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Ringo Madlingozi Biography

Ringo Madlingozi is a South African singer-songwriter, record producer, and member of the National Assembly of South Africa. Madlingozi rose to prominence when he and his band Peto won the Shell Road to Fame competition in 1986. He later established a group called Gecko Moon with Alan Cameron, another Peto member.

Ringo Madlingozi: History ‧ Bio ‧ Photo
Full Name: Sindile Madlingozi
Stage Name: Ringo Madlingozi
Born: 12 December 1964 (age 59 years old)
Place of Birth: Cape Town, South Africa
Nationality: South African
Education: N/A
Height: 1.62 m
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Madlingozi
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Nomfundo Nyathi (m. 2004-2023)
Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
Children: Phila Madlingozi
Occupation: Politician • Singer
Net Worth: US$10 million

Ringo Madlingozi Early Life and Education

Ringo was born in Cape Town in 1964 and spent his childhood and education years in the Gugulethu township before finishing high school in Umtata. Ringo was musically active from an early age, and while in school, he led an acapella ensemble that performed at community and youth events.


He then became the vocalist for the group “Ikwezi,” but it wasn’t until he was the frontman for the band “Peto” that his distinct singing abilities were noticed nationally.

Ringo Madlingozi Music Career
                           Ringo Madlingozi Music Career

Ringo Madlingozi Music Career

Madlingozi later created a band called Gecko Moon with Alan Cameron, another Peto member. Their popular single, “Green-Green,” was a crossover song that was highly appreciated by music fans.

Madlingozi’s first solo album, Vukani, sold tens of thousands of copies.


He has since won numerous prizes for his albums at the South African Music Prizes (SAMA) and the Kora Awards, including Best Male Artist in Southern Africa and African Continent Awards. He participated with internationally acclaimed group UB40 as part of the United Nations Global AIDS awareness program, recording the Xhosa lyrics of “Cover Up”

Ringo Madlingozi Politics

In May 2019, Madlingozi was sworn in as a Member of Parliament in the Republic of South Africa’s sixth democratic administration. He has been accused of defending racist sentiments categorizing individuals of races such as Asians (“Indians” in South Africa), persons of mixed race (“Coloureds” in South Africa), and whites as fundamentally racist.

Artistic inspirations

Victor Ndlazilwane is Madlingozi’s singing hero. Many emerging performers, including Nathi Mankayi and Vusi Nova, have been influenced by Madlingozi.

Philanthropy work

For the past few years, Madlingozi has been working with or aiding at the following centers:

  • Takalani Home for the Disabled in Soweto
  • Sinethemba Home in Benoni
  • Van Rijn Place of Safety in Benoni
  • Siyazigabisa Home of Hope in Tembisa and Port Elizabeth
  • Enkuselweni Place of Safety
  • In Enkuselweni, Madlingozi works with young people to inspire them and provide financial support in the form of donations and benefit concerts.

At Van Rijn, he has done the same, assisting them with music training and, along with Sindi Dlathu of Muvhango fame, coaching the children in dance. He has helped a few times with clothing collection and Christmas gift distribution to the youngsters there.

In Takalani Home, he has provided entertainment for residents in the form of free unplugged sessions, as well as food and money donations as needed.

He takes on a greater parental role with the youngsters at Sinethemba because the home is tiny and has fewer children. He guides and stimulates the students and accompanies them to school events such as Matric Dances. He helps with the purchase of clothing and gifts for the children, as well as wherever and whenever it is needed.

In Durban, he co-founded the Adopt a Child Project with Nkosi Ngubane, which allows people to sponsor orphans.

The Gauteng Department of Social Welfare recently appointed him as an ambassador for the HIV/AIDS, Anti-Women, and Child Abuse Campaigns.

He has also collaborated with Khuluma Ndoda, an anti-woman abuse initiative founded by actor Patrick Shai.

Madlingozi was featured in the third one-off TV special of the quiz show Test the Nation, dubbed National Parenting Test, as a celebrity guest.

Ringo Madlingozi Personal Life
Ringo Madlingozi’s Personal Life

Ringo Madlingozi’s Personal Life

Ringo Madlingozi, 59, married Nomfundo Nyathi in 2004. Unfortunately, their relationship had difficulties due to Ringo’s immense fame among women, resulting in their divorce in 2023.

throughout the breakup of their marriage, Ringo claims that he and Nomfundo retain a cordial relationship, promising to keep in touch throughout their separation.

