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Spice Diana Biography

Spice Diana, a Ugandan performer, rose to prominence with her debut single, Onsanula. During her career in the music industry, she has been singing in the Buganda dialect of Rhythm and Blues for about ten years.

Spice was born in 1996 and will age 27 in 2023. Nantale Beatrice, a single mother, raised her after she was born in the Kampala neighborhood of Mpererwe. Spice Diana’s father is not well known.

Spice’s mother alleges that she became pregnant after being forced to marry at the age of 14 and gave birth to Spice a few months later. Her mother later moved to Kibuli and married someone else, with whom she divorced.

Spice Diana Biography
              Spice Diana Biography
Spice Diana: History ‧ Bio ‧ Photo
Full Name: Namukwaya Hajara Diana
Stage Name: Spice Diana
Born: 23 October 1996 (age 27 years old)
Place of Birth: Mpererwe, Kampala, Uganda
Nationality: Ugandan
Education: Makerere University
Height: 1.58 m
Parents: Beat Nantale, Zibira
Siblings: 1
Spouse: Not Married
Boyfriend • Partner: Lubega Rogers (rum.), DJ Nimrod (rum.), Eddy Kenzo (rum.), Nince Henry (rum.), Ray G (rum.)
Children: N/A
Occupation: Singer • Songwriter
Net Worth: US$1 million
Spice Diana Education
                 Spice Diana Education

Spice Diana Education

Spice Diana attended Kibuli Demonstration School for elementary school and St. Peter’s Senior Secondary School for secondary school. Spice pursued her studies further at Makerere University, where she received a Bachelor of Industrial Arts degree. Because most of her lecture periods clashed with her concerts, the skilled musician found it difficult to balance her studies and music while in school.

Spice Diana Career

Spice had no idea she’d end up in the music industry. Her music career got the boost it needed in 2014 when she produced her first hit song, Onsanula. At the time, she was managed by Avie Records producer Fizol. Geosteady tied Spice to the producer.

The acclaimed artist teamed up with Pallaso in 2015 to release another smash song, Koona, on Avie Records. Spice then left Avie Records for Emma Carlos’ Twinkle Star Management, who was also Khalifa Aganga’s manager then.

Spice was managed by Humble Management, which Jones controlled at the time. She later met manager Roger, the artist’s manager ever since. Spice attributed her professional success to her current manager. Roger.

According to Spice, Roger appeared in her life when she needed him the most. She admitted to having multiple unfinished music projects, but Roger assisted her in making sense of them, resulting in her career’s success.

charity work

Spice Diana is very involved in charitable work and enjoys assisting children, particularly street children. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the musician went out to the public and assisted with the distribution of food through the Prime Minister’s office.

Police incident 2017

Spice Diana was asked to sing at the Kampala City Festival in 2017, where she was beaten up by Uganda Police after only one song. She was singing Onsanula, a song about the cops being against the people. She claimed on social media that the lyrics were the reason for her abuse.

Spice Diana Health Scare (2022)

She experienced a health scare in late 2022, which resulted in hospitalization and reports of her death. She later stated that she had been treated for a hernia and expressed gratitude to Jesus for sparing her life.

Spice Diana's net worth
             Spice Diana’s net worth

Spice Diana’s net worth

The net worth of the famous artist is unknown. Given her tremendous singing career, she is most certainly generating a lot of money and has amassed a lot of fortune.

Spice Diana’s Personal Life

Spice Diana, a 27-year-old Ugandan artist, has been the subject of rumors associating her romantically with several celebrities.

Rumor has it that Spice Diana and her manager, Lubega Rogers, have more than just a professional relationship. Previously, she was linked romantically to DJ Nimrod, Eddy Kenzo, Nince Henry, and Ray G.

Spice Diana Awards
                   Spice Diana Awards

Spice Diana Awards

Spice was named Best Female Breakthrough Artist at the 2015 HiPipo Music Awards. The prestigious award is determined by popular vote from the general public via the Internet, SMS, WhatsApp, and social media voting. She has also received:

Zzina Awards 2018- Female Artist of the Year

Zzina Awards 2019- Female Artist of the Year

Abryanz Fashionista Awards 2018 – Best Stylish Female Artist

Abryanz Fashionista Awards 2019 – Best Stylish Female Artist

Spice Diana Social Media

  • Instagram handle: Spice Diana (@spice_diana)
  • Twitter handle: Spice Diana (@SpiceDianaUg)
  • Facebook: Spice Diana

Spice Diana Singles

  • Bukete
  • Bimpe
  • Anti Kale
  • Tokombako
  • I miss you
  • Gwe Nsonga
  • Tuli Kuki
  • Nyumirwa
  • Ninze
  • Ndi Mu Love
  • Acrobatics
  • Sabatula
  • Tekinanta
  • Sitoma
  • Omusheshe ft. Ray G
  • Kokonya ft. Harmonize (musician)
  • Kwata Wano
  • On You
  • Jango Ondabe ft Rose Ree
  • Best Friend ft King Saha
  • siri regular
  • Doctor
  • Kyuma
  • Upendo (2021)
  • Ntuyo Zange (2021)
  • Mbikka (2022)
  • Doctor (2022)
  • Feeling Zange (2022)
  • Aeausa (2022)
  • Nze Wuwo (2022)
  • Bwereere (2023)

Who Is Spice Diana?

Namukwaya Diana, better known as Spice Diana, was born in the Kampala area of Mpererwe in 1992. Her mother, Nantale Beatrice, reared her as a single mom.

Spice Diana’s mother was supposedly forced to marry when she was only 14 years old. She became pregnant and gave birth to Spice Diana a few months after the wedding.

Who is Spice Diana’s husband?

Everyone is curious about Spice Diana’s relationship. Unfortunately, the famous musician has never publicly discussed her personal life, and she avoids answering the issue during interviews.

She was interviewed on Wasafi FM in Tanzania when one of the hosts asked her about her relationship status. She responded with a humorous and sarcastic “I am seeing you,” and busted out laughing.

What happened to Spice Diana?

Spice was invited to perform at Musisi’s Kampala City Festival in 2017. However, she was injured after being roughed up by cops under mysterious circumstances. Spice then released a song called Twebereremu, which was directed at the cops.

What is Spice Diana’s real name?

Namukwaya Hajara Diana is Diana’s full name. She was born and raised by a single mother in Uganda.

What is the tribe of Spice Diana?

Spice is from the Buganda tribe, one of Uganda’s most vocal Bantu tribes.

When did Spice start singing?

Spice Diana’s music career began in 2014 with her breakthrough song Onsanula, which earned her an award in 2015.

What is Spice’s first song?

Spice Diana’s debut single, Onsanula, became a hit and catapulted her to prominence. The next year, the song earned her an award.

Does Spice Diana have a manager?

Lubega Roger is Spice Diana’s manager. When her career began, she was signed to his music management company, Source Management, and she credits her success to him.

Is Spice Diana in a relationship?

Despite being associated with a variety of persons throughout the years, Spice Diana has never officially discussed her relationship.

Does Spice Diana have a child?

Spice has yet to have a child. She believes that having a child will slow down her career because she will have to move the infant around.


Spice Diana has a well-developed music career, and her work is well-known thanks to her manager, Roger. She’s been in the music business for about a decade and is making great progress.

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