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John Kumuyi Biography

Williams Kumuyi and Abiodun Kumuyi’s son is John Kumuyi. One of the largest Pentecostal churches in Africa with branches all over the world, the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM), was founded by his father, Pastor William Kumuyi, a well-known Nigerian cleric.

John Kumuyi is a native of Osun State in the southwest of Nigeria. He came from a household of two boys. The second son of his parents is the one with a renown personality. His elder brother’s name is Jeremiah Kumuyi.

In 2009, John Kumuyi lost his mother. When William Kumuyi, his father, remarried Esther Folashade Kumuyi in 2010, Esther became John’s stepmother. Gabriel Kumuyi Akinfenwa and Comfort Idowu Kumuyi Akinfenwa are his paternal grandparents.


John Kumuyi, Jeremiah Kumuyi

The sons of Pastor Williams Kumuyi are John Kumuyi and Jeremiah Kumuyi. The parents of the two brothers were devout believers. They participated in church activity up until they left for abroad by singing in the children’s choir, then joining the youth choir, and Femi Adesina revealed.

Both John and Jeremiah Kumuyi had a strong work ethic, were committed, and showed promise. They developed professionally, became adults, and settled in the United States of America for a while.
Jerry and John Kumuyi maintained a low profile and led an unassuming lifestyle. They were excellent representatives of The Deeper Christian Life Ministry, the church of their father.


John Kumuyi Wife

Love Odih, a member of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry and a pastor, got married to John Kumuyi. Her father had held the positions of National Overseer of the church in Jamaica as well as State Overseer in Cross River State.

John Kumuyi Wedding

John Kumuyi wed Love Odih in Jamaica on June 15th, 2013. With churchgoers and family members in attendance, the wedding ceremony was lovely. The wedding ceremony drew strong criticism from the couple’s church members. According to accounts, the groom’s ceremony and attire were contrary to Deeper Life philosophy, which resulted in the suspension of John and his wife by the church leadership. The church had a reputation for following a rigid schedule for wedding ceremonies.

John Kumuyi Child

Jonathan Kumuyi’s father is John Kumuyi. An international businessman named Prince Joshua Oyeniyi revealed that he met John Kumuyi, together with his wife and their kid, Jonathan Kumuyi, after being photographed with them.

John Kumuyi Career

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Medics2You is John Kumuyi. He has over fifteen years of expertise across multiple industries and is a Netsuite Technical Expert. From April 2018 to September 2019, he worked at Estée Lauder Companies Inc. as a Netsuite Ecommerce Implementation Consultant. During that time, he implemented an e-commerce integration for a brand-new multi-billion-dollar acquisition, using web services to control EDI order creation, ship confirmation from the warehouse, and cancellations.

He also developed and deployed integration for the Estée Lauder Companies Inc.’s own e-commerce ELC site’s fulfillment from the warehouse to NetSuite, etc.

From November 2015 to November 2016, he worked as the Netsuite System Administrator/Developer/API Manager at MISSION in the Greater New York City Area, where he oversaw the migration and deployment of NetSuite from Quick Books and tailored the NetSuite platform to suit a sports tech start-up with over $50M in annual revenue. In order to enable external sales representatives to place orders directly into the company’s NetSuite system without jeopardizing access controls, he was involved in designing and developing a vendor management system.

John Kumuyi worked as the Netsuite Implementation Project Manager at SuiteRetail from June 2013 to October 2015, where he implemented and tracked crucial metrics to assess effectiveness in terms of customer service. He coordinated efforts between members of the business and technical teams who dealt with clients. He reviewed code and effectively led a group of NetSuite engineers.

Kumuyi served as a technical support specialist at the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University from November 2005 to April 2007. He helped internal and external students, faculty members, and staff members with problems by phone and in person. between others.

John Kumuyi’s Educational Background

John Kumuyi entered Pace University in 2004 to pursue a Bachelor of Arts, BA in Information Systems after finishing his basic and secondary education. From Pace University in New York, he later earned a master’s degree in information systems and security.

Fatherhood and Beyond: John Kumuyi’s Continuing Legacy

As a result of this union, John Kumuyi gave birth to Jonathan Kumuyi, demonstrating the Kumuyi legacy’s continuity into the following generation. John continues to serve as an example to his peers, other Christians, and anybody else looking to manage their commitments to family, career, and faith.

Conclusion: A Life of Faith, Excellence, and Resilience

The life of John Kumuyi is depicted in his biography, which combines his spirituality, education, career achievements, and ties to his family. He exemplifies the principles that his upbringing instilled in him, leaving a legacy that is felt by people all over the world. John’s journey is a monument to the strength of faith, perseverance, and steadfast dedication to one’s calling. This is true of his academic endeavors as well as his IT expertise, family responsibilities, and obligations.

Who Is John Kumuyi?

The late Aboidun Kumuyi and William Kumuyi’s second son is John Kumuyi. He is Jeremiah Kumuyi’s younger sibling.

In 2009, his mother passed away. His stepmother Esther Folashade Kumuyi and his father William Kumuyi were married in 2010 as well.

John Kumuyi wed Love Odih, the Jamaican-born daughter of the Deeper Life National Overseer, in June 2013.

The Deeper Life doctrine was in conflict with the wedding ceremony and groom’s attire, which resulted in the suspension of John and his wife by the church administration.

Who is pastor kumuyi brief history?

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi was born in Erin-Ijesha, Osun State, Nigeria, into a Christian family. After completing his secondary education in 1961, he began working as a math teacher at Mayflower School in Ikenne, Ogun State, in 1962.

Where is pastor kumuyi from?

In Erin-Ijesa, Osun State, in the western portion of Nigeria, Kumuyi was born into a Christian family.

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