Super Sunday For Both English and Spanish League

Super Sunday For Both English and Spanish League

The clash of the Titans, the peak of a derby extreme, game of the bests its here from both Premier League and the Spanish League marked today the 24th of October.

The grand El Classico of the La Liga league, the hottest clash of the Spanish football history between the mysterious Fc Barcelona and Glorious Real Madrid, coincidentally shear date schedule marvelously historical with the greatest England derby known as the The Reds Derby, between Liverpool and Manchester United.

The Reds derby, scheduled to kick off by 16:30pm today at the [Theater of dreams] Old Trafford making lots of trends across almost all sport associated platforms not only tension Managers or players but also fans across the globe, each teams are sufficiently equipped for such dramatic clash especially at such era and stage of the league.


Real Madrid fans been confident enough to be rest assured of bringing back the glory of the glorious game of the league from Nou Camp stadium against the current Barcelona, as fans called it, and on board that it’s going to be the first clash between the two Spanish teams in the absence of both the clubs legends, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.


Looking at all the matches of today and clearly sighting the clubs current performance individually, analysis from good source had it to be the most competitive match of the month in both the leagues involved.

Watch Pre Match Conference Below;

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