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Kyme Oye Biography

Alice Kyme Oye is a well-known Ivorian model and social media influencer. She was born on July 20, 1995.

She served as Bobrisky, a well-known Nigerian male crossdresser,’s former personal assistant. But when their relationship deteriorated, Kyme Oye decided to leave her position.

As a full-time social media influencer, Kyme Oye frequently posts pictures of her opulent lifestyle on Instagram.


Early Life & Education

On July 20, 1995, Kyme Oye was born and reared in Abidjan, Cote D’ivoire (Ivory Coast). She is a 27-year-old from a five-person family. She is the fourth child to be born. Both of Kyme Oye’s parents are educators.

Both of Kyme Oye’s parents are educators; his mother teaches French and his father teaches math. She was raised in a family that placed a great value on education.


Kyme Oye Personal Life

According to Kyme Oye, her ex-boss ‘Bobrisky’ has been posing as a woman but loves being intimate with women.

She also said that while she was living with the transgender, Bobrisky had sex with her every night.

It is safe to assume that Bobrisky’s ex-girlfriend Kyme Oye. She was also allegedly carrying Bobrisky’s child. She isn’t married, and she isn’t expecting.

Kyme Oye Controversy

Additionally, it was reported in certain media outlets that Kyme Oye had died while she was sleeping, but the family refuted this information. She was simply sick, it was said, and she is now getting better.

One of her family members claimed that the rumors were simply an effort by haters to harm the socialite’s good name.

Kyme Oye Career

Labaranyau has not yet confirmed whether Kyme Oye is involved in any other businesses than being a socialite.

Since it was revealed that Kyme Oye worked for Bobrisky, her popularity on social media has increased. She has gained following as a result of her constant attempts to make her ex-boss angry.

She has gained more than 174,000 Instagram followers by posting repeatedly with Bobrisky in mind, and she has taken use of this to work as an influencer full-time.

Oye Kyme And Bobrisky

Oye Kyme, the former personal assistant of Bobrisky, is expecting her first child, and after posting pictures of her growing baby belly online, she has received congratulations.

Remember that Kyme Oye used to be controversial Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky’s Personal Assistant (PA). Additionally, Kyme stated that during her time as Bobrisky’s PA, she helped him cut his chest hair, put on his false butt, and change his diapers.

Even though they had been separated for months, she just posted images of her baby belly.

Oye Kyme Tape

On her Instagram story, Oye Kyme engaged with her followers, many of whom asked her about the new career route she had chosen.

She was questioned by one of her followers why she decided to pursue “p0rn” as her new career. She said that she chose to be a pornstar because she enjoys having sex and wants to show off her p0rn-shooting abilities.

Another admirer inquired about her parents’ attitudes on her line of work and their responses to her pornographic movies. She said that because they do not use social media and cannot access it, her parents have not seen the video.

She also said that her partner does not care that she is a porn star when asked how he feels about her new work path.

Kyme Oye Net Worth

Her social media page makes it clear that she earns a fortune by influencing well-known corporations. The estimated net worth of Kyme Oye is $50,000 USD.

Kyme Oye Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @Oye.Kyme
  • Twitter: @Sexytwitty90
  • SnapChat: @Sexytwitty90

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