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Rose Montoya Biography

Rose Montoya, real name Rosalynne Montoya, is an American model, social media content creator, and advocate for transgender rights. She was born on October 10, 1995.

She [a] started modeling in 2018, and since then, she has appeared in campaigns for brands including Fenty Beauty, Savage X Fenty, Fluide,, Adore Me, and TOMS Shoes.

In 2021, the non-binary transgender woman Montoya was profiled in Out Magazine’s article 18 LGBTQ+ Policy Makers and Advocates Changing the World.


At the 10th annual Queerty Awards, she was nominated for Favorite TikToker in 2022.

Rose Montoya Early Life and Education

On October 10, 1995, Rose Montoya was born. A family of four siblings raised her in a remote area of southern Idaho. The fact that Montoya’s mother worked as a sign language translator while she was growing up helped her to pick up American Sign Language quickly. Her mother devoted her time to working as a Christian missionary, while her father served as a worship pastor. In middle school, Montoya became attracted to men, and in 2010, while still a senior in high school, she came out as gay.


Later, she started appearing in drag shows, and in 2015, she came to terms with the fact that she was transgender. On June 23, 2015, Montoya started her transition, and she officially changed her name that same year in September. Using feminine and non-binary gender pronouns, she came out as bisexual in 2016 and as a non-binary transgender woman in 2019.

At the age of 19, Montoya completed her undergraduate cinema studies program at Seattle University and received her degree. She had a solid basis for her future endeavors in the entertainment industry because to her stint at the institution.

Rose Montoya Career

Following her college graduation, Montoya worked as a manager and full-time makeup artist at a department store’s cosmetics counter. She was laid off, nevertheless, as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, which motivated her to make developing her social media presence her full-time job. Montoya uses her platforms to publish educational material that discusses transgender rights, experiences, and challenges. She has worked with numerous companies and groups to raise awareness and encourage diversity throughout her career, including FX Networks, New York City Pride, Planned Parenthood, Fenty Beauty, Parade, and Fluide.

Montoya has made considerable progress in the modeling business in addition to her activism. She started her modeling career in 2018 after being found by the underwear brand TomboyX. Through her TikTok channel, Tricia Romani from League Models and InspirationALL Talent discovered her, and she is now represented by them for both modeling and acting. For well-known companies including Savage X Fenty,, Adore Me, TOMS Shoes, and oVertone, Montoya has graced marketing campaigns.

Rose Montoya Advocacy and Recognition

The accomplishments Montoya has made go beyond the realms of fashion and entertainment. At universities and conferences, such as the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, the Downtown Emergency Service Center, the University of Pittsburgh, Stanford University, and Yale University, she actively lectures and delivers on transgender rights. To spread knowledge about the difficulties faced by transgender people, Montoya also established the educational website “The Trans 101.” She continues to have a significant impact as a board member of the nonprofit group Aadya Rising by fighting for inclusivity and equality.

In 2021, Out Magazine included her on their list of “18 LGBTQ+ Policy Makers and Advocates Changing the World” in recognition of her commitment and influence. Additionally, in 2022, she was nominated for the 10th annual Queerty Awards’ Favorite TikToker category.

Rose Montoya Personal Life and Challenges

Rose Montoya has been transparent about her own struggles and experiences. She has talked about her experience having gender-affirming procedures like breast augmentation, trachea shaving, and genioplasty. Montoya has also spoken about her battles with persistent anxiety and despair in an effort to open up a discussion and promote understanding of mental health.

At a Phoenix, Arizona, airport in March 2021, Montoya ran into a challenging issue with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Millions of people watched the incident-related TikTok video she released. She was legally recognized as a woman, but the airport scanners’ genitalia-based classification of passengers raised worries. She experienced unfair treatment from TSA personnel after reporting her transgender identity, including suggestions that she be scanned as a man. This incident highlighted the continued difficulties transgender people confront in many facets of life.

Rose Montoya Filmography and Recognition

In addition to her advocacy work and modeling, Montoya has appeared in television and motion picture projects. She made her own appearances in episodes of “The Q Agenda” and “Jennifer Hudson Show.” She played the part of a waitress in the movie “Agents of Change: Project Polymer.”

Montoya has received praise and acknowledgment for her work. She was recognized as one of the “18 Latinx Creatives to Follow” by the Arizona Republic in 2021, in addition to being nominated for Favorite TikToker at the Queerty Awards in 2022. She was also named to Out Magazine’s esteemed “Out 100” list, which honors LGBTQ+ activists and policymakers who are changing the world.


With her successful modeling career, activism, and commitment to educating others about transgender issues, Rose Montoya has established herself as a leading figure in the fashion world and the struggle for transgender rights. Many people are inspired by her journey of self-discovery, advocacy, and resiliency. Montoya has had a huge influence on society and media coverage as she uses her platform to further good deeds.

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