13 Ways To Know And Avoid Toxic Persons

13 Ways To Know And Avoid Toxic Persons

Here are some warning flags to look for if you suspect you’re dealing with a toxic person:

  1. when they hold you up against others all the time: bad is the attitude of people who always make comparisons of your past deeds and never let go of it and always pressure you instead of correcting you by giving you a chance to prove yourself otherwise. Rather than to make you feel demoralized and inferior.

2. When they act like the victim: Regretfully, no one ever really gets what they want when they play the victim. In addition, those who feel like victims frequently distance themselves from friends, family, and the workplace. Never taking responsibility for their acts and instead blaming you and other people for their troubles

3. When they always Judge you: unfortunately anything you say is useless and no one wants to hear your side and challenges but believes that what they feel is what is happening without putting themselves in your shoes. You cannot understand someone’s pain and challenges without being in their shoes and walking a mile in it.


4. When you are being triangulated: Talking behind someone’s back, excluding you, merely behaving differently towards you than others.

5. when they deceive you about your views and memories; Making you mistrust your reality and yourself to make you believe that you are just making up excuses without indulging your reality and emotions.

6. When they continuously berate you: making you believe that you’re incapable of doing anything well. Particularly when they are always bringing up past transgressions. No room for second chances and igniting hate and bitterness upon you.


7. When they minimize your sensations or emotions: Disregard them and call them insignificant just because you have one or two to benefit from them.

8. when they dismiss your feelings: claiming that you overreact or are too sensitive. Pushing away the issue or problems behind without talking and solving it.

9. When they try to dominate you by using threats or demands: They can therefore utilize you for their benefit. Because they have leverage over you.

10. When they deplete your vitality and leave you feeling worn out: You never feel more energized when you’re around them. Rather discourage you by saying things that bring you discomfort all the time.

11. when they transgress your trust or privacy: Trust is the foundation of all relationships. If no one trusts you or believes you in whatever you do that’s the beginning and end of that particular relationship.

12. when they give you a sense of unease or intimidation: Be guarded at all times. Safe partnerships should provide you with a sense of security.

13. When they create a communication Gap: no relationship lasts without communication and communication brings understanding. Toxic people always deny room for communication and understanding.

To avoid toxicity in people learn to study these reasons and make useful changes that will bring you peace, development, and productivity.

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