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Vickie Remoe Biography

Vickie Remoe is a well-known personality in the African media scene, known for her significant contributions to empowering women and fostering business. Remoe has made a name for herself in her area as a trailblazer thanks to her love of storytelling and dedication to bringing about change. Vickie Remoe’s life and accomplishments will be examined in detail in this blog post, along with her history, career, and contributions to African women and the media sector.

Early Life and Education

Born and reared in Sierra Leone, West Africa, Vickie Remoe. Her perspective on the value of media and storytelling in influencing narratives and fostering positive change has been greatly influenced by her early experiences in the country that was torn apart by war. During her early years, Remoe’s love for journalism and her entrepreneurial spirit started to grow, which fueled her desire to improve her neighborhood.

At Fourah Bay College, the country’s first college, Remoe continued her education and graduated with a degree in public communication. Her future endeavors in the media world were paved with this academic foundation, which gave her the information and abilities she needed to succeed.


Vickie Remoe Career

2009 saw the debut of Vickie’s talk program on Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service upon her return from the US. From 2009 to 2011, the program featured noteworthy guests such Madieu Williams, Yvonne Nelson, Nneka, and Sorie Kondi. In 2011, she took a break from the program to pursue graduate studies. She relocated to Accra, Ghana after finishing graduate school and started working as a marketing consultant for Printex Limited. The Vickie Remoe Show was relaunched in 2018 for AYV TV following a seven-year production hiatus. In 2019, Orange agreed to sponsor the TV show’s upcoming season.

Teen mums returning to school in Moyamba, Southern Sierra Leone, was the subject of one of the episodes in the season that was relaunched. After that season, Save The Children Sierra Leone named Vickie a Girl Ambassador.

Vickie raised $60,000 in three months during the early stages of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic to provide urgent aid to hospitals in Sierra Leone. She released two picture books for kids during the pandemic, Adama Loves Akara and A Print for Ami.

Career in Media

Vickie Remoe began a spectacular career in media after completing her studies, using her platform to elevate the voices of underrepresented people and question cultural conventions. She gained experience in reporting on social issues, politics, and entrepreneurship while employed by Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation as a television news anchor and producer.

Vickie Remoe Parents

She was born in the nation’s coastal city of Freetown. Victor Remoe-Doherty, her father, was a police officer in the Sierra Leone Police Force and was born in Lagos. Nasratha Bakie Remoe-Doherty, her mother, was a diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Sierra Leone. Vickie is the sole child of her parents and the youngest of five siblings. The Merchant Prince of Lagos and Vickie’s paternal great-grandfather was J.H. Doherty.

Vickie Remoe Husband

Vickie Remoe has made it clear that she doesn’t fantasize about finding a marriage to random men that follow her on social media.

One of Remoe, the Popular Writer,’s stalkers recently inquired about the characteristics of her ideal husband, should she want to have one. She replied, “I don’t dream of a husband because I have no interest in marriage.”

Empowering African Women

Vickie Remoe’s continuous attempts to uplift African women have been one of her greatest contributions. She has been a prominent proponent of gender equality, defying traditional norms and advocating women’s rights since she recognizes the challenges women face in countries that are dominated by men.

Remoe is a co-founder of the Sierra Leonean organization Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, which aims to encourage and promote female entrepreneurs by giving them access to resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. She has aided innumerable women in navigating the difficulties of entrepreneurship through this platform, creating an environment that supports them and allows them to succeed.

Remoe has utilized her media presence in addition to her involvement with Women’s Entrepreneurship Day to draw attention to the successes and challenges faced by African women. She highlights the tenacity, inventiveness, and talents of women across the continent through interviews, films, and storytelling, inspiring others and paving the way for future generations.

Impact and Recognition

Vickie Remoe has received recognition and honors both domestically and internationally for her commitment to uplifting African women and fostering business. Her work has been highlighted in esteemed publications like Forbes and The Guardian, enhancing her standing as an innovative and significant player in the media sector.

Remoe has also been invited to speak at conferences and events all around the world because of her dedication to bringing about change, where she shares her knowledge and experiences. She continues to motivate people and organizations to question the status quo and build a more inclusive and fair society through her thought leadership.


Vickie Remoe’s life story serves as a testament to the influence of activism, entrepreneurship, and the media in bringing about good change. Many people find inspiration in her journey from a war-torn Sierra Leone to becoming a well-known media entrepreneur and supporter of women’s empowerment.

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