Ringo Madlingozi, a father of six, has a particularly notable son named Phila Madlingozi. Phila has entered the spotlight, following in his father’s famous footsteps as an artist and performer. This has most certainly contributed to Phila’s increased exposure compared to his siblings, who may have taken other paths in life.

Ringo Madlingozi Net Worth

Ringo Madlingozi, a well-known musician, has amassed a large wealth through his successful career in the music industry. His net worth is estimated at $10 million, demonstrating his tremendous influence in the music industry.

Ringo’s success may be credited to his amazing sales record of over 500,000 copies of his music, as well as his appearances on different television shows and commercial enterprises. All of these elements have contributed greatly to Ringo’s huge earnings over the years.

Ringo Madlingozi Networth
Ringo Madlingozi Networth 2024 $10 million
Ringo Madlingozi Networth 2023 $8.3 million
Ringo Madlingozi Networth 2022 $7 million
Ringo Madlingozi Networth 2021 $5 million
Ringo Madlingozi Networth 2020 $2 million

Ringo Madlingozi Social Media

  • Twitter: @ringo_madlingozi
  • Facebook: @ringo.madlingozi
  • Instagram: @ringo_madlingozi

Ringo Madlingozi Awards and nominations

Year Award Category
1999 South African Music Awards Best Male Vocalist
1999 Kora Awards Best Artist from Southern Africa
2004 South African Music Awards Best Afro Pop Album
2015 South African Music Awards

Ringo Madlingozi Albums

  1. 1997: Sondelani
  2. 2003: Buyisa
  3. 2003: Mamelani
  4. 2007: Ndim Lo
  5. 2009: Ntumba
  6. 2009: Live 2
  7. 2009: The Coming of Dawn
  8. 2009: Into Yam
  9. 2009: Fight of Revelation
  10. 2009: Qhubeka
  11. 2009: Vukani
  12. 2009: Baleka
  13. 2010: Jayiva Sbali
  14. 2010: Ringo
  15. 2015: Ringo No Ringo
  16. 2015: Il Cavaliere nero
  17. 2015: Vulani
  18. 2017: Smile

Ringo Madlingozi Songs

  1. Ndiyagodola
  2. Nkqo Nkqo
  3. Sondela
  4. Ziphinkomo
  5. Buyisa
  6. Moshe
  7. Kum Nakum
  8. Ekhaya
  9. Baleke
  10. Uthando Novuyo
  11. Medune
  12. Valencia
  13. Thula
  14. Madiba- Soul of the Nation
  15. Phezulu
  16. Gobondela
  17. Asinguye
  18. Kwa- Tuku
  19. Mama
  20. South Africa
  21. Mbube/Buyel’ekhaya
  22. Inkolo
  23. Imvula
  24. Mkhululeni
  25. Green Green/ Emijondolo
  26. Kwa Tuku
  27. Zola
  28. Iyo Leyo
  29. Uhambile
  30. Abukho
  31. Kuzolunga
  32. Cape Town
  33. Jerusalema
  34. Indzwana
  35. Hey Ntombi
  36. Uthando Lobugqi
  37. Cover Up/Qaphela
  38. Tshika We
  39. Ithemba
  40. Nanini Na
  41. Kwanele
  42. Into Yam
  43. Askies Joe
  44. Emalwandle

Who Is Ringo Madlingozi?

Ringo Madlingozi is a South African singer-songwriter, record producer, and member of the National Assembly of South Africa. Madlingozi rose to prominence when he and his band Peto won the Shell Road to Fame competition in 1986. He later established a group called Gecko Moon with Alan Cameron, another Peto member.

What genre is Ringo Madlingozi?

Meaning “Wake Up,” the album firmly established Madlingozi in the African pop genre, giving expression to the “ukuxhentsa” rhythms that had inspired the singer in his boyhood, when he used to listen to “amagqirha” or traditional healers in his neighborhood and appreciate their rhythms.

What made Ringo Madlingozi famous?

Since winning the Shell Road to Fame talent competition with his first band, Peto, in 1986, Madlingozi has won numerous South African Music Awards and Kora All African Music Awards, including Best Male Vocalist in Africa. His albums have gone double platinum in South Africa, selling more than 200,000 copies.

When did Ringo Madlingozi start singing?

Born in 1964 in the Eastern Cape town of Peddie, the singer got his first break when his band, Peto, won the prestigious Shell Road to Fame tournament in 1986. After a few years as a background vocalist for other musicians, he released his first solo album, Vukani, in 1996.


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