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Sebastian Moy Biography

Sebastian Moy, an American social media influencer and personality, was born on April 11, 2003. He has over 10 million followers on TikTok and YouTube, where he is well-known for his brief comedic-style videos. In honor of Moy’s birthday today, we’ll share some fascinating details about his life.

Sebastian Moy is an American singer, influencer, and social media star who was born in Florida. His parents are of Chinese and Colombian ancestry. In 2016, when his social media profiles started to gain popularity, he started to become an internet celebrity. He uploads hilarious videos and has a sizable fan base of over ten million users on TikTok, over 1.5 million on Instagram, and over 600,000 YouTube subscribers.


His most popular YouTube video to date has received over 1.5 million views and is titled “I asked out Dylan Conrique and she said…” His TikTok presence, where he has over 400 million likes on his video output, is his best accomplishment. “The Sebastian Moy Show,” a chat program that Moy hosted on Flighthouse’s YouTube channel in 2018, featured talks with popular musicians and social media personalities such Baby Ariel, Kristen Hancher, and Piper Rockelle.

Moy’s brother Oliver and he founded The Moy Boys, a musical duo, and they put out four singles in 2019: “Nautical,” “Sweetheart,” “Up All Night,” and “Ice Cream.” Moy joined the first ever Asian-American content collective North Star Boys in 2021 and is still a part of the startup business. Moy is a rising star in the online community, and while his career is still in its early stages, he already has some great figures to back him up. We anticipate seeing what he accomplishes next and where his career will take him.

Nickname Moy
Gender Male
Age 20 years old (in 2023)
Date of Birth April 11, 2003
Full Name Sebastian Moy
Profession Musical Artist, Singer
Nationality American
Birthplace Florida, United States of America
Religion Not Known
Zodiac Sign Aries


Sebastian Moy Early Life & Education

On April 11, 2003, Sebastian Moy, a bright American influencer, was born in warm Florida. His upbringing was formed by his devoted parents, Natalie Moy, a Colombian, who is his mother, and an unnamed father.

Sebastian Moy had the good fortune to grow up with three siblings, Oliver Moy, Alex Moy, Nick Moy, and Mateo Moy, who brightened and enriched his life.

Sebastian Moy began his educational path by enrolling in a local Florida school, where he continued to seek information and develop personally.

Sebastian Moy Career

The energetic and enthusiastic youngster Sebastian Moy found TikTok to be the perfect medium for his creative expression. He was able to display his skills through live broadcasting, chat, and video creation using this social network platform. His mesmerizing performances helped him become well-known in the middle to late of 2016, and his fans became attached to him and excitedly anticipated each of his videos.

Sebastian Moy became one of the most well-known users on TikTok as his fan base on the app grew significantly over time. He currently has more than 80,000 followers and an astounding 76.3 million likes. He expertly combines comedy with physical acts in his videos by fusing his natural sense of humor and artistic flair. Additionally, he routinely includes members of his family in his TikTok posts.

On March 21, 2016, Sebastian Moy launched his YouTube account, which saw a rise in views as a result of his fame on TikTok. He shares a variety of videos as a content producer, including challenges, Q&A sessions, and vlogs.


Sebastian Moy Personal Life

Sebastian Moy was born to a Colombian mother and a Chinese father on April 11, 2003, in Florida. His four brothers, Mateo, Oliver, Alex, and Nick, as well as their parents, frequently appear in Moy’s films. Oliver, who is two years older than Sebastian, has over 1.7 million Instagram followers and over 10.6 million TikTok admirers, making him a successful TikTok star and social media influencer in his own right. Mateo, his younger brother, also has a respectable 16.6k Instagram followers. Sebastian Moy refers to his following as the MoyArmy.

Sebastian Moy Social Media

  • Instagram handle: Sebastian Moy (@sebastianmoy)
  • Tiktok handle: S Moy (@sebastianmoy)
  • Youtube Channel: Sebastian Moy

Sebastian Moy Net Worth

According to numerous accounts, social media influencer Sebastian Moy has accumulated a significant net worth of $700,000. His remarkable financial situation is in part due to his widespread popularity and influence on many platforms.

Sebastian Moy TikTok



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How did Sebastian Moy become famous?

In 2016, when his social media profiles started to gain popularity, he started to become an internet celebrity. He uploads hilarious videos and has a sizable fan base of over ten million users on TikTok, over 1.5 million on Instagram, and over 600,000 YouTube subscribers.

Is Oliver Moy and Sebastian Moy real brothers?

Oliver, Alex, Nick, and Mateo, Sebastian’s four siblings, are well-known as TheMoyBoys and work in the entertainment sector.

Where do Sebastian Moy live?

Sebastian Moy is a native of Florida in the US. He has been residing in a mansion in Los Angeles, California, in the United States with the members of North Star Boys, a first-ever all-Asian-American collective with a goal of content creation, since he attracted millions of admirers and achieved tremendous fame.

Who has Sebastian Moy dated?

His following is known as the MoyArmy. Sebastian once dated Dylan Conrique, a popular TikTok user, singer, and YouTuber.


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