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Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography

In the Christian world, Pastor Paul Mackenzie is well-known for his strong faith and commitment to sharing the gospel. Pastor Mackenzie was born and reared in a tiny Texas town and understood from an early age that he was called to serve God.

He attended Dallas Theological Seminary and graduated with a Master of Theology in Biblical Studies from there. He served as an assistant pastor at a number of churches after completing his study before being asked to oversee his own congregation.

For more than 20 years, Pastor Mackenzie has served as the senior pastor of Grace Community Church in Houston, Texas. The church has expanded greatly during his leadership, and it is now well-known for its dedication to giving back to the neighborhood.


Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography
Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography

Real Name:                Paul Mackenzie

Year of Birth:             1st August 1972

Age:                             51 years old


Gender:                       Male

Career:                        Pastor

Place of Birth:             Tennessee, United States of America

Nationality:                 Kenyan

Networth:                   $3 million

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Early Life

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Early Life
Pastor Paul Mackenzie Early Life

American state of Tennessee is where Paul Mackenzie was born in 1972. He went to high school in Tennessee and then enrolled in Tennessee University, where he earned a theology degree before completing his studies.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Career

Before his career took him to Ohio, Pastor Paul Mackenzie worked as an associate in a number of churches because he was passionate about serving in the ministry full-time. When he was in Ohio, he was a senior pastor of a small church and played a significant role in transforming the congregation into a vibrant congregation of Christians.

In 2001, Paul Mackenzie claimed to have received a prophecy telling him to return to Tennessee and create his own ministry or church. After hearing God’s voice, Paul and his family moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he launched his own ministry.

Paul started the City Church Chattanooga in 2002, and it quickly grew to include over 4,000 members. City Church Chattanooga experienced phenomenal development that resulted in a dynamic ministry that touched many people’s lives. City Church Chattanooga pioneered numerous initiatives aimed at feeding and housing the destitute while aiding local and international missionaries.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Personal Life

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Personal Life
Pastor Paul Mackenzie Personal Life

Michelle Mackenzie and Paul Mackenzie are wed, and the two of them have four kids. His wife works in the ministry alongside him and is deeply committed to helping those in need and those who are less fortunate.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Wife and children

Is Malindi Pastor McKenzie married? Indeed, he and Joyce Mwikamba are wed. Together, Pastor Paul and his spouse have been serving as ministers. Unlike in 2017, when the couple was detained together, his wife has not been present for the most recent police arrest. If he has any knowledge on his children, it hasn’t been disclosed.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Philanthropy

Paul Mackenzie is renowned for his selfless efforts to assist the underprivileged and those in need. He has supported the neighborhood through his charity endeavors. Paul has a foundation that is known for helping underprivileged children with healthcare and education needs. The organization has also built schools and clinics, which have helped countless numbers of lives.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s Ministry and Accomplishments

Pastor Paul Mackenzie has remained committed to his goal of spreading the love of Christ and assisting people in deepening their faith over the course of his ministry. Grace Community Church has developed into a thriving congregation of believers committed to helping others under his guidance.

The creation of several outreach projects that assist individuals in need is one of Pastor Mackenzie’s biggest achievements. These initiatives consist of a food bank, a clothing drive, and a shelter for the homeless. Grace neighborhood Church has been able to significantly improve the lives of residents of the neighborhood through these activities.

Pastor Mackenzie has worked in international missions in addition to serving the neighborhood. He has conducted missionary expeditions where his group assisted in the construction of schools, churches, and orphanages in nations like Haiti, Guatemala, and Kenya.

Pastor Mackenzie is a talented author and speaker. He has written a number of works on subjects including community, prayer, and faith. His ministry has impacted numerous lives throughout the years, and his sermons are renowned for their potent messages of hope and encouragement.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Scandal/Cult and Controversies

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Scandal/Cult and Controversies
Pastor Paul Mackenzie Scandal/Cult and Controversies

After it was discovered that Paul Mackenzie Church was deceiving his followers, the police were able to prove that it was a cult. Paul instructed his church to fast in order to enter paradise; as a result, many of his disciples died from starvation.

Many tombs that are supposedly filled with the remains of believers who may have died of famine have been found. For the third day, detectives have set up camp in Malindi’s Shakahola Forest in an effort to free Paul Mackenzie’s supporters and find bodies that have been buried there. Even some of the saved followers said they didn’t want to be saved because they wanted to enter heaven like their preacher had promised.

Religious leaders from other denominations have denounced Paul for this, and even the president, William Ruto, has commented on it, raising eyebrows in the nation.

More information on the genuine Mackenzie is provided below:

Paul McKenzie Nthenge was in this position while Good News International in Malindi was thriving a few years ago. He wasn’t the unkempt, bewildered individual adorning the screens today. Along with his wife Joyce Mwikamba, he founded this church back in 2003 as a tiny evangelical center.

