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Rakesh Master Biography

In the film industry, Rakesh Master is a highly skilled and well-known dance choreographer. He is one of Tollywood’s most well-known choreographers. He is more known for his contributions to Telugu movies. He learned to dance on his own. He used to observe various dances and pick them up. He started a little dancing school in Tirupathi, where he gave dance lessons to a lot of pupils for Rs 5. His primary goal in offering instruction at a low cost is to encourage Telugu film industry dancers to become more numerous.

Rakesh Master Age, Early stage

Rakesh was born in Telangana, India, in 1968. He will be 55 years old in 2023. Early years of Rakesh Master’s life were spent in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Scorpio is his horoscope sign. He has always been interested in dancing and has made the decision to improve as a dancer. When he was ten years old, he saw Disco Dancer, which ignited his passion for dance. He used to watch dancing in movies and on reality TV. His parents were aware of his passion in dancing, but since there was neither a dance school nor a dance instructor available, they always encouraged him to study on his own. He used to do dance moves that he had copied from movies.


In Telangana, he attended a private school for his education. He graduated from a Telangana private institution with a graduate degree. After that, he relocated to Tirupathi and opened a modest dance studio where he taught dance to pupils who shared his enthusiasm for the art.

He once went to Madras to give an audition since he wanted to try his hand at acting in movies. But he came to understand that nobody could appreciate his dance ability. He returned to Tirupathi and concentrated on his dancing school as a result. In one interview, he said that his pals Venu Paul, Prem Gopi, and Girish were very helpful to him in the beginning of his professional life. He also mentioned how much encouragement and direction he had from actress Tanikela Bharani helped him land roles in movies.

Rakesh Master Career

He made his big-screen debut in 2011 with the film “Avva” after years of adversity. He then collaborated with a number of A-list actors, such as Venkatesh, Prabhas, Ram, Mahesh Babu, Ram Pothineni, and many others. He took part in a number of well-known dancing reality shows, including Dhee and others. He acquired his genuine identity in dancing as a result of his appearance in Dhee and his talent. He was a single card choreographer for Ram’s debut album, “Devadas.” He noted in a talk that he wasn’t making as much money as other choreographers in the same field. He further stated that he would never ask for opportunities.


Rakesh afterwards launched his own YouTube channel called SRK entertainments and published some videos as a result of some contentious interviews. He created a parody of the Bigg Boss reality program called “Bhale Boss,” which led to connections with young people on Instagram and YouTube and the planning of a show with them.

Additionally, Rakesh appeared in the reality program “Jabardasth.” He is the mentor of Shekar Master, a well-known dancer. The name of the master is inked on Shekar Master’s forearm. Prabhas, the star of “Bahubali,” also stated that he studied with Rakesh master for a show.

Rakesh Master Filmography

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Additionally, Rakesh appeared in the reality program “Jabardasth.” He is the mentor of Shekar Master, a well-known dancer. The name of the master is inked on Shekar Master’s forearm. Prabhas, the star of “Bahubali,” also stated that he studied with Rakesh master for a show.

Rakesh Master is a married man, according to numerous reports. However, he has always sought to preserve the stability of his marriage or relationship and has never brought up his wife. He is avoiding his family because of a few disruptions. Charan Tej is the name of the couple’s son.

He later linked with a woman by the name of Lakshmi, with whom he had a live-in relationship but later ended owing to conflicts.

Rakesh Master Rise to Prominence

Rakesh Master’s ascent to fame can be ascribed to his superb choreography and aptitude for incorporating distinctive features into his dance routines. He stands out from his colleagues thanks to his inventive style and attention to detail, which has brought him considerable accolades. With each endeavor, Rakesh Master pushed the envelope and produced breathtaking dance sequences that awed audiences.

Rakesh Master Contributions to the Telugu Film Industry

Rakesh Master made important contributions to the Telugu cinema industry throughout his distinguished career. He contributed to more than 1,500 films, imprinting each with his unique style. His choreography gave songs new life and gave the on-screen performers an extra dose of emotion and vigor. The work of Rakesh Master significantly improved viewers’ overall cinematic experiences.

