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Biography Of Indresh Kumar Rss

Indresh Kumar Rss Biography

Indresh Kumar was born on February 18, 1949, in Punjab’s Samana district. Soon, his father, Chamanlal, decided to relocate his entire family to Kaithlal, Haryana, and Indresh Kumar received all of his education there.

Indresh Kumar is a sponsor of MRM (Muslim Rashtriya Sangh), an RSS affiliate. He serves as the RSS organization’s National Executive and central senior member.

Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) is a right-wing organization in which Hindu citizens volunteer to participate in developmental initiatives, primarily in India.


The Indian ruling party, the Bhartiya Janata Party, promotes Sangh Parivaar, the sub-organization that makes up the RSS. Mohan Bhagwat now leads the RSS.

RSS is frequently participating in many events and sessions.

The sessions are generally made up of a circle of male candidates assembling to participate in physical exercises such as yoga, morning drills, and sports.


This is their method of commemorating 5000 years of Hindu culture and preserving the historical myths and traditions that shape our national heritage.

The RSS also offers volunteer summer camp training programs, which are supported by Bhartiya Janata Party members. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, one of India’s most powerful figures, has long been a member of the RSS.

The impact of RSS and its ideals on our social, cultural, and political beliefs is clear.

K.B. Hedgewer started the RSS community on September 27, 1925.

Indresh Kumar Rss Biography
Indresh Kumar Rss Biography

Indresh Kumar Rss Profile

Full Name Indresh Kumar
Date of Birth 18 February, 1949
Age 74 (as of 2023)
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Education B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College
Father Chamanlal Kumar
Mother Shrimati Padmavati
Famous as RSS Leader
Indresh Kumar Rss Biography
Indresh Kumar Rss Biography

Indresh Kumar Rss Early Life and Education

Indresh Kumar was born in Punjab’s Samana district on February 18, 1949. Soon, his father, Chamanlal, chose to go to Kaithlal, Haryana, with his entire family, and Indresh Kumar received his schooling solely there.

After graduating from school, he was enrolled in Punjab Engineering College, where he earned a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Indresh Kumar Rss Biography
Indresh Kumar Rss Biography

Indresh Kumar Rss Career

After graduating, he joined the RSS cell on July 16, 1970, as a margdarshak (guide) for volunteers.

On December 24, 2002, he founded the Muslim National Forum (MNM) to help the Muslim community better understand the RSS community.

He joined the Underground movement in 1975, under India’s state of emergency.

He is also the leader of the Bharat Tibbat Sehyog Manch.

He had a significant impact on the Jammu and Kashmir Amarnath Land Transfer case in 2008.

Volunteers had been assembled by Mr. Indresh Kumar to establish a Sangh Parivaar in the area.

On October 11, 2007, the CBI designated him as the main suspect in the Ajmer Dargah bombing incident.

Twelve Muslims were hurt and three Muslims were killed in the explosion.

In a statement, the CBI disclosed that he and six other individuals had attended the conference when the strategy for the Ajmer bombing was deliberated.

Colonel Shrikant Purohit, the accused, identified him as one of the conspirators in the 2006 Malegaon blast as well.

For a long time, Indresh Kumar has been involved in similar disputes.

According to the charge sheet against him, he gathers young, temperate people and introduces them to different religious groups so they can finish their “tasks” and avoid the investigation department’s notice.

These chosen people then pretend to be present at Jaipur party gatherings to avoid being discovered.

The missions were assigned to the individuals at these discussions.

Sunil Joshi was tasked with carrying out the bombing, while the other two accomplices were responsible for gathering the weaponry.

Indresh Kumar’s name has surfaced multiple times in various Indian bombing incidents, particularly those involving the Muslim community.

These examples include the 2007 Samjauta Express Bombing in Panipat, the Mecca Masjid Blast in Hyderabad, and the two bombs that occurred in Malegaon in 2006 and 2008.

He was never proven guilty, though, as no significant evidence or witnesses were discovered in these cases.

Moreover, these terror assaults claimed the lives of other Muslim citizens.

Indresh Kumar Rss Controversies

He has been embroiled in many scandals during his life, primarily as a result of remarks he made disparaging influential people.

Among his noteworthy quotes are the following:

  • It is purported that he said in 2010 that Muslims ought to give up eating beef and embrace Hinduism.
  • He has expressed disapproval of “Love Jihad,” alleging that it is a plot to convert Muslim women from Hindu women.
  • Kumar has a history of making remarks that associate Muslims with terrorism, which has sparked debate and criticism.
  • In his opinion, religious conversions constitute an act of cultural assault against Hinduism.
  • He once expressed his opinions, calling out politicians and cricket player Navjot Singh Sidhu, as well as actors
  • Naseeruddin Shah and Aamir Khan said that despite their talent, they are all betrayed and should not be respected.

