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Josephine Okui Okwakol Ossiya Biography

Josephine has worked in finance, audit, treasury management, risk management, general management, and board governance for over 20 years.

She hopes to contribute to the Institute’s governance by sharing her previous experience in these areas.

She has served on multiple boards and in various roles, including board chairwoman and Vice President of ICPAU, and has contributed to their strategic development.


Her primary goal is to promote the Institute, expand membership, and increase member visibility and recognition in institutions and workplaces. Given the current dynamic climate, Josephine would also like to support the use of best practices in the Institute’s operations, such as real-time risk management and data analytics. She wishes to maintain the Institute’s links with other professional organizations as well as the Ugandan government.

She is currently a Council member and Vice President of ICPAU. She is the Disciplinary Committee Chair of the ICPAU. She formerly served on ICPAU’s Finance, Planning, and Administration Committee as well as the Events Management Committee.

Josephine has promoted the accounting profession to secondary school students at community career guidance workshops, as well as presenting at student summits and career seminars organized by women in energy. She has also participated in a number of Institute activities, including yearly seminars and CPD workshops. As a member of the Institute’s departing Council, Josephine has helped to set the Institute’s strategy for the coming years.


Early Years and Professional Background

Josephine’s career in finance began with a strong educational foundation. She graduated from [University Name] with a degree in [Field of Study] and went on to have a successful career that included a variety of jobs and responsibilities. She got great knowledge in finance, audit, treasury management, risk management, and general management during her professional career. This diversified background provided her with a thorough awareness of the financial world and the significance of solid governance.

Leadership Roles and Contributions

Josephine Okui Okwakol Ossiya’s commitment to the accounting profession is demonstrated by her major contributions to the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU). She has served on various boards, including as board chairperson and Vice President of ICPAU. Her strategic vision and expertise have been critical in influencing the organization’s development and expansion.

As Vice President of ICPAU, Josephine strives to improve the Institute’s governance standards. She hopes to give significant insights into finance, audit, treasury management, risk management, and general management by leveraging her extensive experience. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the contemporary business climate, she argues for real-time risk management and the integration of data analytics into the Institute’s operations by establishing a culture of best practices.

Josephine’s primary goal is to promote the Institute, raise membership, and increase the visibility and acknowledgment of its members inside institutions and workplaces. She sees a collaborative and mutually beneficial connection between the Institute and other professional groups, as well as the Government of Uganda.

Committee Roles and Community Involvement

As a member of the Institute’s Council, Josephine plays an important role in governance and decision-making. She also chairs the ICPAU’s Disciplinary Committee, which ensures that ethical norms and professional conduct are followed. Her involvement in different committees, such as the Finance, Planning & Administration, and Events Management Committees, has been critical in developing the Institute’s strategic direction and assuring its effective operations.

Josephine is an active member of the community in addition to her participation with the Institute. Through career advising sessions, student summits, and career seminars hosted by women in energy, she promotes the accounting profession to secondary school students. Her commitment to professional development is demonstrated by her active participation in Institute activities such as annual seminars and ongoing professional development (CPD) workshops.

Shaping the Institute’s Future

As a member of the Institute’s outgoing Council, Josephine Okui Okwakol Ossiya has played an important role in establishing the Institute’s strategic orientation for the years ahead. Her strategic insights and commitment to excellence have affected the Institute’s vision and objectives, ensuring that the accounting profession in Uganda remains at the forefront.


Josephine Okui Okwakol Ossiya’s extraordinary career in finance, audit, and governance establishes her as a visionary leader in the accounting industry. Her broad expertise, strategic insight, and commitment to promote best practices have made her a great asset to the Uganda Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Josephine continues to advance the Institute’s growth, improve governance standards, and fight for the accounting profession’s reputation and impact in her role as Vice President and active engagement in several committees. She inspires the next generation of accountants and contributes to the general development of the profession through her love for mentorship and community engagement.

What are Josephine Okui Okwakol Ossiya’s areas of expertise?

Josephine is knowledgeable in finance, audit, treasury management, risk management, general management, and board governance.

What roles has Josephine played in the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU)?

Josephine has held the positions of Vice President, Board Chairperson, and member of several committees, including the Disciplinary Committee, Finance, Planning & Administration Committee, and Events Management Committee.

How has Josephine contributed to the strategic development of organizations she has served on?

Through her visionary views, governance skills, and commitment to best practices, Josephine has used her expertise to contribute to the strategic development of organizations.

What is Josephine’s objective as Vice President of ICPAU?

Josephine’s goals are to promote the Institute, boost membership, and improve member awareness and visibility in institutions and workplaces.

How does Josephine engage with the community and promote the accounting profession?

Josephine regularly participates in the community by giving career advice, speaking at student summits and career seminars, and taking part in Institute activities and CPD courses.

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