propelling him to prominence in Nigeria’s gospel music scene.

Minister Theophilus, who organizes the True Worshippers Concert and leads the singing ensemble “The 1Spirit,” emphasizes the mandate to convert people into God’s image via intimate worship.

He continues to have a significant impact on Christendom with songs such as “Adua,” “Holy Fire,” “Heart Cry,” and “Take Over.”

His passion is obvious in his participation in many gospel activities and churches, where he uses music to convey the gospel word.

How does Theophilus Sunday make a living?

Reflecting on his career from a drummer and choir member to a music leader and preacher, Sunday attributed his success entirely to God.

Is Theophilus Sunday involved in a relationship?

Theophilus Sunday, a gospel singer, is engaged to Ashlee White.

What did Theophilus Sunday learn in school?

What was Theophilus Sunday studying? Similarly, he studied theatrical art at Kogi State University Anyigba and graduated in 2011.

Why is Theophilus Sunday popular?

Gospel musician, Theophilus Sunday, has been trending on social media since he shared his pre-wedding images with his Jamaican bride-to-be, Ashlee White.


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