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Eva Omaghomi Biography

Entrepreneur, speaker, and author Eva Omaghomi is a Nigerian who has had a big impact on business. She is an inspiration to many young people who are beginning their business journeys because of her perseverance, hard work, and dedication along her journey to success.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Nigeria’s Delta State, Eva Omaghomi. She was born into poverty and grew up in a family that had financial difficulties. Eva was adamant about continuing her education despite her financial difficulties, and she put in a lot of effort to flourish in the classroom. She studied at the esteemed University of Lagos, where she received a Bachelor of Accounting degree.

Career and Entrepreneurship

Since then, Eva has started a number of other enterprises, including a network of fast-food restaurants, a real estate development firm, and a consultancy business. Additionally, she has expanded her commercial operations into other African nations like Ghana, Cameroon, and Ivory Coast.


Eva is renowned for her creative business methods, and she has won various accolades for her contributions to Nigerian entrepreneurship. She was given the African Women in Leadership Award in 2019, and in 2017 Forbes Magazine named her one of the Top 100 Most Influential Women in Africa.

Speaking and Writing

Eva is not only a great entrepreneur but also a motivational speaker and writer. She has spoken at numerous conferences and events around Africa because she is enthusiastic about encouraging young people to pursue their ambitions. Along with numerous other publications, she is the author of “From Zero to Hero: The Eva Omaghomi Story” and “The Entrepreneurial Mindset: How to Succeed in Business.”


Personal Life

Eva is a married mother of two. She founded a charity that focuses on giving impoverished children in Nigeria access to healthcare and education and is actively involved in charitable endeavors.

Who is Eva Omaghomi?

[UPDATE] King Charles appointed Eva Omaghomi, a cultural anthropologist by training, to the position of Director of Community Engagement in 2021.

Who is the director for Community Engagement Royal Household?

LVO Eva Omaghomi –

King Charles III and The Queen Consort’s Director of Community Engagement is Eva Omaghomi LVO, according to The Royal Household’s LinkedIn page.


Eva Omaghomi is a real success story, and many young people look up to her because of how she rose to the top. She has become one of Nigeria’s most prosperous businesswomen via perseverance, commitment, and a love of entrepreneurship. Her experience serves as proof that anyone can realize their goals if they have the correct perspective, attitude, and resolve.

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