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Linda Mtoba Biography

Actress Linda Mtoba was born in Umlazi, South Africa, on November 11, 1991. She shares the same widespread recognition as a number of other actresses who gained notoriety by playing well-liked characters: Zama from Isibaya on Mzansi Magic.

Her admirers and television watchers have extended their adoration for her into the real world. The stunning actress’s consistently outstanding performance has allowed them to continue to love her. She describes herself as a talkative, outgoing person who enjoys going out.


Basic Information

Stage Name: Linda Mtoba
Real Name: Linda Mtoba
Occupation: Actress and Media Personality
Date Of Birth/Age: 11 November 1991 
Place of Birth:  Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Steven Meyer)
Education: Studying Marketing Management

Linda Mtoba Age

Linda Mtoba was born in 1991 and is currently 29 years old. Her birthday is November 30. She is eagerly anticipating that day. Although Linda Mtoba doesn’t make a big deal out of her birthday, she never forgets her daughter’s. Therefore, Linda Mtoba celebrated baby Bean’s first birthday in style.

Linda Mtoba Background

November 11, 1991, is the popular Mzansi Magic actress’s birthday. She was born in the KwaZulu-Natal community of Umlazi.

The age of Linda Mtoba is 29. Together, Linda and her brother, who is eight years younger than he is, grew up in Durban, South Africa. Her father passed away when she was thirteen, a tragic event. Fortunately for her, her step-dad stepped forward to take on the caring role.

She is Celiwe’s (the mother) daughter. Linda attributes her accomplishments to her family, particularly her devoted and encouraging mother and brother.

Linda Mtoba Education

She has taught students in grades one through five and is a certified IsiZulu teacher. Her confidence was greatly boosted by her teaching expertise, which made her a valuable addition to the screen.

Linda teaches a part-time course in marketing management and says she misses her students.

Her friends encouraged her to try out because of her dramatic nature, and she did, ultimately becoming cast in the hit drama series Isibaya.

even though on the show her character has died. She would adore taking acting classes to hone her abilities in the industry. She became well-known on social media and television thanks to her portrayal as Zama. Numerous people have found that she is a noteworthy skill in the field.

She has made appearances on The River, a prominent television program in the nation. She was chosen to play Nomonde in the 1Magic telenovela. She wishes she had more chances to act in regional productions.

Even though she misses teaching, she has no plans to go back to the classroom full-time. Linda frequently visits the elementary school where she was a teacher.

Linda Mtoba Net Worth

Linda Mtoba is thought to be worth $2000 or so. Her financial success has been attributed to her acting career, brand endorsements, and business endeavors.

Linda Mtoba’s net worth is anticipated to rise sharply in the future due to her expanding commercial ventures and prominence in the entertainment sector.

Linda Mtoba Career

After landing the lead role of Zama Ngwenya in the well-liked South African soap “Isibaya,” Linda Mtoba’s acting career really took off.

Her portrayal of the innocent and charming heroine captured the hearts of viewers, bringing her critical praise and a devoted following. Linda became well-known in the industry very fast thanks to her innate talent and capacity to portray nuanced roles with authenticity.

Following “Isibaya,” Linda Mtoba pursued roles in television shows and movies in addition to other acting endeavors.

By accepting a variety of roles, she demonstrated her versatility and cemented her status as a gifted actress. Linda has won over many admirers and recognitions for her captivating performances that enthralled audiences with her ability to bring characters to life with grace and elegance.


On television, Linda Mtoba portrayed Zama Ngwenya in the show Isibaya. She quit the show due to drama, not choice, in the middle of a wedding scene that descended into a murderous rampage that claimed the lives of two characters.

When Linda Mtoba recalled the incident, she added that everyone was crying because it was so depressing. She claimed that because of her departure from the soap opera, she had to phone her weeping coworkers. Linda Mtoba didn’t anticipate passing away in the movie.

The River

After leaving Mzansi Magic’s Isibaya in 2018, Linda Mtoba, then 27 years old, joined the cast of The River, where she played the role of Nomonde Dikana. Some viewers find her persona to be both playful and wicked.

