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DJ Christos Biography

Christos Katsaitis, also known as DJ Christos, is a record producer and DJ from South Africa. He was born on July 1, 1969.

He is one of the founders of the music label Kalawa Records and the proprietor of the well-known record company Katsaitis Music.

He has been a performer since 2001 and is a veteran of the South African music scene. He is also a producer of house music and is known as the Godfather of the House in South Africa.


DJ Christos Profile

Name DJ Christos
Real name Christos Katsaitis
Age 52 years old
Gender Male
Nationality South African
Wife Tobago
Children Taki, CJ, Michail
Label Kalawa label (co-founder)
Katsaitis Music (founder)
Profession DJ, house producer

DJ Christos’s Net Worth

DJ Christos, a gifted record producer from South Africa, is worth between $500,000 and $5,000,000.

DJ Christos Age

DJ Christos (surname Katsaitis), the father of house music, is 52 years old and is covered by New24.

DJ Christos’s Real Name

His birth name is “Christos Katsaitis,” but people refer to him as the “God Father of House” by his stage name, “Deejay Christos.” He is now well-known throughout the nation, and most music fans know who he is.

DJ Christos’s Early Life

DJ Christos was born Christos Katsaitis in South Africa on July 1st, 1969.

At the age of 13, he began using turntables for practice. His father’s love of jazz music inspired his passion for deejaying.

He was reared in Johannesburg, and at the age of 11, his passion for music led him to start working at a record shop in Pretoria. Along with learning some of the deejaying craft, he was also introduced to music other than jazz.

He began maintaining his record collection and deejaying as a result in high school. He observed South Africa’s Apartheid as a boy and struggled to comprehend why black people were treated so poorly. When he began showing his talents and refused to be swayed by such people, he began to draw in the black community.

DJ Christos Education

In Pretoria, South Africa, DJ Christos completed both his basic and secondary education.

DJ Christos Career

At the tender age of 11, DJ Christos began his career by working at a recording studio in Pretoria. He finally secured a position as a resident DJ at The Jacqueline Night Club, one of Pretoria’s largest nightclubs. His main challenge was how to keep people dancing for eight hours straight. To make sure the club atmosphere did not get dull, he had to learn diverse styles and create different mixes.

He played at Cubs venues like Fourth World and Caesars Palace after having success working at Jacqueline’s. He was slated to perform at Caesars Palace on Thursday and Friday evenings, drawing larger crowds than normal.

Katsaikis Music label was founded by him. He helped establish Kalawa Music Label. His company is in charge of tunes that smash records. He has worked with several notable South African musicians.

DJ Christos’s Personal Life

Taki, Michael, and CJ are the couple’s three children, and DJ Christos and Tobego are currently blessed with a happy marriage.

They live in Johannesburg, and he co-owns Shaguma Café, a family-run restaurant, with his wife.
Unfortunately, the majority of his unreleased works and beats were saved on the laptop, which was stolen along with his phone and other things in 2009.

When he was giving a presentation at Channel O’s New Year’s Eve at the Esibayeni Lodge in Swaziland, the robbers stole into his hotel room.

DJ Christos Label

Both the record label “Katsaitis Music” and the “Kalawa label” were co-founded by DJ Christos. Heavy hitters in the South African music scene, such as Boom Shaka, Lebo Mathosa, Shana, Daw, and Black Coffee, are among the albums he has released.

DJ Christos Wife

Tobego and DJ Christos got married, and they now own and operate the “Shaguma Café Restaurant” in Midrand, which is a suburb of Johannesburg. Taki, CJ, and Michail are among his blessed offspring.

DJ Christos Theft Incident

Like many other famous people in the nation, the well-known artist was a victim of theft. Deejay Christos was robbed in 2009 while performing for “Channel O’s New Year’s Eve performance at Esibayeni Lodge, Swaziland.

His laptop, which contained his work, and phone were taken by the burglars after they forced entry into his hotel room.

DJ Christos’s Social media

Instagram users can find DJ Christos there. He uses the handle @djchristossa. Over 24,000 people follow him. He mostly posts images from future shows and tours.


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