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Obongjayar Biography

Steven Umoh, also known by the stage name Obongjayar, is a Nigerian musician based in London, England. After releasing several EPs, his debut studio album, Some Nights I Dream of Doors, came out in 2022.

Obongjayar Biography
               Obongjayar Biography

Obongjayar Profile

  •  Full Name: Steven Umoh
  • Stage Name: Obongjayar
  • Born: 16 October 1989
  • Age: 34 years old
  • Birthplace: Nigerian
  • Nationality: England
  • Occupation: songwriter, performer, and producer
  • Net Worth: $250000
Obongjayar Early Life and Education
     Obongjayar Early Life and Education

Obongjayar Early Life and Education

Steven Umoh grew up in Calabar, Nigeria. His grandma raised him after his mother fled to the United Kingdom to escape Umoh’s abusive father. Umoh spent his early years listening to bootleg rap, specifically Eminem, Usher, Nelly, Snoop Dogg, and Ciara.

Umoh relocated to England with his mother at the age of 17 but remained active in Nigeria’s music scene. He grew up as a devoted Christian but became less so after attending university in Norwich. In college, he sang mostly in an American accent, influenced by his childhood spent listening to American hip-hop music; nevertheless, he converted to singing in his natural Nigerian-British accent before commencing his professional career


Obongjayar Career

Obongjayar began his career by posting his music on SoundCloud. His work piqued the interest of XL Recordings executive Richard Russell, who invited Obongjayar to contribute to his Everything Is Recorded initiative. Obongjayar’s first extended play, Home, was released in 2016. Noisey described it as “a unique voice: one that navigates darkness with nocturnal, near-spiritual hymns.”

Following Home, he released Bassey, a second EP known for its sparse production and afrobeat rhythms, as well as topics of spirituality, politics, and his Black experiences. He also contributed to Richard Russell’s 2017 EP, “Close But Not Quite.”


In 2019, Obongjayar appeared on rapper Danny Brown’s fifth studio album U Know What I’m Sayin? on the tracks “Belly of the Beast” and “uknowhatimsayin¿”.

Obongjayar collaborated with afrobeat producer Sarz to create Sweetness, his third EP, in 2021. He appeared on the fourth track “Point and Kill” from rapper Little Simz’s studio album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, which was followed by a music video. Obongjayar also released the song and music video for “Message in a Hammer,” the lead single from his debut album. Some Nights I Dream of Doors was published in May 2022.

Obongjayar Style
                           Obongjayar Style

Obongjayar Style

Obongjayar’s music has been dubbed “hard to describe,” with elements of afrobeat, spoken word, soul, and electronic music. His lyrics contain spiritual elements, yet they are not easily associated with any particular religious system. Obongjayar’s music is unified by his distinctive voice, which alternates between rapping, singing, and spoken word.

Obongjayar Personal Life
              Obongjayar Personal Life

Obongjayar Personal Life

Obongjayar is a private individual who does not reveal anything about his personal life. He is not married and does not have any children.

Obongjayar’s net worth

Obongjayar’s net worth is believed to be $250,000. He got this net worth from his music career, which included the publication of two albums: “Forest Sick” in 2019 and “Some Nights I Dream of Doors” in 2022. He has also traveled extensively, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.


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Obongjayar Award & Nominations

Obongjayar received the following awards:

  • Ivor Novello Award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically for “God’s Own Children” and UK Music Video Award for Best Collaboration for “Point and Kill” (with Little Simz).

He is also nominated for the following awards:

  • His debut album, Somewhere in Between, earned him the Mercury Prize and the Brit Award for British Breakthrough Act.

Obongjayar Social Media

  •  Instagram: @obongjayar
  • Twitter: @obongjayar
  • Facebook: @obongjayar
  • Spotify: Obongjayar
  • YouTube: Obongjayar

Songs from Obongjayer

  • Some Nights I Dream of Doors (EP)
  • Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (EP)
  • Home (EP)
  • Bassey (EP)
  • Elixir
  • Sweetness
  • Self-Love

Who Is Obongjayar?

Steven Umoh, a Nigerian-born musician, vocalist, and songwriter residing in London, makes haunting but intense sounds under the alias Obongjayar, drawing inspiration from both his Nigerian childhood and future hip-hop and electronic inspirations. Umoh prepared additional solo work after contributing to Richard Russell’s Everything Is Recorded project, releasing his four-song EP Bassey in 2017 and then delivering his full-length debut in 2022 with Some Nights I Dream of Doors.

What is Obongjayar’s actual name?

His real name is Steven Umoh.

Where is Obongjayar from?

He is a Nigerian artist who lives in Norwich and is originally from Calabar, Cross River.

What is Obongjayar’s net worth?

Steven Umoh’s net worth is estimated at $300,000.

How old is Obongjayar?

He was born on October 16, 1989. He’s 33 years old.

Which song is Obongjayar known for?

He is best known for the song “Tinko Tinko“.

What is the meaning of Obongjayar?

I went back to my heritage—I am from a place in Nigeria called Calabar Cross River State, and ‘Obong’ means King or God, and ‘Jayar’ comes from my name Junior or Jr.

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