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Biography Of Baruti Kasongo

Baruti Kasongo Biography

With a congregation of over 12,000, Pastor Baruti Kasongo, also known as Leonard Barutti Kasongo, is the pastor of Baruti Tabernacle, a big message church in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It is most likely the largest church in the message.

He has given speeches in numerous North American message churches, such as Cloverdale Bibleway.


Baruti Kasongo Biography
Baruti Kasongo Biography

False report of a miraculous healing

On Facebook, we came across this report from a person going by the name Christian Ngoy:

In August 2016, during an evangelizing campaign in Kinshasa, a Protestant bishop who was blind came to seek recovery from the great healer, Jesus, without feeling embarrassed in front of the throng.

His eyes were touched by Reverend BARUTI.


He prayed for a little while before opening his eyes and seeing. Because I was present, I am an eyewitness!

To follow up and ascertain whether a healing truly took place, we asked for the Bishop’s name.

It would undoubtedly be amazing news if a blind man truly recovered his sight and a non-messaging bishop did the same.

We have concluded that the claim was false because, predictably, no information on the name was provided.

As soon as we can speak with the Bishop and establish that he was blind before being healed, we are ready to announce his healing.

Baruti Kasongo Biography
Baruti Kasongo Biography

Additional evidence that Pastor Baruti is a fake

Which Christian would give his name to a church? Do we need to say more? This is a severe case of narcissism, don’t you think?

Baruti Kasongo Biography
Baruti Kasongo Biography

Baruti Kasongo in North Carolina

In Charlotte, North Carolina, there is a message preacher named Atapis Ngyamba.

His native country is the Congo. His spouse is Baruti Kasongo’s daughter.

The images on the right are from a missionary trip that Baruti Kasongo took to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he served as the pastor of his son-in-law’s church.

North Carolinians are accustomed to offering Baruti Kasongo the red carpet treatment (literally!).

He is being driven to his devoted followers in a Rolls Royce limousine in the image above.

His daughter is pictured flaunting in front of the Rolls Royce, as is her husband, the church pastor.

Scripture makes it quite evident that Atapis Ngyamba is unfit to serve as a pastor in any type of Christian church:

Now, the supervisor must be beyond reproach, devoted to his spouse, temperate, self-controlled, honorable, friendly, capable of teaching, not prone to intoxication, not harsh but kind, not petty or a money-lover.

Is this behavior the same as what Peter discussed in 2 Peter 2:1–3?

However, just as there were false teachers among the people, false prophets also emerged among them.

Destructive heresies from these false instructors will seep into your ranks, even to the point where they contradict the Master who purchased them.

They will therefore quickly bring about their demise. And a lot of people will adopt their promiscuous lives.

The path of truth will be defamed due to these false teachers.

And out of avarice, they’ll use false information against you.

Their long-ago condemnation is not being ignored, and their ruin is not dormant.

Paul also forewarns against similar conduct in 1 Timothy 6:3-5.

Anyone who teaches the contrary is conceited and ignorant if they do not accept godly teaching and the sound teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

They are unhealthily interested in arguments and disputes over words that lead to jealousy, conflict, slander, false suspicions, and ongoing hostility amongst people with corrupt minds who have been deceived about the truth and believe that being virtuous is a way to get wealth.

Death of pastor Baruti Kasongo in Canada

Pastor Baruti Kasongo, responsible for the Baruti Tabernacle Church, died on Saturday, June 1st in Montreal, Canada at the age of 77, due to illness, according to church sources.

Personnalité respectée, Pasteur Baruti has exercised his ministry for nearly 50 years, including 34 years as “pastor du message du temps de la fin du prophète William Marrion Branham” in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Listen to an extract from one of his sermons in which he spoke about his death:

Baruti Kasongo Biography
Baruti Kasongo Biography

A memorial to a religious leader: Pastor Leonard Baruti Kasongo’s spiritual heritage

The passing of Pastor Leonard Baruti Kasongo has left the world without a pillar of religion and a respected spiritual leader.

Baruti Kasongo, who was born in Kinshasa in 1947, has devoted his life to serving the local community as the pastor of the Baruti Tabernacle Church.

His influence touches people’s lives all around the world, far beyond the boundaries of his parish.

His eagerly anticipated return to the Democratic Republic of the Congo for his farewell voyage emphasizes how significant it is to honor the life and legacy of a man who devoted his entire being to spirituality and helping others.

Generations of faithful will continue to be inspired by his memory as his dedication to his faith and community leaves an enduring legacy.

The thoughtfully crafted funeral program emphasizes how significant this period of celebration and grief is.

Every occasion, from the wake to the viewing ceremony at Tata Raphaël Stadium, offers a chance to honor Pastor Baruti Kasongo’s life and accomplishments.

His moniker, “The Next Man,” attests to the enduring influence of his ideas and teachings.

He leaves behind a spiritual legacy that transcends his family and parish and endures via the people he inspired and impacted during his lifetime.

Let’s honor the life and contributions of Pastor Leonard Baruti Kasongo during this period of grief and remembrance.

He was a man of compassion and faith whose influence will live on long after he is no longer with us.

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