Linda Mtoba Awards

Linda Mtoba has received numerous nominations and honors in recognition of her extraordinary talent and commitment to her trade.

As of this writing, she has not yet taken home any significant honors, but both fans and industry insiders have praised and praised her performances.

We look forward to seeing more honors and recognition for Linda Mtoba because of her unquestionable talent and dedication to her trade.

Linda Mtoba Personal Life 

Regarding her private life, Linda Mtoba is wed to Steven Meyer. In 2017, the pair exchanged vows in a stunning wedding ceremony.

Since then, they have welcomed a daughter named Bean into their family, who makes them happy and joyful. Linda frequently updates her followers on social media with glimpses into her family life, enticing them with cute pictures and touching stories.

The road Linda Mtoba took to become a well-known actress from a small South African town is evidence of her talent, tenacity, and devotion.

She is a well-liked figure in the entertainment world because of her talent at bringing characters to life with grace and honesty.

Fans can’t wait to see what success Linda will have in the future and the impact she will certainly have on the business as she continues to show off her acting skills and explore new creative areas.

Aspiring performers can draw inspiration from Linda Mtoba’s grace, skill, and kind demeanor, which also serves as a reminder of the value of pursuing one’s aspirations.

Linda Mtoba Husband

Steven Meyer is her spouse. Their 2012 wedding marked the beginning of their married life together with a vibrant, flamboyant, and fashionable celebration. Their wedding was undoubtedly extravagant.

The two had been dating for six years before they were married. He asked her to marry him in order to advance their relationship, and she answered, “Yes!” She is now married and goes by “Mrs. Meyer.”

As many choose to call her, Mrs. Husband, is a proud mother of a child. Sure, She and Steven are fortunate to have a child together. The public refers to their adorable child as Baby Bean.

She made the announcement that she and the infant Bean had joined the Huggies South Africa family on May 7, 2020. The new brand spokespeople are a woman and her child.

She posted images of her growing baby belly to show how thrilled she was to be expecting a child. Not only was the internet amazed, but it was deluged with congrats for her. Linda and her spouse welcomed their newest family member in 2019.

Linda Mtoba Social Media

Linda Mtoba uses social media frequently. She uploads photos of herself looking chic and elegant, showcasing her sense of style.

She is always prepared for the camera and shares pictures of her tastefully furnished house on Instagram.

She also shares pictures of her family, outfits, and travels, all of which are frequently well-received. @linda_mtoba is her handle.

Linda Mtoba Fashion

Linda is becoming more well-known because to her sense of style; she frequently wears sophisticated gowns. Her stature allows her to appear on social media in a stylish and elegant manner.

She posts images of herself on Instagram, and believe me when I say that “she is ever ready for the camera.” She posts photos of her family, outfits, and travels, and she typically gets compliments on them. Fans have never been let down by Mrs. Husband’s sense of style.

Linda Mtoba Buzz

When she posts a photo of herself nursing her child in public, Linda finds nothing objectionable about it. Instead, she views it as taking care of her infant, who is currently in need of sustenance.

Everyone responded to what she said with varying opinions, which caused a stir.

I honestly don’t think twice about feeding my daughter in public because I have to fulfill her demand for food. I thought maybe I might be nervous, but talking to other mothers really gave me the courage to take the risk.

Mothers should not feel guilty about nursing their children in public.

Linda believes that her child comes first and that she is not bothered by others observing. She aims to improve as she keeps gaining more and more experience in the area.

Linda Mtoba Controversy

A photo of Linda Mtoba nursing her child in public was posted.

Everyone expressed their opinions in response to the photo, eliciting a wide range of replies.

According to Linda Mtoba, “I don’t think about feeding my daughter in public, but I do it because she needs to eat.” Although I anticipated feeling anxious, speaking with other mothers gave me the courage to go ahead and take the risk.

It is acceptable and not embarrassing for moms to nurse their children in public.
According to Linda Mtoba, her child comes first in her life.

When did Linda Mtoba get married?

After dating for six years, Linda wed Steven Meyer in 2017.

Who is Nomonde in the river?

IMDb – Linda Mtoba as Nomonde in The River (TV Series 2018–).


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