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This Is What Someone At The Dice Game With Quavo And Takeoff Said

someone who was at the dice game with #quavo and #takeoff says takeoff was k#lled by his own man.

it started when Quavo was loosing so much money mad, and he got angry with the wrong dude that’s how a fight broke out and the whole dude in the place stoop up.

The shooting first came from a man who was with the Migos, the source said he was shoõting wide and that’s how the b#llet unexpectedly hit takeoff and he fell down before the other guys started shooting back then another bullet hit him again and g*n shõts started raining.

He went further stating that takeoff wasn’t part of the game, he wasn’t saying anything in the place, he didn’t even know what was happening. he just jumped up and got shot.

In conclusion, it’s the Migos crewmen that got takeoff k#lled unintentionally 🥲

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