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Pastor Runcie Mike Biography

Many people are in shock and disbelief over the abrupt passing of Pastor Runcie Mike, the Lead Pastor of The Evening Church in Uyo. Pastor Mike’s unexpected passing has left a vacuum that will be difficult to fill because he was known for his steadfast faith, devotion to his congregation, and commitment to sharing the Gospel. We honor and celebrate the life and legacy of Pastor Runcie Mike in this blog article.


Name: Pastor Runcie Mike
Age: 30s Years
Wife: Dr. Enobong Runcie
Date of Death: July 1, 2023
Nationality: Nigerian
Net Worth: $300,000

A Life of Service:

Pastor Runcie Mike was a man who gave his best to everything he did. He was the Lead Pastor of The Evening Church, where he diligently served his congregation and served as an inspiration to a great number of people. His sermons, which were full of insight, empathy, and a sincere desire to bring hope and healing to those in need, demonstrated his enthusiasm for God’s Word.

A Heartfelt Farewell:

A lot of people were shocked to learn of Pastor Mike’s passing. The stories were originally difficult for church members to accept, and many rejected them as untrue. The entire congregation was in a state of shock and anguish, though, when the church’s leadership eventually verified the tragic news. The pain felt by those who knew and loved him was only made worse by how abruptly he passed away.

Expressions of Pain and Remembrance:

Following this devastating loss, churchgoers and friends expressed their sorrow and shared their memories of Pastor Runcie Mike on social media. Videos and sincere words flooded in, giving a glimpse of the effect he had on people’s lives. The stirring reaction on social media was evidence of Pastor Mike’s powerful impact on his neighborhood.

A Legacy of Love and Compassion:

Pastor Runcie Mike demonstrated love and compassion throughout his career. His actions spoke volumes about his character as he shown genuine concern and care for everyone he came into contact with. He embodied Christ’s teachings and had a lasting impression on everyone he came into contact with, whether it was officiating a funeral or helping out those in need.

The Call to Persevere:

The notes exchanged by church members and friends provided words of inspiration and a reminder to press on despite the sadness. They underlined the value of maintaining one’s faith in trying circumstances and urged people to persevere through their own struggles. The tragic loss of Pastor Mike served as a sobering reminder that life is short and that we should value each and every second we are given.

Pastor Runcie Mike Wife

It was reported that the pastor of the church in the Tropicana Centre shopping center in Uyo passed away on Saturday.

His wife, Dr. Enobong Runcie, and their two children predeceased him.

Pastor Runcie Mike Cause of Death

While confirming the tragic event, the church’s leadership wrote

After a very brief illness, our Lead pastor, Pastor Runcie Mike, passed away today, Saturday, July 1, 2023, as officially announced by the TEC Family.

He was a spouse, a father (both spiritual and physical), a mentor, and a visionary leader as of the time of his rest.

“We ask the body of Christ to lift us up in prayer during this difficult time, especially His immediate Family.”

The church and the community are mourning his untimely passing as they remember his accomplishments and influence as a spiritual leader.


Many people’s hearts have been left empty by Pastor Runcie Mike’s untimely passing, but his legacy of faith, love, and compassion will live on and continue to elevate people. Let us be reminded of the value of cherishing our loved ones, pursuing our callings with zeal, and showing grace and compassion to those around us as we reflect on his life and the influence he had. Pastor Mike may not be among us anymore, but his spirit still endures in the hearts of people whose lives he touched via his ministry. May his soul rest in peace, and may his loved ones and the members of The Evening Church find comfort and fortitude during this difficult time.

Who is Runcie Mike?

Runcie Mike, a clergyman and the senior pastor of The Evening Church in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, has passed away. In Uyo, he passed away on Saturday, according to a statement from his church.

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