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Liver King Biography


The Liver King, also known as Brian Johnson, is a ripped fitness influencer who frequently posts pictures of himself without a shirt on social media. He has racked up millions of followers by preaching his way of life, which involves adhering to the “9 Ancestral Tenets”. The primary principle is to consume nutrient-rich foods like animal testicles, bone marrow, and liver.

Johnson recently shared an apology-themed viral video. The Liver King, who had previously consistently denied using anabolic steroids, now admitted to using them. More than 3.2 million people have watched the confession video on YouTube.

The Liver King acknowledged on the Diary of the CEO podcast that he had a company portfolio centered around the “9 Ancestral Tenets” that is worth $100 million. He asserted that his use of social media had minimal effect on his net worth.

The Liver King and Barbara Johnson, often known as the Liver Queen, who has been his wife for 18 years, pooled their $500K investment to launch their first million-dollar company in 2006. the “Dentique Dentistry” dental practice, a small-town establishment. According to an interview with The Liver King,

“We acquired a practice that earned $400K annually… Within a year, it generated $1.2 million, and within three years, $5.2 million.

The majority of his $100 million annual portfolio is made up of the three companies Heart & Soil, Ancestral Supplement, and The Fittest, all of which were formed by a business-savvy modern-day barbarian guy and are based on their life’s work, hobbies, and special knowledge. Now let’s delve more deeply into Brian Johnson’s origins and inspiration, and why this has motivated millions of people to adopt his ideologies.

Liver King Biography

Austin, Texas welcomed Brian Johnson into the world on April 7, 1977. He went to Leon Valley, Texas’ John Marshall High School. Brian experienced bullying as a child because of his awkward demeanor and diminutive stature. When Brian was a baby, his father passed away. He therefore lacked a reliable father figure to serve as his role model. As a child, Brian, his mother, and his older brother frequently changed residences.

Since middle school, his stepfather Mark has given him a bench press machine. He has been using it to exercise and has subsequently gained the sense of control, discipline, and confidence he had sorely been lacking. He was a physically fit 16-year-old who was starting to be accepted and even looked up to by the other students.

Brian Johnson eventually earned a chemistry degree from Texas Tech University. After that, he started working as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company, earning between $100K and $125K annually. He earned enough money to indulge in pricey pastimes like snowboarding.

Date of Birth 7 April 1997
Nationality American
Years Training 32 Years (Since Middle School)
Awards and Accomplishments $100 Million Per Year Business Portfolio
Social Media Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook @liverking
Best Known For The Liver King, 9 Ancestral Tennents

What is The Liver King’s Net Worth?

The Liver King is said to be worth $100 million. This number was quoted in a recent GQ piece, thus it most likely depicts a credible range. He is among the most well-known fitness influencers of 2022 and 2023, and the majority of his wealth derives from his empire of dietary supplement companies, including Heart & Soil, Ancestral Supplement, and The Fittest.

The Liver King Meets His Queen

On the ski hill in 2004, Brian met Barbara, who was then a dental specialist and is now the Liver Queen. Everything changed the moment he saw her, just like in a movie. A few months after The Liver King promised to show her around, they became engaged and finally wed. The Savage Liver Boys, the couple’s two sons, were born.

The power couple invested $500K together in 2006 to launch their first million-dollar company. the “Dentique Dentistry” dental practice, a small-town establishment. The company generated $5.2 million in sales in just 3 years.

The Liver Queen’s dominance in the dental industry served as the impetus for their subsequent business venture, the $100 million corporate empire of the Liver King. Liver King started numerous businesses before going big on social media, but the three that make up the majority of his portfolio are Heart & Soil, Ancestral Supplement, and The Fittest.

Over 5.7 million people follow The Liver King on social media today. He now has a successful business and is a fitness influencer. He advocates adopting the nine archaic behaviors known as the “Ancestral Tenets,” which are the secrets to discovering your most authentic, primordial self.

The Liver King’s Wife: The Liver Queen

Barbara Johnson, sometimes known as the Liver Queen, gets wed to the Liver King. Barbara is a dental specialist, entrepreneur, and social media influencer who is of Polish descent. The pair got engaged a short time after they first met on a ski hill. Barbra adopts her husband’s traditional way of life as well.

The Liver King’s Height

Brian Johnson, aka The Liver King, is 5″7 tall.

Liver King Steriods

Millions of people have followed The Liver King after he made false claims regarding the purported “ancestral diet.” In his Texas mansion, he publishes films of himself consuming his raw organ-meat diet, which includes bone marrow, tongue, liver, and testicles.

Famous YouTubers and influencers have taken notice of The Liver King. He has also appeared as a guest on Logan Paul’s podcast and The Diary of the CEO, where he refuted claims that he uses performance-enhancing substances like steroids. Brian asserts that he followed a prehistoric, carnivorous diet to develop his physique.

The Liver King’s assertions that the liver is superior were scorned as a “gimmick” by Joe Rogan in his podcast. “[Liver King] has got an ass filled with steroids, is what that guy’s got,” Joe Rogan declared on the program. A few months later, Derek from More Plates More Dates exposed The Liver King in a YouTube video by revealing secret emails in which The Liver King discussed his steroid regimen for maintaining his body.

Brian Johnson used potent anabolic steroids like Omnitrope, Winstrol, Deca-Durabolin, and testosterone cypionate. Jognsaid claimed in the emails that he spent about $11,000 per month on anabolic steroids.


Liver King Before

Thirty years before the fitness star established a ripped figure, The Liver King resembles someone quite different. The bench press that his stepfather gave the baby-faced exercise enthusiast helped him build his physique. The Liver King, at 16 years old, posed by the pool, flashing his chiseled physique.

The Liver King claimed in a podcast that he was the “only one of my kind at my school” and that for years, he had “the crap kicked [out of him], punched, and pummeled.” That gift was what caused everything to shift, allowing him to take charge, gain confidence, and build a new life for himself—a life he genuinely desired.

Liver King Diet and Supplements

Raw animal organs like the liver, bone marrow, bull’s testicles, cow’s lungs, heart, and other organs make up The Liver King’s diet. He refers to this as the “ancient primal” diet. He claims that eating foods high in nutrients can help you express your best self.

He highlights the necessity for us to maintain our natural intuition and pay attention to what our bodies are telling us. The Liver King employs supplements as a secondary strategy to improve a nutrient-rich diet.

The Liver King is currently known to take the following supplements:

Natural whole-food electrolyte and mineral complex called Ancestral Supplement Minerals

Supplements from the past: Beef organs

The Healthiest: Complete protein

Get enough vitamin D3 by getting enough sun, eating wild fish, eggs, bubbler, and grass-fed tallow.

Liver King does not want even a small amount of artificial ambient light to interfere with the physiological processes involved in sleep.

What Can We Learn From Brian Johnson AKA Liver King?

I respect Liver King more and more as I learn more about him. The 9 Ancestral Tenets make a lot of sense and would be very helpful to us if we were to remove all of the lies he has expressed about not using PEDs. I won’t be consuming raw liver, hearts, or testicles anytime soon, though.

I really think that you should take your own path, even if it seems strange to others. The Liver King emphasized the importance of rest, movement, protection, food, connection, cold, sun, and fight for personal progress, all of which I feel can lead to a fulfilling existence. He did tell lies to spread his ancestral message, but advancement is not often made in a straight line.

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Contacts and Booking Info

The Liver King can be reached via his TikTok account, Instagram, or email at for any questions.

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