The outspoken maverick leader of the RSS, Indresh Kumar

A prominent RSS leader has offered his interpretation of the election results, adding credence to the rumors that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its parent organization, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), are at odds over the BJP’s poor showing in the Lok Sabha elections.

A member of the RSS national leadership, Indresh Kumar, claimed that the BJP’s hubris was the reason it was only able to secure 240 seats, far short of the majority.

With a nod to the opposition INDIA group, he remarked, “And those who had no faith in Ram, they together were stopped at 234.”

Following remarks made by RSS president Mohan Bhagwat three days ago, which stated that a true sevak (one who serves the people) never displays arrogance and always maintains decorum in public life, Indresh made this reply.

These two statements about arrogance are likely to add to the rumors of a schism between the BJP and the RSS, but the RSS has always been renowned for voicing its disagreements with the BJP, so nothing new about them.

On June 9, Indresh Kumar remarked, “Today, the rarest of the rare is happening,” about Narendra Modi’s election as prime minister for a third time.

What once seemed unattainable is now feasible. I therefore send my warmest regards.”

Indresh Kumar Rss Biography
Indresh Kumar Rss Biography

Indresh, the maverick

While many RSS leaders don’t hesitate to voice their opinions, Indresh is well-known for being outspoken.

The former IPL CEO Lalit Modi was wanted by the law, and the RSS leadership was displeased with him in 2015 for “unauthorisedly” stepping into a political dispute over Sushma Swaraj, the foreign minister at the time, assisting Lalit Modi.

Indresh spoke up for Swaraj, who faced pressure from the opposition to step down after acknowledging that she had assisted Lalit Modi.

He claimed that Swaraj had never wavered from her commitment to nationalism and patriotism.

According to sources within the RSS who spoke to TOI, Indresh’s statement represented his personal opinion, and he ought not to have expressed it without permission from the top brass.

According to the RSS sources, Indresh’s choice to focus on the issue at all rather than the substance of what he stated was what infuriated the leadership.

The statement went against the RSS’s unwavering claim to be an apolitical group that didn’t meddle in the BJP’s “routine matters.”

When Indresh addressed the Gopal Subramanium dispute in 2014, he said that the NDA government was running a smear campaign against the former solicitor general and that he had withdrawn his assent to be appointed to the Supreme Court.

“Do not indulge in character assassination of individuals by using agencies and media” urged Indresh.

When Indresh asserted in 2017 that Mahatma Gandhi could have prevented the country’s split and that Bhagat Singh was a “bigger” advocate of nonviolence, he ignited a controversy.

“The definition of ‘ahimsa’ (non-violence) is very different from what has been told to us,” he declared during a speech at an event.

Non-violence includes both abstaining from violence and using force to defend oneself against a demon. Bhagat Singh’s actions forced the British demons to acknowledge their errors.

The man in charge of Sangh Parivar’s outreach to Muslims

Leading the Sangh Parivar’s outreach to the Muslim population is Indresh Kumar, the margadarshak (guide) of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch, an institution that receives backing from the RSS.

According to him, 99 percent of Muslims in India can be classified as “Hindustani” due to their shared origin, culture, customs, and homeland. Additionally, he has backed the previous assertion made by RSS chairman Mohan Bhagwat that Indians share DNA since they have common ancestry.

No maulana has ever aided Muslims the way that Modi has, according to Indresh’s 2020 statement. “When Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed office in 2014, some people claimed that Muslim colonies will be destroyed and they will be deprived of jobs and other facilities,” he remarked, speaking at an event on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

After six years, nothing negative has happened to Muslims. Muslims were provided with other facilities, including gas hookups. Muslims have never been assisted by a maulana-. like.

Indresh attended Punjab Engineering College in Chandigarh, where he studied mechanical engineering. He is a resident of Kaithal, Haryana.

At the convocation of Arabi Farsi University in Lucknow in 2019, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Urdu granted Indresh an honorary doctorate in literature.

Indresh Kumar Rss Biography
Indresh Kumar Rss Biography

Reaction to controversy after his ‘arrogant’ jab at the BJP: RSS leader Indresh Kumar’s damage control

Speaking at the ‘Ramrath Ayodhya Yatra Darshan Poojan Samaroh’ near Jaipur on June 14, Kumar started a fight. He stated, “The party which did the bhakti (of lord Ram) but became arrogant was stopped at 241 but it was made the biggest party.”

Indresh Kumar Rss Biography
Indresh Kumar Rss Biography

Indresh Kumar Rss Instagram


In Conclusion

Since there are so many unfounded accusations against Indresh Kumar, his life is neither heroic nor honorable.

Given that RSS is not a typical organization, it is detrimental to the group as a whole if the key individual is surrounded by these types of attestations.

Furthermore, his previous remarks on well-known Bollywood actors and even Jesus continue to stir up controversy.

Indresh Kumar Rss Biography
Indresh Kumar Rss Biography

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