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Biography Of Sarian Martin

Sarian Martin Biography

Sarian Martin Oruene, often known as Queen Sari, is a fast-rising gorgeous actress, former beauty queen, and entrepreneur.

She is the CEO of the SD Global Beauty Hub, which is located on Lekki County Road in Ikota, Lagos State. She’s a rising actress who is now ruling Nollywood.

Queen Sari has had a penchant for acting since she was in secondary school. According to her, her decision to become an actress came naturally, and her experiences and journey convinced her that she was truly destined for the trade.


She began her experience in film production in Church, where she honed her acting skills through perseverance and self-development. She also appeared in a secondary school production.

Sarian Martin Biography
Sarian Martin Biography

Sarian Martin State Of Origin

Sarian Martin Oruene is from a Christian household and grew up in Nembe and Ogbia, Bayelsa State in Nigeria’s southern region.

Sarian Martin Biography
Sarian Martin Biography

Sarian Martin’s Husband, Boyfriend

Sarian Martin Oruene has not published any information about her relationship on social media, and there are no reports of her dating any of her coworkers.


The popular actress is not yet married or has a child, but she has chosen to keep her relationship private.

Sarian Martin Biography
Sarian Martin Biography

Sarian Martin Oruene is a trailblazer, and her path inspires

Sarian Martin Oruene, who was born into a Christian family of seven in Bayelsa, described how her acting career began when she was in high school.”…we did a production in school and then in my church before I came to Lagos and officially took it as a career in 2019 after I finished university.” I studied fine arts at Niger Delta University.” She explained.

This voyage and experience fueled her desire and ambition to become an actor.

She claims that when she finished her first high school show, she understood she had found her genuine passion and joy in acting.

Even as she progresses, she confesses that it has not been without challenges: “So far, the only issue I’ve had is being persistent because I have one business and occasionally dabble in politics, so it’s a little difficult to do everything at once.

At the end of the day, I manage everything so nicely.” She said.

Without a sure, Sarian was born for this, since she has effectively matured and fits seamlessly into the production environment.

“My greatest strength as an actor is my ability to take in lines very quickly and accurately without making mistakes and how swiftly I get into character.” She reveals.

Oruene rose to prominence after landing the character of Amaka in the Africa Magic original love drama “Freda,” about an affluent blogger who goes to great lengths to manage her relationship and ensure that her man does not earn more than her.

She has also appeared in several additional projects, including “Over And Over Again,” “A Toast To Forever,” and “Call To Bar”. She has also received numerous honors.

Sarian Martin’s Net Worth

Sarian Martin Oruene’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000; the popular actress is doing well for herself; she is one of the richest actresses in the industry, and she is creative and industrious; in addition to acting, she owns a beauty salon and a spa, she is a content creator, she enjoys interior decorating, she is an entrepreneur, and she is an accomplished woman.

Sarian Martin Biography
Sarian Martin Biography

Sarian Martin Social Media

Sarian Martin Oruene has a large number of Instagram followers, and the majority of her business is conducted through her Instagram account. Sarian Martin can be reached via her Instagram account, @queensari.


Where is Sarian Martin from in Nigeria?

Sarian Martin Oruene, who is from Bayelsa State, stated that she had desired to be an actor since she was in high school until she successfully navigated the secondary school production feature, which led to a successful career in 2019.

Where is actress Queen Sari from?

I am from a Christian family of seven from Nembe and Ogbia in Bayelsa State.

Sarian Martin Biography
Sarian Martin Biography

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