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Tapswap Latest Important Update 2024: Tapswap Owner, Tapswap Launch Price And Tapswap New Launch And Listing Date

Tapswap Latest Important Update 2024: Tapswap Owner, Tapswap Launch Price And Tapswap New Launch And Listing Date

To better fit with its updated plan and community expectations, TapSwap has changed the dates of its launch and listing. In August 2024, major cryptocurrency exchanges will host the much-anticipated listing.

With these changes, TapSwap is demonstrating its dedication to providing a stable and user-friendly platform for safe, easy, and decentralized trading.

Tapswap & Solana

TapSwap recently revealed a new ownership structure intended to improve the company’s strategic orientation and operational effectiveness.


A group of blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists with a history of profitable endeavors in the DeFi market have taken over as the new proprietors.

Tapswap Latest Important Update 2024: Tapswap Owner, Tapswap Launch Price And Tapswap New Launch And Listing Date
Tapswap Latest Important Update 2024: Tapswap Owner, Tapswap Launch Price And Tapswap New Launch And Listing Date

Tapswap New Launch And Listing Date

Tapswap said its pool launch will take place on July 1, 2024, as many individuals plan to cash out of it.

Tapswap Owner

The officially legit Tapswap globally known owner and founder is known as Kibiru Muthaka, CFA (Blockchain & Investment Professional) from Kenya.


Tapswap Latest Important Update 2024: Tapswap Owner, Tapswap Launch Price And Tapswap New Launch And Listing Date
Tapswap Latest Important Update 2024: Tapswap Owner, Tapswap Launch Price And Tapswap New Launch And Listing Date

About Kibiru Muthaka Impact Footprints

Kibiru Muthaka Specialties: Crypto/ Blockchain, Real Estate, Venture Building, Angel Investing, Regulatory Affairs, Team Leadership, Strategic Vision

As an entrepreneur and investor with broad experience in investment, regulatory affairs, and venture formation in a variety of industries and locations.

He launched a groundbreaking initiative to streamline cryptocurrency exchange as the founder of TapSwap, promoting inclusivity, accessibility, and education in the ownership of digital assets for people in Africa and beyond.

Being one of the top 2% futures traders on a tier-1 exchange (2019–2022), having been deeply involved in the crypto space since the 2017 ICO boom, and being a proponent of Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) has given him firsthand knowledge of the difficulties Africa faces in gaining access to cryptocurrency.

In addition, his involvement as an angel investor in businesses such as Love Handle SG and Gridless demonstrates his commitment to promoting creative solutions that tackle significant issues in the food industry in Asia and the electricity sector in Africa.

With a demonstrated history of leading teams, providing strategic direction, and encouraging creativity, he is well-positioned to carry on making a positive influence and influencing the direction of growing markets.

Tapswap Launch Price

We are excited to announce that on July 1, 2024, the much-awaited Tapswap Coin will launch! Millions of people are tapping their phones excitedly.

Tapswap to SOL DEX Pair: 0.0006529 USD is the current Tapswap/SOL dex price on the Solana chain, which is traded on Raydium.The Tapswap/SOL pricing is updated instantly.

Tap (XTP) is now priced at NGN 1.57 per XTP, according to Coinbase. One Tap (XTP), according to Coingecko, is worth ₦1.71. TAPS/SOL price today is $0.000001823 with a 24-hour trading volume of $0.00.

What Is The Tapswap Application?

TapSwap APK is a versatile solution that enables users to manage files, customize apps, and optimize devices all inside a single application.

Relevance Of Tapswap App

In today’s digital age, where mobile devices play an important role in daily life, apps like TapSwap APK provide users with useful tools and utilities to help them optimize their experience and increase productivity.

What Is Tapswap In Crypto?

Tapswap is a Telegram mobile in-app game that lets users earn shares or points by tapping their screens and completing easy tasks.

The goal is to recruit as many users as possible before releasing their decentralized exchanging dex (decentralized exchange).

What is tapswap in Telegram?

With TapSwap, a new crypto-mining game on Telegram, users can interact with the TapSwap bot to earn Tap tokens. The game is easy to play and encourages competition between friends among Telegram users.

How To Withdraw Tapswap?

  • Download the Telegram messaging app. Make sure you have the Telegram messaging app installed on your phone.
  • Join TapSwap’s Telegram Bot.
  • Tap to earn tokens.
  • How to Withdraw TapSwap Coins to Your Wallet.
  • Accumulate coins.
  • Exchange for TAPS Tokens.
  • Withdraw to Wallet.

Is tapswap for Solana?

Tapswap Won’t Launch on Solana.

How to Connect a Phantom Wallet to Tapswap?

Select “Connect” from the Phantom wallet. Verify that you are not using your browser’s desktop version if you are being forwarded to the Phantom Wallet download page.
By selecting the three dots (in the upper right corner) and removing the “Desktop site” checkbox, you may verify this.

How To Withdraw Tapswap To Wallet

The method of withdrawing your TapSwap tokens to your wallet is simple. To guarantee a safe and seamless transfer, adhere to the following instructions:

Log in to Your TapSwap Account:

Launch the TapSwap app or website. To access your account, enter your login credentials.

Navigate to the Wallet Section:

Navigate to the wallet portion of the app or website after logging in. See if you may send or withdraw money.

Select the Token:

From the list of possible tokens, select the TapSwap token (TAPS).

Enter the Withdrawal Details:

Enter the quantity of TAPS you wish to take out. Put the destination wallet address here. Make sure the wallet address listed here is the one you wish to use to get your tokens.

Verify the information twice to prevent losing any money.

Confirm the Transaction:

Examine the transaction’s specifics, such as the amount and destination address.
Verify the transaction. Certain platforms might ask you to send an email or input a 2FA code to verify.

Wait for Confirmation:

The transaction will be conducted on the blockchain after it has been confirmed. Depending on network congestion, this could take a few minutes to many hours.

Check Your Wallet:

Verify that the TAPS tokens have been received by checking your destination wallet after the transaction has been confirmed.

Tips for a Smooth Withdrawal

Double-check Addresses: To prevent errors, make sure you are using the correct destination wallet address.

Activate Security Features: To safeguard your account, use two-factor authentication (2FA) and additional security precautions.

Monitor Transaction Progress: To make sure the transaction has been completed successfully, keep a watch on its progress within your wallet or the TapSwap app.


Which wallet is best for Tapswap?

After obtaining $TAP tokens, transfer them to Phantom or Solflare, two reliable wallets.

How do you earn in the Phantom wallet?

  • Open your Phantom wallet.
  • Click on the Solana (SOL) asset tab and select “Start earning SOL”
  • Search for Stakefish, Cogent Crypto, Overclock, Step Finance, or, and select the provider you’d like to stake with.
  • Next, complete the form field and click “Stake”

Can I use the Phantom wallet on my phone?

Phones running iOS and Android can use Phantom Wallet.

As with the desktop version, make sure you are downloading the official and approved version of the app by visiting Phantom’s download page and choosing the App Store that is appropriate for your device.

Which crypto wallet is best used in Nigeria?

Ledger Nano S Plus – Best wallet overall. … Ledger Nano X – Best hardware wallet. … Exodus – Best wallet for beginners. … Atomic Wallet – Best desktop wallet. … Breet Wallet – Best mobile wallet and exchange wallet. … Trezor Model T – Best wallet for experienced users.

What kind of wallet attracts money?

It’s said that carrying a green wallet will bring prosperity and good fortune. Additionally, the color green is linked to the heart chakra, which stands for abundance, love, and compassion.

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