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Frankie LaPenna Biography

Social media influencer, TikTok, YouTube, and director of photography Frankie LaPenna. He is sometimes referred to as “the green screen guy” and is well recognized for his comic posts and acts. In just two months, he posted videos of himself engaging in sports like fishing or flying while participating in Zoom sessions, receiving over 100 million views.

On TikTok, he has 108 million likes and more than 3.2 million followers. La Penna has influenced countless people with his original thoughts and high-quality writing. LaPenna, who is well-known for being the green screen guy, the mustache guy, and the Jim Kardashian guy, first gained popularity for making movies about exciting escapades while participating in a virtual meeting.

He is well-known for his attractive Instagram photos, videos, and physical characteristics. He is one of the most popular users on TikTok for humorous videos and other comedy content. On his Instagram, he frequently posts images of himself modeling and wearing amusingly chic attire.

Frankie LaPenna Personal Information

Name Frankie LaPenna
Date Of Birth (Age) 21 September 1997, 24 years old
Net Worth >$500k
Followers TikTok – 3.2 Million
YouTube – 652k
Instagram – 439k
Spouse/Partner Kayla Lewicki
Nationality American

Frankie LaPenna Height & Weight

A handsome young man with a vivacious personality is Frankie LaPenna. His distinctive feature is a strong mustache.

He has a height of 5 feet 7 inches. However, there is no information about his weight.

Frankie LaPenna Early Life & Education

On September 21, 1997, Frankie LaPenna was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was part of a close-knit family that included his two siblings, Vinnie LaPenna and Joey LaPenna, as well as his parents, Bill LaPenna and Peggy LaPenna.

Before attending Grand Valley State University to pursue his love of cinematography and film/video production, Frankie LaPenna began his educational path at Grand Christian High School. In 2020, he finished his studies and received a Bachelor of Applied Science in his field of study.

Frankie LaPenna Career

Due to his self-titled TikTok account and YouTube channel, Frankie Lapenna became well-known. He began sharing footage on his TikTok account in December 2020, and he is currently employed by a firm called Launch Kit as a director of photography. His YouTube channel was launched on June 21, 2011. His video titled “Undercover car zoom call with green screen” received more than 63 million views and is the most popular video on his YouTube account.

He primarily creates hilarious acts and films. He started posting green screen with zoom meetings videos to his TikTok account, and as more people saw them, his fame increased. He has many years of expertise as an independent film and video specialist. On October 5, 2017, he started working in the greater Los Angeles area as a video editor for Parker Nirenstein, the creator of Vehicle Virgins. editing video for almost eight months.

He subsequently relocated to Calabasas, California, in June 2018 to work full-time as a videographer and editor for Parker Nirenstein’s YouTube material. He gained insight into the inner workings of a major YouTube influencer during this time. He edited nearly 150 videos for Vehicle Virgins in total.

In April 2019, he changed positions to The LaPenna Group in the Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area, where his duties included using Photoshop to restore, preserve, and organize vintage images, documents, and letters from the 1940s. He went to Wisconsin while working here to film an interview with WWII veteran Art Kasperski. In June 2019, he moved to Point O’Pines Camp for Girls in the Glens Falls, New York area, where he worked as a video instructor for girls between the ages of 11 and 15.

Here, he regularly recorded and edited videos, which were later assembled into an hour-long review of the summer camp experience. He learned how to operate in accordance with the structure of a large-scale media business while sorting and archiving hundreds of files across several machines. He presently serves as Launch Kit’s director of photography in Rockford, Michigan, in the United States.

When caught in yet another dull meeting, every sports fan dreams of being at the game rather than at work. The NFL’s Ravens teamed up with LaPenna to make that fantasy a reality. The NFL league accounts as well as Frankie’s accounts shared and engaged with it when it went live on the @Ravens social media accounts first.

The internet immediately went bananas. Naturally, it was a gold mine for the sports media, with sources like Bleacher Report, SportsCenter, NFLonFOX, and many more covering it. Later, the actual findings began to trickle in. Millions of people follow meme accounts like Nugget and Memezar for the laughter they curate. Much less stuff created by sports leagues, and more accounts that don’t typically share sports content. The quantity exploded. Even Instagram, the most popular Instagram account, included Frankie’s post to their collection titled “Things This Week That Made us Smile.”

Later on in the same week, the Ravens published their final piece, “Frankie at a tailgate,” online. The popularity of the first two, along with the introduction of Frankie and the famed green screen to millions of people.

92M people have viewed the Ravens’ Facebook post. This is not only the second-highest performing NFL team video overall on Facebook, but also the best performing NFL team video on Facebook for that particular season. With 1.6X more interactions than the next-best performing post, the Ravens’ post was also the most popular NFL team post on Facebook for the season. The in-stadium reveal was uploaded more than 78 times across all platforms and accounts, resulting in 275 million views and more than 11 million engagements.

The third scene in Frankie’s YouTube short received an additional 10M views, and it ranked as the top Post All-Time on NFL Reels (29.3M views) and Ravens TikTok (17M views). The incident was so famous that Instagram user @art_of_a_giant memorialized it in the same spot where it still sits today.

Frankie LaPenna Net Worth

Social networking and his work with the startup Launch Kit are where Frank LaPenna makes the majority of his money. Although the majority of his profits from video directing are undisclosed, his social media accounts allow us to make an educated guess. LePenna, excluding brand agreements, makes an estimated $3k or more for each post he shares on TikTok.

