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Gabisile Tshabalala Biography

Gabisile Tshabalala, a multitalented South African television personality, actor, and musician, was born on June 20, 1990.

Through the SABC2 drama Pinkie Mojeki in Hola Mpintshi, she learned about her success.

Gabisile Tshabalala Wiki, Facts & Profile Data
Gabisile Tshabalala Wiki, Facts & Profile Data
Gabisile Tshabalala Wiki, Facts & Profile Data
Full Name: Gabisile Tshabalala
Born: 20 June 1990 (age 31 years)
Place of Birth: South Africa
Nationality: South African
Parents: Shoyebi Family
Occupation: Actress, presenter, and singer
Gender: Female
Children: 2
Net worth: $100000 – $350000

Gabisile Tshabalala Age

Gabisile Tshabalala Age
Gabisile Tshabalala Age

She was born on June 20, 1990, and her grandparents reared her in Soshanguve. Every year on June 20, Gabisile Tshabalala, who is 31 years old, celebrates her birthday.

Gabisile Tshabalala Early Life

On June 20, 1990, Gabisile Tshabalala was born and raised in Soshanguve, Pretoria, South Africa. Her grandparents nurtured her and prepared her.

She didn’t spend her early years with her parents for a few private reasons, and she had to attend the best college even though her mother got married again.

Despite being labeled as a quiet person, Gabisile Tshabalala never disliked her stepfather because he was the one who gave her confidence.

Gabisile Tshabalala Educational Background

Gabisile Tshabalala Educational Background
Gabisile Tshabalala Educational Background

Gabisile Tshabalala was involved in a lot of decisions during her time in college because she had never been the type to enjoy school.

She dropped out of school as a result of her lack of involvement in school-related activities; she had several interests, including dual aspirations to become an actress and a pilot.

Her shifting attention causes her to miss lectures and only show up for essential school events like tests and assignments.

Gabisile Tshabalala joined at State Theatre in Pretoria and began taking classes after discovering her love for performing.

Gabisile Tshabalala Net Worth

Regarding the earnings and net worth of this celebrity, there are no official reports. However, admirers speculate that it is respectable and falls in the $100,000–$350,000 bracket.

Gabisile Tshabalala Acting Career

Gabi started going to auditions for various acting roles after her acting classes ended. Her breakthrough performance came when she was cast as Pinkie Mojeki in the SABC2 drama series Hola Mpinji.

Producers were drawn to it, and she was chosen to play Sylvia in the television series Intersexions in 2011. She was cast as Gontse in Scandal soon after!

Gabisile Tshabalala’s boxing career

She was a professional boxer who competed internationally early in her career, despite the fact that the majority of people may only know her as an actress.

Other works

Around Africa with Gabi is an independent entertainment program hosted by Tshabalala. It strives to inform South Africans about famous people from all around Africa.

Gabisile Tshabalala Personal Life

Although Gabisile Tshabalala is a mother of two, her husband still maintains a high level of secrecy. 2020 saw the birth of her second child.

Gabisile Tshabalala’s parents

Gabisile Tshabalala’s parents
Gabisile Tshabalala’s parents

Although their names are unknown, the majority of her profiles indicate that she never knew them in her early years. Thus, her grandparents reared her.

However, when she was in primary school, her mother did make a reappearance in her life. She was reared by her mother and stepfather because she had remarried.

Gabisile Tshabalala Baby

The actress and TV host just gave birth to her second kid.

She shared a photo of her growing baby bulge along with the news of her pregnancy in February of this year.

As she welcomed her new baby son to the world, she used Instagram to post a touching message in which she quoted a phrase from the Bible.

My son, heed your father’s advice and do not disregard your mother’s advice because they are both beautiful garlands and pendants for your neck.

Gabisile Tshabalala Social Media

Tshabalala is active on social media, particularly considering her background in entertainment. Under her own production firm, Gabilu Productions, she hosts the show Around Africa with Gabi on Instagram Live.

In addition to Instagram, the stunning woman has shown interest in YouTube. Rylics is the name of the show she is producing on this platform. The program, which focuses on misheard song lyrics, is amusing.

  • Instagram: @gabisilet
  • Twitter: @Gabisilet
  • Phone Number: Unavailable
  • Facebook: Unavailable

Is Gabisile Tshabalala still married?

Both of them are ex-spouses. Before going into the “why” they divorced their respective partners, they made their news on their YouTube account.

Who is Gabi Tshabalala?
Who is Gabi Tshabalala?

Who is Gabi Tshabalala?

South African politician Cynthia Gabisile Tshabalala, commonly known as Gabsile Tshabalala, has served as the ANC’s representative in the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature since 2014.

How old is Gabisile?

She was born in Soshanguve, Pretoria, on June 2, 1990. As of September 2022, Gabisile Tshabalala is thirty-two years old.

Who is Gabisile Tshabalala’s sister?

Although Gabisile Tshabalala is said to have four siblings, nothing is known about her sister.

Why did Gabisile Tshabalala leave Scandal?

The actress is well known for playing Gontse in the popular soap opera Scandal. Because she never told her fans about her departure, they were unaware of it. There were rumors that she was let go due to her pregnancy. She then disclosed that she had departed to become a mother two years later.

Who is the presenter of Stena?

Tshabalala is a presenter on local television as well. She is the host of Stena Redemption, a Mzansi reality show. She also co-hosted #TBT for its first and second seasons.

Who is Gabisile Tshabalala’s husband?

He is Sacha Maswa Kongolo’s spouse. They crossed paths at Scandal! Sacha was employed as a guard at the time. They ignited a romantic relationship, and in 2015, they got married in Mzansi after things became serious.

How many children does Gabisile have?

Five are hers. In an interview, she disclosed that even though she had just welcomed her biological children, she was already a mother to her three adopted children. These were the offspring of Sacha’s previous partnerships.

Gabisile Tshabalala is a well-known celebrity in South Africa. She was a professional boxer in her early days, despite the fact that the majority of people might only know her as an actress, TV host, and singer.

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