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Titus Wellivers wife Jose Stemkens Biography

On December 29, 1987, Josepha Stemkens was born in the vibrant metropolis of Tembisa, Gauteng, in the center of South Africa. She will turn 35 in December 2022, which will be another significant turning point in her life. Unfortunately, little information about her parents, including their names and professions, is publicly available. She does, however, have a brother and a sister that we are aware of.

Josepha was raised in Holland and is a Dutch national while being South African by birth. Her family’s decision to relocate to Holland most likely resulted from a desire to find a better environment or from financial considerations. At Bouwens van der Boijecollege in Holland, Josepha completed her undergraduate studies and received an unspecified degree.

Josepha has achieved greater heights thanks to her zest for learning and her passion for life. She now has the skills to meet life’s problems with confidence and tenacity thanks to her education and training. Josepha continues to have a positive influence on those around her and serves as an inspiration to many.


Jose Stemkens Profile summary

Information Details
Name Josepha Theodora Stemkens
Birthdate 29th December 1987
Age 35 years
Birthplace Tembisa, Gauteng, South Africa
Height 5 foot 6 inches
Occupation Former fashion model, Fashion Consultant, Entrepreneur
Spouse (Now ex-husband) Titus Welliver
Nationality Dutch

Jose Stemkens Details

Jose Stemkens is 5 feet 6 inches tall and has hazel eyes. Her weight is not something we are aware of.
She has colored hair and is a member of the zodiac.

On December 29, 1987, Jose was conceived. She is currently 31 years old and will turn 32 on December 29 of this year. She stands 1.71m tall, however it is unknown what she weighs.

Jose Stemkens Net worth

As of 2019, Jose Stemkens’s net worth is thought to be $1 million. Her work as a fashion consultant is her main source of income.

She earns the majority of her money through her firm, Sunrise Fashion Consulting.
Her 2020 net worth has not yet been determined.

Jose Stemkens Early Life & Education

As of 2023, Jose Stemkens will be 36 years old. She was born on December 29, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, USA. Her parents brought her up in Holland, where she now resides.

Unfortunately, there are no reliable facts on her parents, siblings, or academic history. Early displays of interest in style and fashion by Stemkens helped to create her successful career in the fashion industry.

Jose Stemkens Personal Life

Jose Stemkens has experienced a lot in her personal life, especially in terms of her romantic relationships. Titus Welliver, a well-known actor, was her first husband.

On April 12, 2014, in Calabasas, California, the pair exchanged vows. Sadly, they had problems in their marriage, and they eventually got a divorce.

Even though the precise day of their divorce has not been made public, it is known that they eventually got divorced. Throughout their marriage, the couple was without kids. Jose Stemkens and Titus Welliver still get along well despite getting divorced.

Jose Stemkens Net Worth

Jose Stemkens, a prosperous businessman and fashion consultant, has amassed a sizable fortune over the years.

Her estimated net worth of $3 million is a reflection of both her success in the fashion world and the success of her booming consulting firm.

Jose Stemkens Career highlight

Starting at an early age, the fashion consultant has had a long and prosperous career in the fashion sector. She worked as a model while still in college, but her true passion was in the retail fashion industry. She started her work as a sales clerk at the Holland Mata Hari Multi-Chain Store, where she soon rose through the ranks to become the manager of the wholesale division. She quickly attained the position of Assistant Manager as a result of her diligence and hard work.

She later spent ten years working for the renowned fashion company Espirit, demonstrating how this experience served as a stepping stone in her career. She has a good expertise in the international fashion business thanks to her position there, which includes managing projects at their Hong Kong division. She next went to The Great China Wall, another well-known clothing company.

The consultant eventually gained the position of president of the well-known Dutch company, Dept & JC Rags, thanks to her acute sense of fashion. She was vice president of The House of Quirky at the time, and her efforts was crucial in helping them grow their product lines into the American market.

After a while, she moved to Los Angeles, where she founded Sunrise Fashion consultancy, her own fashion consultancy business. Her business immediately became well-known and collaborated with well-known companies like Cocurata, Superfine, Lui jo, and Freddy. Her success is a monument to the effort and commitment she has put into her career over the years. Her considerable knowledge and expertise in the fashion sector have made her a sought-after consultant in the industry.

Jose Stemkens Family life

The fashionista decided to move to the US, which changed her entire life. In the embrace of Titus Welliver, she discovered love and companionship, proving that it was more than just a move. The couple wed in a lovely union ceremony that took place in California in April 2014. Only close family members and friends were present at the modest wedding.

Despite being Titus’ fourth marriage, it was obvious that the two were deeply in love. The fact that Titus’ offspring from prior marriages attended the wedding was evidence of how closely the family was bonded. Despite not having biological children of her own, the fashion consultant accepted the role of stepparent to Welliver’s three children, two boys and a girl.

The couple’s marriage was a celebration of both their unification as a family as well as their love for one another. The fashionista was at comfortable with her stepchildren right away, and they were happy to have her in their life. They set out on a mission to create a new life that was characterized by love, respect, and understanding. The fashionista’s move to the US may have marked the beginning of a new journey, but it was also the beginning of a lovely new chapter in her life, one that was full of love and family.

Jose Stemkens Relationship

Jose Stemkens and American actor Titus Welliver had a happy marriage. She has three stepchildren from her previous union with Titus.

Before marrying her, her husband had been married three times. They will be happily married and a couple in 2020.

Who Is Jose Stemkens?

Jose Stemkens is a well-known name in the fashion business. He went from modeling to becoming a prosperous fashion consultant and businessman. She has had great career success and proudly runs her own business. Stemkens is also well-known for having been married to American actor Titus Welliver in the past.

Stemkens’ professional path is evidence of her tenacity and drive. Even though South Africa and Holland are two distinct countries, she has had a remarkable rise to prominence.

Stemkens is widely acknowledged as a key player in the fashion sector, and her knowledge and skills are highly regarded. She is a formidable force in the world of beauty, and it would be worthwhile to learn more about her life and profession.

Is Titus Welliver still married to Jose Stemkens?

There were hints that the couple’s marriage was having problems. After five years of marriage, actor Titus Welliver filed for divorce from his businesswoman wife in 2019. The couple had to share their assets after the divorce was officially finalized.

The businessman had formally adopted Welliver’s youngest daughter during the marriage, who had lost her real mother. However, Welliver received exclusive custody of the child following the divorce.

How old is Jose Stemkens?

The businessperson was conceived on December 29, 1987. She will be 35 years old as of February 2023.

How tall is Jose Stemkens?

The fashionista stands at 5 feet 6 inches.

What is Jose Stemkens net worth?

Ose Stemkens’ prosperous career in the fashion sector has allowed her to amass a sizeable fortune. Her diligence and hard work as a fashion consultant have paid off, increasing her net worth significantly.

Stemkens is a self-made millionaire with an estimated net worth of $1 million thanks to her entrepreneurial prowess and knowledge. Her accomplishments serve as proof of the benefits of following one’s passions and putting in a lot of effort to succeed.

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