Without brand sponsored partnerships, he could earn up to $4k every video on YouTube. LaPenna can charge up to $3k for a brand-sponsored collaboration post on Instagram.

Frankie LaPenna Social Media

Frankie LaPenna Personal Life

On September 21, 1997, Frank LaPenna was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The LaPenna family is not well known, although his girlfriend Kayla Lewicki occasionally shows up in his social media posts. Additionally, LaPenna shared on his Instagram page the loss of his brother Joey, who would have turned 26 on February 3, 2022.

LaPenna attended Grand Rapids Christian High School from 2012 to 2016. From 2016 to 2020, he attended Grand Valley State University to earn a Bachelor of Applied Science in Cinematography and Film/Video Production. We don’t have any additional information at this time.

Frankie LaPenna Facts

@frankielapenna is his TikTok username.

Over 1.3 million people follow his TikTok account.

@frankielap is the username of his Instagram account.

More than 258K people follow him on Instagram.

Frankie Lapenna is the name of his YouTube channel.

Over 413K people have endorsed his YouTube channel.

He has a massive fanbase, and you can tell that he gives them credit for his online success by consistently releasing fresh stuff for them to enjoy.

Building meaningful connections with audiences takes most of the day, but his friendly demeanor made it happen quickly.

People enjoy liking, commenting on, and sharing his recordings, which shows how much they enjoy watching and tinkering with them.

He actually serves as motivation for everyone who follows him.

He has worked out how to channel his energy into a lucrative career that he also likes.

He stands out from the other Influencers since his content is superior to that of the others.

He’s an exercise freak.

He is an avid skydiver.

visit this Instagram post

Frankie LaPenna (@frankielap) shared a blog entry.

He goes fishing often.

He keeps updating his Instagram account with his amazing photos.

He is well known for having sophisticated appearance.

On the web media platform, he has been reporting on his numerous excursions and travel encounters.

Who is Frankie LaPenna?

A. Frankie LaPenna is a photographer, TikTok, and YouTube personality, as well as a social media influencer. He is sometimes referred to as “the green screen guy” and is well recognized for his comic posts and acts. In just two months, he posted videos of himself engaging in sports like fishing or flying while participating in Zoom sessions, receiving over 100 million views. On TikTok, he has 108 million likes and more than 3.2 million followers.

What does Frankie LaPenna do for a living?

Social media influencer, TikTok, YouTube, and director of photography Frankie LaPenna

What does Frankie Lapenna do for a living?

LaPenna worked as a photographer and a video editor, according to his LinkedIn profile. Up until December 2022, he worked as a freelance filmmaker while also serving as the director of photography at Launch Kit. LaPenna changed careers and is now a full-time influencer and video specialist. Previously, he earned money by working with brands rather than monetizing his films. He did, however, say in an interview that when he becomes a full-time influencer, he will start making money off of his films.

How does Frankie Lapenna use Linktree?

Many of Linktree’s capabilities, such as limitless links that reroute users to their preferred pages, are utilized by LaPenna’s Linktree. He has added animation, a unique profile image, and a bio to his page to improve it. For a unified appearance, the links have thumbnails and icons, and he employs custom backdrop colors for the ideal green screen effect on which his platform was founded. LaPenna customizes each page by using a variety of buttons and font types. Links to LaPenna’s clothing brand, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and a link mentioning his work with the NFL are also included.

Is Frankie LaPenna real?

For his social media platforms, LaPenna frequently produces sketches. He’s a real man, and you can only recognize him by his mustache.

What is Frankie LaPenna also known as?

Lapenna’s humorous acts have given him some internet monikers, most notably “the green screen guy” for his antics when participating in virtual meetings. In one of the first videos to become viral, he is seen operating a vehicle while participating in a Zoom meeting, using a green screen to make it appear as though he is working from home. In addition, his persona, “Jim Kardashian,” is the focus of numerous popular TikTok videos.

Is Frankie LaPenna’s body real?

The TikTok star’s alter ego, Jim Kardashian, makes fun of reality star Kim Kardashian and has an enormous, fully artificial butt that he constantly flaunts. The character can be seen running through New York City in one popular video that has received more than 100 million views on both TikTok and YouTube.

When did Frankie LaPenna join TikTok?

LaPenna, who holds a position as a photography director, joined TikTok in December 2020. Since then, he has been active on YouTube and TikTok.

Why is Frankie LaPenna famous?

In 2020, LaPenna rose to fame because to his popular TikTok videos. He is renowned for performing funny skits involving made-up wild adventures during Zoom meetings while wearing a green screen on his back. Even an NFL ad was shot using this approach by LaPenna. In addition, he has a successful YouTube channel with about 2 million subscribers as of this writing.

Who is Frankie LaPenna’s girlfriend?

Producer for Ozone Films Kayla Lewicki is LaPenna’s girlfriend. The Grand Rapids native Lewicki occasionally makes an appearance in LaPenna’s videos.

What is Frankie LaPenna’s Marital Status?

At the time of writing, LaPenna is not married.

I’m sure it was interesting to discover more about the influential Frankie LaPenna. In addition, you can learn more about Linktree by looking at how influencers and other famous people like Caroline Polacheck and Maya Hawke utilize it.

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