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Brady Hepner Biography

An attractive 17-year-old American actor named Brady Hepner is well-known. In the Chicago Fire episode “Escape Route” from 2021, he made his professional acting debut.

He showed up in Charlotte Moon Mysteries: Green on the Greens in 2021.

He was a character in a See/Saw episode from 2022. He was slated to join the Resisting Roots cast that same year, according to the announcement.

He appeared alongside Ethan Hawke in the movie The Black Phone.

Brady Hepner Biography & Profile Summary

Name Brady Hepner
Birth Date 18 August 2005
Birth Place Wallburg, North Carolina
Age 18 Years Old
Height 5 Feet 8 Inches
Net Worth $0.8 million-$1 million
Profession Actor
Father David Hepner
Mother Jennifer Hepner
Marital Status Single
Nationality American

Brady Hepner Height & Weight

Brady is a young man full of life with beautiful blue eyes. He is 173 cm tall, or 5 feet 8 inches. He is roughly 60 kilograms (138 pounds) in weight.

His fair skin and light brown to blonde hair stand out in contrast to his dark brown eyes.

Brady Hepner Early Life & Education

The 18th of August in the year 2005 saw the birth of Brady Hepner. He will be 17 years old in 2022.

Leo is his astrological sign. In the hamlet of Wallburg, North Carolina, he was born in the USA.

He is an American citizen as a result. He was born and reared in a Christian family and is of white ancestry. He shares my faith in Christianity.

His father is David Hepner, who works in the private sector, and his mother is Jennifer Hepner, who is said to be a stay-at-home mom.

The pillars of his life have been referred to as his parents.

Two additional siblings of Brady Hepner are as successful in their jobs but are not as well-known.

He graduated from a local high school in Carolina after completing his education. But it is entirely up to him whether he attends college or decides to pursue a career in cinema.

Brady Hepner Professional Career

American actor Brady Hepner became well-known at a young age.

Brady is well remembered for his performances in the 2021 Charlotte Moon Mysteries films Green on the Greens, The Black Phone, Chicago Fire, and See/Saw. (2022)

Bertie Cabash as Farrow and Resisting Roots as Rowan, now in post-production, are two of his future projects.

In his first role on Chicago Fire in 2021, Brady Hepner told a tale centered on the lives of firemen.

Brady also played Dylan in a supporting role in one episode of the television series Escape Route.

He didn’t play Cal Evans until the 2021 release of the critically acclaimed movie Charlotte Moon Mysteries: Green on the Greens.

In one of the episodes of the TV show See/Saw, he also played Thomas. In the subsequent movie Killer Babes and the Terrifying Film Fiasco, he portrayed Ari.

In addition, his notoriety increased dramatically once he was cast as Vance Hopper in the 2021 film The Black Phone.

This 2004 thriller served as the inspiration for this spooky thriller. Brady Hepner, however, found great success in this part and went on to establish himself as a well-liked and dependable performer.

His success at this age is simply amazing, despite the fact that he still has a long way to go.

Brady Hepner Personal Life

Brady Hepner is single right now. In 2022, he is not in a relationship at the moment. He is working in the film industry and obtaining his degree.

Currently, he is not looking for a love connection and would rather focus on building a great profession.

We also don’t know anything about his past relationships or background. He is never observed in public with a woman. Brady is totally committed to developing his career.

He’s just getting started and wants to establish himself in the movie business.

Brady Hepner Net Worth

In the US, Brady Hepner is a well-known Instagrammer and social media influencer.

As of 2022, it is predicted that Brady Hepner will have a net worth of between $0.8 million and $1 million. He is well-known for his amusing performances in the television shows he works on as well as his cinema parts.

On his Instagram account, thousands of followers have gathered as well. Whether or if his social media is monetized is unknown.

His primary income sources outside of acting in movies are other modeling projects and his popularity on other social media sites like Instagram.

He leads a comfortable life and resides in a magnificent home with his family.

Brady Hepner Social Media

Brady Hepner Filmography

  • The Black Phone
  • Charlotte Moon Mysteries: Green on the Greens
  • See/Saw
  • Resisting Roots
  • Killer Babes & The Frightening Film Fisaco
  • The Holdovers
  • Bertie Cabash
  • Chicago Fire

How old is Brady Hepner?

18 is Brady’s age.

What is Brady Hepner’s birthday?

August 18, 2005.

What is Brady Hepner in?

The Black Phone (2021), Chicago Fire (2012), and See/Saw (2022) are among Brady Hepner’s best-known works.

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