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Biography Of Herman Amisi

Herman Amisi Biography

Of Congolese origin, the musician artist Herman Amisi continues to leave success on his artistic journey.

The artist discovered his talent so quickly and over time committed to pushing his limits, that it was not surprising to savor his achievements on national and international music platforms.

Herman Amisi, through his music, intends to pierce the hearts of his music lovers and stay closer to them.
If trees grow in foliage, Herman Amisi believes in achievements!

Rj Kanierra: Tia (2023) is a well-known work by Herman Amisi.

In a particularly neat look, we are far from suspecting that it is him, the Lush humor pastor Herman Amisi who denounces the manipulations of men of God in their way of preaching the gospel through his jokes.

Graduated from the Faculty of Letters in Languages ​​and Business and member of the “Lubum Comedy Club” collective, after his brilliant performance during the last edition of the Lubum Comedy Club, the pastor of humor was appreciated by the public thanks for his famous number, the most comical, “Deborah’s Truths” in which he condemns the indifference of young girls towards broke men.

The first show, the one that will outline the comedian in 2019, took place in Lubumbashi at the modern Hypnose building, where he was able to bring together around a hundred people.

Herman Amisi Biography
Herman Amisi Biography

Herman Amisi and Carole Nyakeru get married in Kinshasa

Nearly three weeks after his engagement, Herman Amisi is getting married this Friday, February 16, to Carole Nyakeru, niece of the first lady Denise Nyakeru.

Famous Congolese comedian from Haut-Katanga, Herman Amisi, takes it up a notch. Author of the “Monitor the River” challenge, he is trending on the web and even in several countries around the world.

Officially, Herman is no longer a heart to take. He has just got married in front of the civil registrar to Carole Nyakeru, a photo taken during this ceremony has leaked on the web.

More than one last ceremony, be the nuptial blessing for the famous actor to complete the stages of his marriage.

Event: Review of River Surveillance with Herman Amisi at the Palais des Congrès.

On April 28, 2024, Herman Amisi, through the communications agency 360° Kaba Lisolo, recently presented his show: The Results of River Surveillance, in the company of Weilfar Kaya.

This long-awaited event brought together an enthusiastic audience who came to discover the artist’s humorous reflections on monitoring the Congo River.

The origin of “Monitoring the River” It was during the CAN in Ivory Coast that Herman Amisi stood out with his videos on social networks in support of the Leopards.

However, it is above all the concept of “monitoring the river” that has left its mark and crossed borders.

This slogan aimed to remind us that the Congo River unites the two neighboring countries, the DRC and Congo-Brazzaville.

The show of April 28, 2024 In his report where the public of Brazzaville was massively present, an overflowing room of the Palais des Congrès, Herman Amisi accompanied by the famous Congolese comedian Weilfar Kaya was able to put the room made up of the mixed and full audience in turmoil Congolese public figure.

In a comedic magic trick, Herman Amisi captivated the audience with his memorable jokes.

One of them, tells how “God gave the woman a red card in heaven, then the woman took the red card and placed it on the devil, to give birth to the red devils (National Team of the Republic of Congo), triggering bursts of laughter in the packed room of the Palais des Congrès another joke, referring to the annual celebration of CAN 1972 in Congo Brazzaville, highlighted the humor and festive spirit of the event.

“Congo Brazzaville had its CAN in 1972, and every year we commemorate our 1972 CAN,” joked Weilfar Kaya, sparking laughter and knowing smiles among the spectators. A knot in the flag of the two Congos symbolized that the results were positive to show that the Congo River is not the element separating the two peoples, but rather the element which binds them.

Herman Amisi Biography
Herman Amisi Biography

Cédric Bakambu supports Herman Amisi for his show on June 30 at the Casino de Paris!

Herman Amisi, the DRC comedian known for his famous joke “Monveillez le Fleuve”, will present his solo show on June 30, 2024, in the prestigious hall of the Casino de Paris.

A few days before this big event, pressure is mounting among the public, and celebrities are not left out.

The comedian received the support of Cédric Bakambu, executive of the national football team, the Leopards.

Indeed, Real Betis striker Balompié published a short video inviting Internet users to attend en masse this show which will be held in the French capital.

Bakambu also announced his presence at the Casino de Paris for this moment of laughter and entertainment: “Herman Amisi, June 30 at the Casino de Paris. See you all, Bakagolo, see you there…” he declared.

For his part, Herman Amisi was quick to share this video on his Instagram account, thus confirming the appointment for this anticipated show.

Herman Amisi Biography
Herman Amisi Biography

Herman Amisi Instagram

Herman Amisi TikTok


On ne se fatiguera point😂😂😂😂. Tagues un fan du barça

♬ son original – Herman Amisi


♬ –


#collage avec @manusurtiktok Expliquez vous même dans les commentaires…

♬ Soso Afro Drill – KATMANDUSOUNDS

Who Is Herman Amisi?

Herman Amisi is a content creator from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is known for his humorous videos and anecdotes shared on different platforms. Here is some information about it:

YouTube: On his official YouTube channel, Herman Amisi shares comedy videos and short films. He has also released music videos, including “Toro Toro”, a song dedicated to the DRC 12 national team.

On TikTok, Herman Amisi has more than 9 million subscribers. He shares funny videos, challenges, and moments from his daily life. If you want to see his pagan side, borrow his money and don’t pay it back!


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