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Biography Of Sailaja Kiran

Sailaja Kiran Biography

Sailaja Kiron, MD Margadarsi, is driven by a great business sense and a passion for excellence to create a successful story.

“Sometimes I wish I had only one child,” Sailaja Kiron admits, gazing lovingly at her girls.

“So I can give all my attention to her,” she says.


Nonetheless, the mother and girls are a happy family when they are together.

“I once read that Indira Nooyi’s daughter sent her an email requesting her to give her some time to talk,” she says.

“If you cannot devote yourself entirely to your business, you will be unable to excel at it.


“My kids see me working hard and understand the situation,” she says.

Growing up in Chennai and Bangalore, Sailaja was blissfully unaware of Ramoji Rao’s heritage until she married into the media baron’s family.

Six months after marrying Ramoj Rao’s eldest son, Kiron, Sailaja became the head of his Margadarsi Chit Fund Company.

She is now one of the leading businesswomen in the finance industry, with a turnover of Rs. 7,600 crore. However, for Sailaja, business was not served on a platter.

“I never wanted to be in this business. I used to believe that finance was all about calculations, which I found quite uninteresting.

“There is nothing new or fancy about it,” she acknowledges. But she warns, “Your life is not what you want it to be.”

Whatever comes your way, you must give it your all.” Her childhood dream, however, was to become a doctor.

Despite graduating from college with 92 percent in the science stream, she claims that her forward community status prevented her from obtaining a medical seat.

“I’m glad I’m in this line now because in a way the company helps lakhs of people help one another, which would not be possible in other lines of business,” she says with a laugh.

She was no rookie when she started; an MBA and experience working for her father’s hatchery business prepared her for future endeavors.

Sailaja Kiran Biography
Sailaja Kiran Biography

Sailaja Kiron Activities

On this International Women’s Day, I am delighted to recognize women’s great contributions to our society and inside our organization. At Margadarsi, we believe in women’s power and aptitude to drive change and creativity.

With nearly 1000 women working in our Indian operations, we are not only observing but actively advocating women’s empowerment.

As Managing Director, I am devoted to creating an inclusive atmosphere in which every woman feels respected, encouraged, and empowered to succeed in her profession.

We realize the importance of offering equal opportunity, mentorship, and professional development activities to help people reach their full potential and advance to leadership positions.

This Women’s Day, we may renew our commitment to creating a more fair and inclusive society.

Our success is measured not only by numbers, but also by the lives we touch, the ambitions we inspire, and the transformations we see.

Together, we can create a society in which everyone, regardless of gender, background, or circumstance, may enjoy the benefits of financial freedom.

With a rich history spanning 60 years, we have impacted the lives of millions.

Margadarsi encourages everyone to take control of their financial future, making financial freedom possible for everyone.

Every customer is equally important to us, and our diverse chit-fund plans cater to a variety of requirements while providing flexibility and ease of investment.

As we embrace diversity, empower women, and define the future of finance, we ask you to join us on this path of breaking down barriers, realizing aspirations, and empowering financial freedom.

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