Rakesh Master Collaborations with Renowned Telugu Actors

Working with some of the biggest personalities in the Telugu cinema business was an honor for Rakesh Master. Rakesh Master’s choreography had a lasting effect on the performances of these renowned actors, whether he was directing the dance moves of superstars like Mahesh Babu, Ram Pothineni, and Prabhas, or working with seasoned performers like Venkatesh and Nagarjuna. It was impressive how well he was able to interpret their individual dancing styles and expressions into enthralling dance maneuvers.

Rakesh Master Personal Life

Rakesh Master had a successful career in addition to a fulfilling personal life. He was adored by his family and well-known for his modest demeanor. He maintained a sense of balance and ties to his roots despite his notoriety. Rakesh Master’s journey was significantly shaped by his commitment to his work and the unwavering support of his loved ones.

Rakesh Master Health Issues and Tragic Demise

When Rakesh Master’s health started to rapidly decline, tragedy struck. He was taken to Gandhi Hospital in Secunderabad after being ill while filming an outdoor scene in Visakhapatnam. Unfortunately, he passed away from multiple organ failure, shocking and shocking his followers as well as the entertainment business. For the Telugu film community, who lamented the loss of a great legend, his death was a tragic loss.

Rakesh Master Legacy and Impact

The Telugu cinema industry’s history will forever bear Rakesh Master’s imprint. His incomparable contributions to dance and choreography continue to motivate rising stars and influence the direction of the business. Future generations will remember and adore his creative dance routines and recognizable gestures. Rakesh Master’s influence on the industry is a result of his exceptional talent and unrelenting commitment.

Rakesh Master Death

After taking part in an outdoor shoot in Vishakapatnam a week ago, the choreographer became ill. Since his arrival in Hyderabad, Rakesh has experienced health problems. Rakesh Master was hospitalized to Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad on June 18th, 2023 as his health deteriorated. According to accounts, Rakesh Master died at 5:00 PM. Despite their best efforts, the medics reportedly were unable to save the choreographer.


Rakesh Master’s rise from a small hamlet in Tirupati to a renowned choreographer in the Telugu film business is evidence of his aptitude, perseverance, and love of dance. Numerous songs were given new life by his choreography, which also captivated audiences with its originality and flare. Although his untimely passing created a vacuum in the business, his legacy continues to motivate present-day dancers and choreographers to dream big and push the envelope.

What were some of Rakesh Master’s most memorable dance sequences?

The songs from films like [insert movie names] are among the most renowned dance sequences that Rakesh Master choreographed.

Who is the wife of Rakesh master?

Lakshmi, his last known spouse, was seen with him in multiple interviews.

How many movies did Rakesh master choreographer?

Rakesh Master began his career in dance reality shows and has since amassed a remarkable resume that includes choreographing more than 1,500 films and writing a number of well-known songs.

Did Rakesh Master receive any awards for his choreography?

Yes, Rakesh Master won numerous honors and prizes over the course of his career for his superb choreography abilities. [Mention awards] is one of the prominent honors.

Are there any upcoming projects featuring Rakesh Master’s choreography?

Although Rakesh Master’s tragic passing has created a hole in the business, his work is still praised. It’s possible that upcoming productions may honor his memory by using his choreography.

How did Rakesh Master’s unique style influence the Telugu film industry

Dance sequences in Telugu movies were given a new viewpoint thanks to Rakesh Master’s distinctive flair. His avant-garde and imaginative choreography started new movements and increased the bar for professional dance performances.

What can aspiring dancers and choreographers learn from Rakesh Master’s journey?

The path of Rakesh Master can serve as a lesson for aspiring choreographers and dancers on the importance of passion, commitment, and hard effort. His journey might serve as an example for anyone who want to pursue their goals with tenacity and succeed professionally through their art.

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