They later relocated to the Malindi town of Migingo, where he built a church inside a walled complex and where his family continues to reside today. As a co-pastor, his wife Joyce assisted in the sermons, and McKenzie asserted that he had the ability to communicate directly with God. He made the assertion that God himself had spoken to him in his sermons.

Kennedy Mwacharo, one of Mckenzie’s disciples, sold his Lamu property for a throwaway price of $20 million and gave him the entire proceeds, leaving his family and other obligations behind. Around the same time, Mckenzie bought a TV station. Back then, the property was worth more than $100 million. Two months later, the man would pass away mysteriously.

There would then be numerous instances of people giving to McKenzie as they awaited Jesus’ return by selling their homes. The most recent example was Betty, an air hostess who left her husband and 11-year job and sold her lifetime investments for a throwaway price of $7 million, giving the money to McKenzie’s Shakaola church.

Betty may be one of the deceased being exhumed from graves in Shakahola.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography
Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography

McKenzie allegedly utilized the funds Kennedy Mwacharo provided him to launch the TV station, purchase land in Malindi and Mombasa, and purchase two vehicles.

Through his TV station, McKenzie was able to reach a huge audience, and the majority of his lectures focused on the end times and the evils of western lifestyles, including those related to health care, education, food, sports, and music.

Mackenzie focused on the hereafter and lamented the futility of life. He constantly gave a schedule for the second coming of Christ that was less than a year, thus according to him, it will happen very soon. He also emphasized the judgment that would befall people who were still alive at that time.

A year after McKenzie and his wife had been charged with religious radicalization, knowing and illegally promoting extreme belief systems for the purpose of facilitating ideologies to advance religious and social change, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, through KFCB, ordered the TV station’s immediate closure in 2018.

It’s unknown how this case turned out, but McKenzie persisted in pursuing it despite being told to shut down the TV station, demonstrating his potential connections. When Aisha Jumwa, the then-Kilifi Women Representative, questioned parts of his teachings and the reasons he didn’t take sick people to the hospital rather than keeping them in his property, he once threatened her.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography
Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography

When four siblings from Mumias fled their house for his church in 2019, three of them later turned up, McKenzie made headlines once more. He transferred from Migingo to Shakaola as a result of this and the pressure placed on him to shut down the unauthorized school he ran within his domain. He liquidated the church, sold a few of his cars, and then purchased the Shakaola property with the intention of launching a farming business.

His Shakaola property was recommended to visitors who came to meet him at his former Migingo church; according to his neighbors, many people went there but few left.

McKenzie had fasting supervisors who would watch over the starving victims in the bush. They are also the same individuals that perform funeral services for him.

It is alleged that he sold Pastor Ezekiel of New Life some of his evangelism instruments along with the TV station (equipment) and one of his vehicles when he left Migingo and closed his church. It should be noted that Pastor McKenzie does not reside in Shakaola with his family; rather, they do so in the gated property in Migingo village, where he previously had his church, and he has recently built a second, stunning family home a short distance from Malindi town.

His family is making the most of what the fools offer them as they get ready for the ‘holy’ Journey as he misled other people and their children to die in order to see Jesus. Let me explain that there is no chance if they are fasting to die because most of these folks are confronting hard weather conditions and other risks when fasting in the wilderness day and night.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Photos


Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography
Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography

Who is Pastor McKenzie?

preacher McKenzie is a preacher, religious leader, and businesswoman from Kenya.

What is Pastor McKenzie’s tribe?

Elder McKenzie hails from the Luo ethnic group.

Who is Pastor McKenzie’s wife?

The spouse of Pastor McKenzie is Joyce Mwikamba. The two serve as a ministry team.

What is Pastor McKenzie famous for?

Pastor McKenzie gained notoriety in Malindi for his contentious church.

Why was Pastor McKenzie arrested?

Because he encouraged his church members to fast until they died, Pastor McKenzie was taken into custody.

Which church does Pastor McKenzie minister to?

Good News International Church is the name of Pastor McKenzie’s establishment.

Where does Pastor McKenzie’s family live?

The family of Pastor McKenzie resides in Migingo Village in a gated community. It is said that he is constructing a second house for his family close to Malindi town.

What is the relationship between Pastor McKenzie and Pastor Ezekiel?

There is a similarity between Pastor McKenzie and Pastor Ezekiel in that they both lead churches where members are brainwashed.

Good News International Church was founded by Kenyan pastor Pastor McKenzie. Because of his beliefs, he has been called a controversial preacher ever since he founded his church in 2003. Because of this, he has frequently found himself in conflict with authority.

The pastor Ezekiel article was shared on He is one of Kenya’s most well-liked and significant preachers. He is well-known for being the pastor of Mombasa, Kenya’s New Life Church.

Since his campaign in Kasarani, Pastor Ezekiel has been a news program trend. Thousands of people from all around the nation attended the event.

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