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Governor Bala Kauran Bauchi Declares Bauchi State Education Summit Open

Governor Bala Kauran Bauchi Declares Bauchi State Education Summit Open

Declaring the Bauchi State Education Summit Open, Governor Bala states that education is still his top priority.

Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, the governor of Bauchi State, stated that the state’s rich cultural legacy needs to be utilized to raise a generation that is resilient, knowledgeable, and capable of meeting the challenges of the twenty-first century.

He assured the attendees that his administration exemplifies the shared dedication to advancing education and shaping a brighter future for the benefit of the populace as he opened the Bauchi State Education Summit, which is themed “Nurturing a Flourishing Future: Improving Access and Quality Education in Bauchi State” and is being held at Sultan Saad Abubakar Hajj Bauchi.

Declaring that it is his moral and constitutional obligation to guarantee that every child in Bauchi state has access to high-quality education, Governor Bala said the summit is appropriate and fits with his strategic plan for the industry.

According to him, the summit’s talks will cover a wide range of topics related to education, including ways to strengthen teacher preparation, embrace technology, and improve infrastructure. It will also address socioeconomic issues that impede access to school.

Reminding the attendees of the complex and widespread challenges that Nigeria’s education system faces, Mohammed said that his dedication to overcoming the obstacle resulted in the creation of the Ministry of Higher Education, whose duties include not only resolving regional issues but also making sure that the policies and programs of the Bauchi State Government are in line with those of its sister states to improve education at all levels.

However, he emphasized the summit’s goals, stating that it will carry out a thorough evaluation of education in Bauchi state, taking into account the population of out-of-school children, their demography, and the effects of various obstacles on education.

In addition, he said, the summit would create evidence-based policies, programs, and strategies to address the issues and bolster the capabilities and ongoing efforts of his administration. It would also come up with creative ideas for rehabilitating and revitalizing schools and creating environments that are conducive to learning.

Mohammed expressed his optimism that meaningful discussions will take place at the summit, even as he acknowledged the stakeholders’ active engagement.

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