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Dr Idris Abdul Aziz Dutsin Tanshi Bauchi

In response to the imprisonment and arrest of the mosque’s chief imam, Dr. Idris Abdulaziz, on Monday, the Dutsen Tanshi Majlis Foundation, a religious body of the Dutsen Tanshi Jumaat mosque in Bauchi State, has urged the populace to maintain calm and peace.

Following his acceptance of a police invitation in response to a petition submitted by the religious organization Fityatul Islam, which accused him of instigating public disturbance, the priest was charged before Chief Magistrate Court No. 1 in Bauchi.

Dr Idris Abdul Aziz Dutsin Tanshi Bauchi
Dr Idris Abdul Aziz Dutsin Tanshi Bauchi

Before being lodged in the correctional facility, the defendant entered a not guilty plea to the offense brought against him, according to Barrister Umar Hassan, the cleric’s attorney, who spoke with WikkiTimes.


A statement signed by the Majlis Board Chairperson, Malam Ya’u Idris, stated that efforts are being taken to settle the issue by legal means and that a group of people led by it should never voice their disapproval of the case.

“The Commissioner of Police of the Bauchi State Command invited Dr. Idris in regards to the complaint that Ftyatul Islam Bauchi had made against him for public disturbance; the case has been brought before the court for prosecution.

“We ask the public to maintain composure, prayerfulness, tranquility, and concentration while efforts are being made to settle the issue through the judicial system.


He declared, “No association, group of people, or religious class whatsoever, should come out in protest against the current situation.”

The cleric made remarks during his Ramadan Quran program that some Islamic clerics, primarily from the Darika sect, saw as derogatory and blasphemous toward Prophet Muhammad (SAW). However, other Islamic clerics, primarily from the Izalah sect, felt that the cleric’s remarks did not in any way violate Islamic principles.

Before the commission decided to postpone the meeting, he was called by the state’s Sharia Commission to provide clarification on the remarks.

In the event that Dr. Idris is found guilty of the offense, he faces a three-year prison sentence and a bailable charge.

He will be brought back before the court today, when the bail request will also be considered.

Bauchi State Government Is Witch Hunting Sheikh Idris AbdulAziz

Bauchi State Government Is Witch Hunting Sheikh Idris AbdulAziz
Bauchi State Government Is Witch Hunting Sheikh Idris AbdulAziz

Everyone in Bauchi anticipated it. Idris AbdulAziz’s detention is the result of a political witch hunt; it has nothing to do with his religious beliefs or sermons. It has to end, or the governor risks inciting a sectarian conflict. Everyone will be consumed by it. A secular state like Bauchi lacks the authority to censor the ideas, opinions, and creeds of its people. It is not allowed to act as though it has. It is perilous.

Idris Abdulaziz is entitled by the constitution to the freedom of speech to express his opinions, whether in public or privately. In order to protect free speech, the government and its citizens must accept the opinions and views of other people, even if they are radical.

Bauchi-based Cleric, Idris Abdulaziz Granted Bail

Dr. Idris Abdul’azeez of Dutsen Tanshi was held in a Correctional Center on Tuesday for allegedly instigating public disturbances. The Chief Magistrate court in Bauchi granted him bail.

His attorney, Barrister Hassan, confirmed the bail to WikkTiimes. He stated that the cleric was given N1 million in bail, with two sureties—one of whom had to be a permanent secretary currently in office and the other having landed property valued at N5 million within the court’s jurisdiction. The sureties are required to provide two passport photos and a legitimate form of identity.

Breaking: Bauchi Cleric Accused of “Public Disturbance” Remanded in Prison

Breaking: Bauchi Cleric Accused of “Public Disturbance” Remanded in Prison
Breaking: Bauchi Cleric Accused of “Public Disturbance” Remanded in Prison

Fitiyanul Islam, an Islamic organization with a stronghold in Bauchi, brought Dr. Idis before the court for allegedly making hateful remarks against well-known clerics and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The police would eventually invite him to come in for questioning. The pastor did, however, accept the invitation on Monday; nonetheless, he was then charged in court.

The presiding judge of the court, Abdulfatah Baba Sekoni, denied the cleric’s request for release, ordering him to remain in the correctional facility and appear in court on Tuesday. The cleric’s attorney, Hassan, had made the application.

Bauchi Group Calls for Calm Over Dr Idris Incarceration

Bauchi Group Calls for Calm Over Dr Idris Incarceration
Bauchi Group Calls for Calm Over Dr Idris Incarceration

Hassan reported that Barrister Aliyu Idris, the attorney for the Bauchi State Ministry of Justice, had requested that the state attorney general’s office and the commissioner of justice take over the case from the police. The request was granted, and the case was postponed until May 24 for additional hearings.

The preacher made several remarks during his Ramadan Quranic program last month that drew condemnation from certain Islamic academics. Despite this, he was supported by other parts who claimed he was misunderstood and maintained on his statements.

In the meantime, the public was urged in a statement released on Monday by his students and other followers not to engage in any kind of protest or acts of violence that might damage the group’s and the cleric’s reputations.

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