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Biography Of Syl Tahirsylaj

Syl Tahirsylaj Biography

Professor Sylë Tahirsylaj’s family used Facebook to announce his death on Sunday.

The family promised to publicize the funeral.

“Dear friends and family, we regret to notify you of the unexpected death of our father, Prof. Dr. Sci. Sylë (Ramë) Tahirsylaj, just moments ago.


The announcement says, “We will notify you regarding the funeral’s details.”

On August 15, 1949, Tahirsylaj was born in the Deçan town of Isniq.

He served as the director of the Kosovo Hydrometeorological Institute (IHMK) in addition to being a professor at the University of Pristina’s Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.


Syl Tahirsylaj Biography
Syl Tahirsylaj Biography-

Sylë Tahirsylaj is quite good, they just broke her password

Sylë Tahirsylaj is a well-known Kosovar meteorologist from the Meteorological Institute of Kosovo.

Sylë Tahirsylaj informs us daily about the weather forecast, which is what he is known for

As we understand, the famous meteorologist’s Facebook address was recently hacked and the wrongdoers have taken unscrupulous actions.

The meteorologist’s daughter, Donika Tahirsylaj-Alidemi, has announced that these people have spread the news that her father is ill and have asked for money for his recovery, “Kosovarja” writes.

The daughter says that her father, Syle Tahirsylaj, is healthy.

Syl Tahirsylaj Biography
Syl Tahirsylaj Biography

Meteorologist Sylë Tahirsylaj dies

Professor Sylë Tahirsylaj died on Sunday, his family announced via the social network “Facebook”.

The family said they would issue a funeral announcement.

“Dear friends, and family, we inform you that our father, prof. Dr. Sci. Sylë (Ramë) Tahirsylaj suddenly passed away a few moments ago.

We will inform you about the funeral details”, the announcement states.

Full Notice:

Dear friends and family, we inform you that our father Prof. Dr. Sci. Syle (Ramë) Tahirsylaj suddenly changed his life a few moments ago.

We will notify you about the details of the funeral!

Syl Tahirsylaj Biography
Syl Tahirsylaj Biography

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