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Simplex Chithyola Biography

Respected Easyx As of February 2023, Chithyola Banda serves as Malawi’s Minister of Trade and Industry. He holds the position of Member of Parliament for Kasungu South Constituency in addition to his ministerial responsibilities.

The Minister has completed his studies for a Doctorate of Philosophy in Public Policy & Administration, which he hopes to finish soon, in addition to his Master’s degree in Public Policy & Administration (MSc.PPA) and Post Graduate Diploma in Restorative Justice and International Human Rights.

Before entering politics, he had positions with UN agencies as well as with a number of public, corporate, and civil society organizations in Malawi and throughout Africa. He possesses a broad range of expertise in several fields, such as Political Intelligence, Strategy Development, and Policy Formulation.


Under the auspices of the United Nations Forum for Climate Change (UNFCC), he has over twenty years of experience working with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to promote global partnerships on pan-African initiatives, educational governance, and the management of private and civil society organizations (NGOs). He is also trained as an expert in energy, climate change, and carbon financing, with a focus on clean development mechanisms, the GCC, and gold standard methodologies.

He is married to Jean, and the two of them have four children together: Regina, age 23, Sympathy, age 17, Dumisan (Simplex), age 14, and Fortune, age 7. He is an ardent Christian; in Christian circles, he is sometimes called a bishop.


Simplex Chithyola Age

A trustworthy source states that he was born on February 12, 1985. He is 38 years old right now.

About Simplex Chithyola

A development professional from Malawi with twenty years of experience in community and rural development. He is an activist for rural development, a climate change specialist, an educator, a defender of human rights, and more. Over the years, Simplex Chithyola has actively participated in national social, political, and economic activities, promoting community involvement for rural development, holding motivational speeches, and defending human rights in order to contribute to the socio-economic development and rebuilding of the country. He has held positions in a number of national and international boards and positions.

Simplex has a history of implementing, leading, and supporting interventions related to climate change, livelihoods, including food and nutrition security, promoting community resilience, governance, women’s empowerment, and the promotion of youth and child rights.

He has promoted energy-saving Mtetezi cookstoves that are thermos efficient, as well as carbon finance projects such as off-grid rural electrification utilizing solar PV and mini-hydropower through the Chinansi Foundation. Under his direction, more than 750,000 trees have been planted and several rainwater harvesting facilities have been established.

Who is simplex chithyola?

Since February 2023, Malawi’s Minister of Trade and Industry has been the Honorable Simplex Chithyola Banda.

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