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James Lutterodt Biography

Following his untimely passing, James Lutterodt, a competitor in the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), has gained notice on Twitter. News of the former Keta Senior High Technical School (Ketasco) student’s passing was announced on Monday, July 3. Ghanaian Twitter users have responded to this unfortunate tragedy by expressing their sorrow and sympathies.

James Lutterodt Early Life and Education

James Lutterodt, a bright young student from Keta Senior High Technical School (Ketasco), was a promising newcomer. He demonstrated his love of learning and prowess in science and mathematics when he was pursuing his academics. Lutterodt decided to study computer science at the University of Ghana because he was passionate about learning.

James Lutterodt Tragic Death

James Lutterodt’s death has been linked to possible food poisoning, albeit the precise reason has not yet been established. Many people have been very grieved by the unexpected death of such a bright young person, which has sparked an outpouring of condolences and feelings of bewilderment.

James Lutterodt Twitter Reactions

Twitter users have used the medium to express their feelings in response to the news of James Lutterodt’s passing. Twitter users have shared their sorrow and fond recollections of Lutterodt’s involvement in the NSMQ. A lot of people have expressed their sorrow and respect for this young genius whose potential was sadly wasted.

James Lutterodt Historical Achievement

Despite the sadness at James Lutterodt’s passing, it’s critical to recognize his accomplishments. Keta Senior High Technical School (Ketasco) accomplished a spectacular feat that had never been done by a senior high school in the Volta Region before: qualifying for the NSMQ finals. This accomplishment is evidence of Lutterodt and his teammates’ commitment and labor of love.


James Lutterodt, a participant in the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), passed away suddenly, leaving many people in mourning. This awful occurrence ended his brilliant future, his passion for learning, and his commitment to perfection. Let’s keep James Lutterodt in our memories for his outstanding accomplishments and the influence he had on people around him.



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