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Nona Sobo Biography

The outstanding Spanish actress and well-known model Mariona Soley Bosch, better known by her stage name Nona Sobo, has achieved enormous success in the entertainment business.

Her remarkable performance in the hugely famous Netflix series Wrong of the Tracks, also known as Entrevias, contributed to her ascent to prominence.

Nona Sobo has made a name for herself in acting and modeling because to her extraordinary talent and engaging on-screen presence.


Nona Sobo Early Life & Education

Nona Sobo, who was born on March 3, 2000, was reared in Spain but is originally from Thailand. When Nona was just two years old, Mei Sobo adopted her and the two of them moved to Caldes de Montbui in Barcelona, Spain. She has lived here ever since as her home. Unfortunately, there is no information available on Nona’s biological parents or siblings.

It is important to note that she demonstrated her swimming skills by actively competing in school events and winning multiple gold medals in inter-school competitions.


Nona Sobo Career

Nona Sobo, a well-known actress with a deep love for the entertainment business, began her career by taking on smaller parts in commercials and music videos. Her talent and dedication, however, were recognized.

Nona caught the casting director’s eye while tirelessly working on a TV commercial, and he immediately saw enormous promise in her.

The casting director approached Nona with a fantastic chance after noticing her skills: the part of Irene in the upcoming movie. This amazing offer is evidence of Nona’s perseverance and hard work as she advances in her acting profession.

In the Netflix series Wrong Side of the Tracks in 2021, she had a successful acting debut. She continued to play Irene in the second season of the show, which debuted in 2022, and had an active part in it. She has been progressively expanding her Instagram fan base in addition to her acting career by posting enticing lifestyle photos and informing her followers about her acting work on a daily basis.

Nona Sobo Social Media

  • Instagram handle: Nona Soley Bosch (@nonasobo)
  • Twitter handle: Nona Sabo (@nraesabo)
  • Facebook: Nona Sobo
  • Tiktok handle: Nonasobo (@nonasobo_)

Nona Sobo Personal Life

Carlos Uraga, Nona Sobo’s cherished lover, and they have been in a committed and steady relationship for two years. The pair has been together for a long time, which illustrates their close relationship and strong bond.

Nona Sobo Net Worth

The multi-talented Nona Sobo is thought to be worth between three and four million dollars. This extraordinary riches is the result of numerous sources of income, demonstrating her adaptability and success in the entertainment business.

Is Nona Sobo adopted?

Nona Sobo was born into a Buddhist household in Thailand. But Mei Sobo adopted her when she was a baby. When Nona was two years old, Mei brought her to Spain and relocated her to Caldes de Montbui, close to Barcelona.

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