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Lifesize Teddy Biography

Lifesize Teddy is a singer, songwriter, and rapper from Nigeria who is swiftly becoming well-known in the music business. After being influenced by Kanye West’s album “College Dropout,” she began rapping at the age of 12. fighting on Facebook against opponents who are more than twice her age (and winning).

Banigo Apiafi Treasure, better known as Lifesize Teddy, was born in Bonny Island, Rivers State, Nigeria, and started writing music when he was nine years old.


Lifesize Teddy Wiki

Real Name: Banigo Apiafi Treasure
Age: 21 Years
Boyfriend: Single
Date of Birth: 2002
State of Origin: River State
Net Worth: $50,000

Lifesize Teddy Age

She is a woman of age, 21.

Lifesize Teddy Parents

Banigo Apiafi, her father, and Banigo Promise, her mother, are her parents.

Lifesize Teddy State of Origin

Her home state is Rivers State.

Lifesize Teddy Early Life & Education

Nigerian artist Lifesize Teddy was born in 2002 on Bonny Island in Rivers State. She was reared by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Banigo, as well as her siblings, whose names have never been revealed to the public.

Lifesize Teddy pursued her education further by enrolling at the Federal Government Girls College in Port Harcourt. The University of Port Harcourt is where she is pursuing her love of music.

Lifesize Teddy has also joined the respected Mavin Academy, a prestigious program devoted to cultivating and supporting up-and-coming talent in the industry.

Lifesize Teddy Career

Lifesize Teddy joined Mavin Records in 2023, and soon after, her debut EP, “Lifesize Teddy,” was made available. The EP was well received and contributed to bringing Lifesize Teddy to more people. Other singles she has released since then include “No Competition,” “Baddest,” and “Body Party.”

Lifesize Teddy is renowned for her strong vocals, memorable melodies, and assured words. She is renowned for having a distinctive style that incorporates hip-hop, R&B, and afrobeats.

Lifesize In Nigeria’s music industry, Teddy is a rising star who will no doubt create ripples in the years to come. She is a gifted rapper, composer, and singer who has a promising future.

Many young Nigerians find inspiration in Lifesize Teddy. She is living proof that, with hard work and perseverance, anyone can realize their aspirations. Young women look up to her as a role model because she demonstrates that anything is possible.

Lifesize Teddy Boyfriend

Life Size Teddy is not wed at the moment.

Lifesize Teddy Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is $50,000.

Lifesize Teddy Social Media

Lifesize Teddy Personal Life

Lifesize Teddy, a rising star in the music business, is unmarried right now and committed to her successful career. She has kept her personal affairs secret and has not given the public any details about her romances.

It is fair that the press could presume she is single based on the dearth of information about her romantic life since she is only beginning to build a name for herself in the music industry.

Lifesize Teddy is unmarried and has never made a public display of a boyfriend before the age of 21.

Lifesize Teddy shares a record label affiliation with artists including Rema, Ayra Starr, Crayon, Ladipoe, Boy Spyce, Bayanni, Magixx, and Johnny Drille thanks to his signing to Mavin Records.

Lifesize Teddy Discography

  • 2023 Lifesize Teddy (EP)
  • Air
  • Hypnotic
  • Butterflies
  • John Wick
  • Prophecy

Lifesize Teddy About

Here are five things to know about Lifesize Teddy, the new musician on the scene, following Mavin Record’s most recent announcement.

Lifesize Teddy is the latest new musician to join Mavin’s incredible roster of artists. Lifesize Teddy, an afro-fusion musician from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, is adding something new and different to the genre. Soon, she will make her debut on the Nigerian music scene with the publication of her self-titled EP.

Here are five things you need to know about the newest signing to Mavin Records.

Young prodigy

At the age of nine, she began writing music. After being influenced by Kanye West’s album “College Dropout,” she began rapping at the age of 12. fighting on Facebook against opponents who are more than twice her age (and winning).

Got the best of both worlds

Lifesize Born Banigo Apiafi Treasure Teddy was raised in the lovely Bonny Island, Rivers State, hometown. LST is a confluence of various cultural rivers due to the cultural diversity of Bonny Island and Port-Harcourt, where residents and foreigners coexist.

Lifesize Teddy has a wide taste in music

LST has a wide-ranging thirst for fine music, in part because of the musical inspiration she acquired from her mother. Brenda Fassie to Eva Alordiah are just a few of the genres she enjoys and finds inspiration in.

Multitalented Artiste

Lifesize is a writer, rapper, and singer in addition to being a singer. She communicates with her followers through a newsletter. She is inspired by a variety of musicians, including Lucky Dube, Rihanna, Brenda Fassie, and others.

She is not afraid to experiment

Lifesize Teddy is not afraid of the unfamiliar. She can offer her own fusion of african sounds and rap because she is aware of her surroundings. As she finds more inspiration, she intends to experiment even more with her sound.




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