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Lil Smart Biography

He is a dancer, songwriter, skateboarder, and model. He is the creator of the popular dance step Tesumole and the well-known reverse move Shaku Shaku. The dancer rose to prominence after sharing a video of herself dancing to one of Naira Marley’s musical works on Instagram.

Lil Smart has a large following on Instagram and YouTube, where he posts his dance videos.

Lil Smart Biography
                Lil Smart Biography

Lil Smart Profile Summary

Name Idowu Smart Emmanuel
Age 25 years old
Date of birth 5th March 1998
State of origin Ogun state
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Dancer
Net worth $100,000
Lil Smart Early Life
                          Lil Smart Early Life

Lil Smart Early Life

The young skater was born on March 5, 1998, in Ogun State, Nigeria, and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Who’s Lil Smart’s brother? He is the lone child in his family. He does, however, refer to Tosh Iamsupatosh (a professional inline skater) as his blood brother.


Lil Smart Career

The dancer developed a penchant for entertaining from a young age. He began skating at the age of 14 and later moved on to dancing when he was 17. He is currently a professional dancer known as the Reverse King among his admirers. He developed various Afro-beat dance moves, including Tesumole, Shaku Shaku, Kupe, Zanku, Mafa Mafa, and Soapy.

The Nigerian dancer rose to prominence after choreographing Naire Marley’s song Tesumole for Instagram and then appearing in his music video. The online phenomenon has appeared in music videos and events starring popular Nigerian artists such as Davido. In addition to being a professional dancer, he runs the footwear company SmartFeet Shoe.


Lil Smart Net Worth
                  Lil Smart Net Worth

Lil Smart Net Worth

Lil Smart’s net worth is believed to be between $150,000 derived from his entertainment career and fashion line.

Lil Smart Social Media

Connect with Lil Smart below;

  • Instagram: @Lilsmart_
  • Twitter: @LiLSMART0

Who Is Lil Smart?

Lil Smart is a renowned dancer, trap dancer, and skateboarder. He is credited for developing the well-known “Tesumole” dance step. Lil Smart is also a songwriter, actress, and model. He was born on March 5, 1998, in Lagos state. Although he was born in Lagos, his lineage can be traced back to Ifo Abeokuta, Ogun state. Lil Smart, a gifted dancer, gained popularity after dancing to one of Naira Marley’s songs on Instagram. In this piece, we will discuss Lil Smart and other facts about him. First, have a look at his profile.

What is the story about Lil Smart?

Lil Smart is a well-known Nigerian dancer who helped create the famous Tesumole dance challenge. He was born on March 5, 1998, and rose to fame by dancing to Naira Marley’s songs on Instagram.

What is the full name of Lil Smart?=

His actual name is Idowu Smart Emmanuel.

How old is Lil Smart?

Lil Smart is 24 years old as of 2022. His zodiacal sign is Pisces.

How rich is Lil Smart?

According to The Famous Naija, Lil Smart has a net worth of $150,000. However, this information is unverified.

Who is Lil Smart to Naira Marley?

Lil is Naira Marley’s dancer and close associate. The two are thought to be brothers due to their striking similarity, however they are not related.

Who is Lil Smart’s girlfriend?

The enthusiastic dancer is rumored to be in a relationship with Prive Evy, a popular Instagram influencer. However, the two have not said anything about the allegations.


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