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Cydney Bernard Biography

In the United States, Cydney Bernard was born on March 30, 1953. Her credits include The Client (1994), L.A. Story (1991), and Bean (1997). She is a production manager and producer.

Because of her line of work, Cydney Bernard is required to work behind the scenes throughout productions. Her wish to live a solitary life is therefore served. Despite the difficulty in locating Cydney Bernard’s photographs, the details provided below provide a glimpse into one of her relationships.


Cydney Bernard Body Measurements

Cydney Bernard has a height of 5 feet, 1 inch. She also has a weight of 58 kg. She also has blonde hair and brown eyes.

Cydney Bernard Early Life

Cydney Bernard was born in the United States on March 30, 1953. Additionally, he is currently 70 years old. No information is available on her parents’ names. She is a member of the Caucasian race.

Dustin Bernard is a brother of Cydney. He oversees manufacturing. Nothing is known about her academic background.

Cydney Bernard Net Worth 2022

Cydney has a distinguished career. She has acquired celebrity in addition to fortune. Consequently, she has a $500k or so net worth. Jodie, her ex-partner, has a net worth of almost $100 million, though.

Cydney Bernard Professional Life

As a production coordinator, Cydney began her professional life in 1990. She provided her services to the “A Mom for Christmas” television film.

Similar to this, she coordinated the production of films including “Sommersby,” “L.A. Story,” and “Yesterday’s Hero.”

Additionally, she produced television movies like “Spinning Boris,” “Ratz,” and “A GirlThing.”

Additionally, Cydney oversaw the production of movies including “The L Word,” “Roswell,” “Family Prayers,” “Off the Map,” “Bean,” “Loch Ness,” “Ruby Jean and Joe,” and others.

Her role as production manager on the box office smash “The Client” (1994) brought in a total of $117,615,211.

Jodie Foster began performing when she was just 3 years old. She appeared in a television ad for the particular suntan lotion line.

Coppertone Girl was her job title. ‘Napoleon and Samantha’ was her debut motion picture, released in 1972.

She has also won three Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards. Jodie also served as the episode’s director for Tales from the Darkside.

Cydney Bernard Personal Life

Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard were previously wed. On the set of “Sommersby” in 1992, the pair became friends. The couple had two lovely children. Both children were born to Jodie Foster.

In 1998, they welcomed Charles Bernard Foster, and in 2001, Kit Bernard Foster. Unfortunately, after fourteen years of dating, the marriage ended in 2008.

After the divorce, she has kept quiet about her personal life. Therefore, it is unknown if she is single or involved in any relationships.

Nevertheless, Jodie, her ex-partner, is now wed to photographer Alexandra Hedison.

Cydney Bernard Family

She has kept the specifics of her immediate family and childhood private. Dustin Bernard, her brother, works in the motion picture industry as a producer, production manager, and assistant. Uncertainty surrounds the existence of additional Cydney Bernard siblings.

Cydney Bernard Trivia

has been a committed partner of Jodie Foster since they first connected in 1992 while working on the film Sommersby (1993).

Had two children with Jodie Foster: Kit Bernard Foster, born in 2001, and Charles Bernard Foster, born in 1998.

In May 2008, her long-term union with Jodie Foster came to an end.

Dustin Bernard’s younger sister.

Cydney Bernard Filmography

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